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NAR Annual 2015: Real Estate Marketing Tips from 12 Top Industry Minds


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Check out real estate marketing insights from a dozen of the industry's top minds — including Sherry Chris, Nobu Hata, Leigh Brown, and many others — each of which can help real estate agents grow their online presence, earn them more home buyer and seller leads, and enhance their overall branding heading into 2016.

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NAR Annual 2015: Real Estate Marketing Tips from 12 Top Industry Minds

  1. 1. Getmarketingadvicefromseveralofthereal estateindustry’stopexpertsinattendancefor theRealtorsConference&ExpoinSanDiego NAR ANNUAL 2015: REAL ESTATE MARKETING TIPS FROM 12 TOP INDUSTRY MINDS Get marketing advice from several of the real estate industry’s top experts in attendance for the Realtors Conference & Expo in San Diego NAR ANNUAL 2015: REAL ESTATE MARKETING TIPS FROM 12 TOP INDUSTRY MINDS
  2. 2. We’ve taught the consumer not to trust us by using deceptive marketing … If we want the general public to believe us, we need to use smart marketing words that are vivid but also accurate. – Leigh Brown Founder and CEO, Leigh Brown and Associates tweet this
  3. 3. There’s nothing more important than personal reputation. Be honest. Be trustworthy. Be a person that other people feel that they can trust and be with, and help people in each and every thing that they do. – Sherry Chris CEO, Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate tweet this
  4. 4. There is no lead more powerful than one referred from someone you know — someone who knows you, trusts you, and puts their name to you. – Brian Buffini Chairman and Founder, Buffini and Company tweet this
  5. 5. You have to understand your goals and your strategy before you start buying tools, which are always tied to tactics. Goals first, then strategy, then tactics. – Jeff Turner President, RealSatisfied tweet this
  6. 6. There is no reason to be discouraged if you don’t have thousands of unique visitors to your new blog or hundreds of shares with your new listing. Be patient, and think about it like you are building a house: Lay the foundation first! – Matt Phipps Communications Director and Realtor, Phipps Realty tweet this
  7. 7. Trust is the currency of exceptional marketing. It's what lasting brands are built upon. Either we make that a priority or risk getting lost in the noise. – Seth Price VP of Industry Relations, Placester tweet this
  8. 8. If you take this stuff seriously and surround yourself with the right vendor, the right technology, and the right people, your business should begin to thrive. – Chris Smith Co-founder, Curaytor tweet this
  9. 9. Make sure your website is a source of solid information for them. Don’t rush a meeting or hit them with a sales or marketing pitch. Simply provide relevant information about the process and develop trust. – Amy Chorew VP of Platform Development, Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate tweet this
  10. 10. Add context to real estate search. Whether it be about the transaction or communities in which the site adds color or flat- out real estate education, it all leads to affinity and lead capture. – Nobu Hata Director of Member Engagement, National Association of Realtors tweet this
  11. 11. The consumer wants more visual [marketing]. They want to see beautiful presentations, delivery of videos, and concepts. We need to take our digital world to a more visual world. – Jeff Lobb Founder and CEO, SparkTank Media tweet this
  12. 12. Realtors must operate and market their business with the precision of a doctor, CPA, or high-net-worth individual wealth manager. They need to bring that same quality and prestige to the residential real estate business in 2016. – Audie Chamberlain Founder and CEO, Lion & Orb tweet this
  13. 13. A thoughtful content curator is more than just a broadcaster of information. It’s someone who understands their brand and their audience well enough to identify the relevancy of the content, as well as the best context for sharing. – Nicole Nicolay Realtor, The Engel Group tweet this
  14. 14. LearnallaboutNARAnnualandothernotablerealestate conferencesinournewguideforagentsandbrokers: PLACESTER.COM/REAL-ESTATE-CONFERENCE-GUIDE______________________________________________