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Place Typology: section 4 "intro to urban design and placemaking"


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The Place Qualities we appreciate rely on planning and design outcomes at a whole continuum of scale from the building, street and the neighbourhood all the way through to the city and region. We call these ‘Place Typologies’.More information available at
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Place Typology: section 4 "intro to urban design and placemaking"

  1. 1. Laneway off William St, Northbridge, Perth, WA, AUS PROGRAM – SESSION 5 1 Urban Design + Placemaking 101 2 Civic Principles 3 Place Qualities 8 Outcomes 4 Place Typology (P50) 5 Place process 6 Place roles 7 Toolkit - placemaking ideas 9/10 Links+ conclusions What+Why How+Who
  2. 2. 4. URBAN DESIGN AT DIFFERENT SCALES ▸ The region: metropolis, city and town ▸ The neighbourhood, the district, and the corridor ▸ The block, the street, and the building ▸ ▸ “without design, planning is all talk; without planning, design is arrogance.” Jarvis (1992) Urban design at different scales (Deicke Richards)
  3. 3. 4.1 THE REGION ▸ Finite boundaries and identifiable centre and edges ▸ Infill development ▸ A broad spectrum of public and private uses to support a regional economy that benefits people of all incomes ▸ A framework of transportation alternatives SEQ Regional Plan – Queensland
  4. 4. Site selection4.1 THE REGION – MALLS INTO CENTRES
  5. 5. Site selection4.1 THE REGION – MALLS INTO CENTRES
  6. 6. Site selection4.1 THE REGION – MALLS INTO CENTRES
  7. 7. Site selection Winter Park, Orlando, Florida Winter Park Mall - Orlando Ave, Winter Park, Fl 4.1 THE REGION – MALLS INTO CENTRES
  8. 8. 4.1 THE REGION
  9. 9. 4.1 THE REGION ▸ Planning for places: delivering good design through core strategies ▸ understanding of how a place works, what makes it special and the opportunities it offers is critical to developing a core strategy. ▸ Drawing on workshops, it helps planners place good design at the heart of their core strategies. ▸ Urban design principles must be at the highest strategic level and to translate throughout. ▸ Clearly state UD expectations as part of an overall vision for a city. ▸ Judicial language vs wider understanding
  10. 10. 4.2 NEIGHBOURHOODS, DISTRICTS, CORRIDORS ▸ Identifiable areas - maintenance and evolution. ▸ Neighbourhoods - compact, pedestrian friendly and mixed use. ▸ Districts emphasise a particular day and night use. ▸ Corridors are regional connectors of neighbourhoods and districts; they range from boulevards and rail lines to rivers and parkways. ▸ Interconnected networks of streets should be designed to encourage walking. Inner Brisbane (Deicke Richards)
  11. 11. 4.2 NEIGHBOURHOODS, DISTRICTS, CORRIDORS ▸ Transit corridors, organize metropolitan structure and revitalise urban centres ▸ Appropriate building densities and land uses should be within walking distance of transit stops ▸ Public, institutional, and commercial activity should be embedded in neighbourhoods and districts ▸ Graphic urban design codes - predictable guides for change Inner NE Busway - Brisbane, QLD (BVN Architecture, Department of Transport and Main Roads and Christopher Frederick Jones)
  12. 12. 4.2 SUBURBS– NEIL SAVERY
  13. 13. 4.2 NEIGHBOURHOODS, DISTRICTS, CORRIDORS ▸ A network of open space and recreation areas with planned functions Comberton Loop, Butler, Perth, WA, AUS
  14. 14. 4.3 THE BLOCK, STREET + BUILDING ▸ A primary task of architecture and landscape design is the physical definition of streets and public spaces ▸ The revitalisation of urban places depends on safety and security ▸ Accommodate automobiles but respect the pedestrian and the form of public space ▸ Streets and squares should be safe, comfortable, and interesting to the pedestrian ▸ Built form should grow from local climate, topography, history, and building practice Punkalla - Tilba Rd, Central Tilba, NSW, AUS
  15. 15. 4.3 THE BLOCK, STREET + BUILDING ▸ Civic buildings and public gathering places require important sites. ▸ All buildings should provide their inhabitants with a clear sense of location, weather and time ▸ Preservation and renewal of historic buildings, districts, and landscapes affirm the continuity and evolution of urban society ▸ Urban design relies on sound planning and design at all scales to create (and manage) the best cities and towns possible Murray St, Perth WA
  16. 16. 4.4 URBAN DESIGN AT DIFFERENT SCALES ▸ Opportunities to deliver urban design at different scales and planning tool ▸ Next Generation Planning – QLD Government ▸ Affordable living ▸ Smart Growth (model code) ▸ Form based code ▸ SEQ Place model ▸ Planning Scheme tools ▸ National Framework
  17. 17. 4.4 URBAN DESIGN AT DIFFERENT SCALES ▸ SEQ Place Model (transect) and guidelines
  18. 18. 4.4 URBAN DESIGN AT DIFFERENT SCALES ▸ Form based codes
  19. 19. 4.5 STREETS “People have always lived on streets. They have been the places where children first learned about the world, where neighbours met, the social centres of towns and cities, the rallying points for revolts, the scenes of repression... The street has always been the scene of this conflict, between living and access, between resident and traveller, between street life and the threat of death.” Appleyard, 1981 Roma St, Bne, QLD, AUS
  20. 20. Musk Ave - Kelvin Grove Urban Village, Brisbane QLD 4.5 WHAT MAKES A GOOD STREET? 1. Connectivity in the surrounding network 2. Fine grain street system 3. Streets with low traffic speed (but not necessarily low volume) 4. A street that has an equal interest, activity and buildings on both sides (some exceptions) 5. A proportion of street width to building height of 1: 1? 6. Width of footpath (as well as the quality of the surface) is relevant (width vs critical mass) ▸ Streets as movement corridors or outdoor rooms?
  21. 21. 4.5 WHAT MAKES A GOOD STREET? 7. Points of entry and transparency to buildings and other spaces 8. Detailing of shop fronts 9. Provide active uses at street level 10.Informal spaces including entries 11.Shop fronts that open to the street 12.Small parks, green patches or landscaped courtyards 13.Water 14.Seats James St, Brisbane, QLD, AUS
  22. 22. 4.5 WHAT MAKES A GOOD STREET? 15. Trees and planting 16. Protect the pedestrian with awnings 17. Variety of uses and activities 18. Encourage day and night time activities to extend its active life 19. Make sure to cater for children as well as the elderly 20. Is there variety and interest in building form 21. Coordinated and integrated signage 22. Underground powerlines Orion Town Centre – Springfield, QLD, AUS ▸ “Traffic is a civil problem not a design problem” David Engwicht
  23. 23. North Lakes State College, Northlakes, QLD, AUS 4.5 WHAT MAKES A GOOD STREET? 22. “Rooms within rooms” 23. “Make the experience cross the road” 24. Engwicht Secret 5 - slow people flow – linger nodes 25. Engwicht Secret 6 – cultivate the anchoring presence 26. Engwicht Secret 7 – expand the experience envelope ▸ Micro level diversity ▸ Blurred boundaries ▸ Senses ▸ Everchanging places ▸ Street of characters ▸ Welcome mat
  24. 24. 4.5 CREATING STREETS Frances Mall, Palmerston, NT, AUS
  25. 25. Government as builders of urban environments4.5 CREATING STREETS GWL – Terrein – Amsterdam, Netherlands
  26. 26. Government as builders of urban environments GWL-Terrein, Amsterdam GWL – Terrein – Amsterdam, Netherlands 4.5 CREATING STREETS
  27. 27. Government as builders of urban environments Amstelveld St - Amsterdam, Netherlands 4.5 CREATING STREETS
  28. 28. Hughes Sinuex – York & King St, Sydney, NSW, AUS 4.5 GREAT STREETS
  29. 29. 4.0 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ▸ (P 66) Policy ▸ Protocols, charters, agendas ▸ Streets ▸ 28 ▸ s/supermarkets?utm_medium =email&utm_source=Campai gnMonitor&utm_content=589 851692&utm_campaign=CA BENews- May2010&utm_term=Superm arketsmajorplayersinurbangr owth High St, Strathalbyn, SA, AUS
  30. 30. 4.0 A VERSATILE STREET?
  31. 31. 4.0 STREETS – NEW YORK, NY
  32. 32. 4.0 STREETS
  33. 33. 4. REFLECTION ▸ Individual – group: short answer test p157 4.9 In your job at what scale can you influence quality of place? a. region: metropolis, city, town b. neighbourhood, district, corridor c. block, street and the building 4.10 What could you do differently? ▸ Aussie tour of our bonza places George St, Brisbane, QLD, AUS