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[Checklist] Video Marketing for Real Estate Professionals


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Have you started video marketing yet? If you are in real estate or own a small business, there’s serious evidence suggesting that video marketing needs to be a major focus of your online marketing efforts.

A Forrester Research study by Dr. James McQuivey suggests that a video is as effective as 1.8 Million words. Thats a pretty impressive stat. Even if it is partially correct, I can't imagine many of us want to sit down and write 1.8 million words. That's about 3,600 blog posts.

You get the picture. Getting started is easy, this checklist will point you in the right direction. The key is to start, be focused and be consistent.

Start shooting!

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[Checklist] Video Marketing for Real Estate Professionals

  1. 1. CHECKLIST FORVIDEO CREATIONIN REAL ESTATE For more online marketing info, visit:
  2. 2. Creating Video for Real Estate: Checklist1. Pick your subject matter 2. Choose a platform A Passion Youtube (easiest) Community Vimeo Geography Wellcomemat Real Estate HDHat Lifestyle Wistia3. Choose some gear 4. Start and be consistent Start with a smart phone Optimize your channel profiles Lighting Dial in the SEO Microphone Don’t forget to share Some good video apps For more online marketing info, visit: