[Checklist] Choosing a Real Estate Marketing Focused URL


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Choosing a URL for your business is not to be taken lightly. This checklist will help you frame your domain name objective and avoid some of the common pitfalls. For more information take a look at our Guide to Choosing the Right Real Estate Domain Name http://plcstr.com/AtUWmY

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[Checklist] Choosing a Real Estate Marketing Focused URL

  1. 1. CHECKLIST FORCHOOSING AREAL ESTATE URL https://placester.com/academy
  2. 2. Choosing A Real Estate URL: ChecklistMake sure your domain is descriptive Professional domains work best Own your name, but don’t use it as your primary domain Stick with .com if possible Include words related to real estate: homes, properties, etc. Avoid .co, .biz, .me or any other unmemorable TLD Include words about the area you serve: Chicago, New If you can’t secure .com, choose a different name or Jersey, etc. use .net Be specific about what you’re selling: bostonrealestate.com Make sure your .net site isn’t driving traffic to someone vs. bostonapartments.com else’s .com Avoid using hyphens for your main siteMake sure your domain is easy say Keep SEO in mind Keep URLs short Register URLs with common misspellings Make URLs easy to spell Secure hyphenated domain name for SEO Avoid double letters, numbers Keep landing page URLs simple Make sure your URL passes the “phone test” https://placester.com/academy For more detail: https://placester.com/guide-to-being a new agent/