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Course Feedback Summary Hume

  1. 1. COURSE FEEDBACK▸ Module: Introduction to Urban Design + Placemaking (two day)▸ Client: Hume City Council▸ Location: Hume City Council▸ Date: 28-29 November 2012▸ Participants:26▸ Feedback participation: 23/26 (84%)▸ Facilitator: Andrew Hammonds▸ Fawkner St, Westmeadows, Melbourne, VIC, AUS
  2. 2. BROAD PARTICIPANT BACKGROUND▸ Planning – statutory & strategic▸ Urban design▸ Engineering▸ Urban and transport planning▸ Social planning▸ Open space & recreation planning▸ Marketing▸ Place Management▸ Park management▸ Environmental science▸ Landscape design Dallas, Melbourne, VIC, AUS
  3. 3. YOU RATED US 9/10▸ The average score for the quality of the program was 9 out of 10▸ the quality of the presenter was 9 out of 10. Empathy Maps - Hume City Council, VIC, AUS
  4. 4. YOUR EVALUATION - RELEVANT▸ 100% of participants said the course met or exceeded their expectations▸ with 70% stating it exceeded their expectations▸ 100% of participants said the course content was good to excellent▸ with 57% stating it was excellent▸ 96% of participants found the course relevant to their job▸ 100% of participants would recommend the course to others Place Analysis Sunbury Laneways - Hume City Council, VIC, AUS
  5. 5. WHAT YOU SAID...VALUABLE, MIX AND FUN▸ “A really engaging and interesting and valuable 2 days”.▸ “Great content and presenter style”▸ “Andrew has great energy and engages participants in the activities, its a good introduction to placemaking and urban design.”▸ “Materials and knowledge presented and references are excellent.▸ “Great insights, examples and demystifying UD and placemaking”.“▸ “All valuable content, insightful and backed up by exemplars (both sites and speakers).”▸ “Good mix of theory, participation and examples.”▸ “Excellent presentation of ideas and concepts.” Craigeburn Plaza Presentation - Hume City Council, VIC, AUS
  6. 6. WHAT YOU SAID...APPLICABLE TO MY WORK▸ “I now have an understanding of placemaking and managing and how I can support and influence it in my work”.▸ “Now when someone asks me about placemaking Ill be able to provide an detail!”.▸ “Provided tools and techniques to add UD to current work and projects”.▸ “Andrew made the course fun by giving the team an opportunity to discuss and interact with each other. I learned a lot of useful information that I will take away and share with the rest of the team. I loved sharing ideas.”▸ “Lots of take home learnings applicable to own role. I see this as a new beginning.”▸ “We are all urban designers and place makers - we just didnt know it!”▸ “Very happy with what Ive learnt and both days I have left with heaps of motivation to learn more.” Group Discussion - Hume City Council, VIC, AUS
  7. 7. WHAT YOU SAID...MULTIDISCIPLINARY▸ “Very interactive and we came up with a lot of ideas as a group, challenged to think beyond own area”.▸ “Gained understanding of contribution of my role/department to urban design and placemaking.”▸ “Enjoyable, fast paced course. Great for broadening ideas/knowledge of the topic and developing ideas with colleagues from different backgrounds.”▸ “Very insightful and entertaining workshop. Have come away with new sills/knowledge and more Hume City Council contacts.”▸ “Content and activities spoke to all participants regardless of background.”▸ “Good focus on placemaking. Showed everyone how it is relevant to urban Hume City Council areas”.▸ “Good for various disciplines to understand place making and its importance and relevance”.▸ “Anybody that is interested in community and facilitating Hume City Council, VIC, AUS connection should do this course”.
  8. 8. WHAT YOU SAID... WEALTH OF RESOURCES▸ “Really well done, excellent range of examples, case studies, video, benchmarks all in one go!”▸ “Good mix of activities, presentation, video etc”▸ “Wealth of resources”▸ “Content of booklet was excellent and full of information. Loved photos and related to context.”▸ “Loved the slides and the google.”▸ “Right amount of exercises, right amount of talking. Loved the PowerPoint interviews.”▸ “Presentation was excellent, with lots of examples & good interaction with participants.” Hume City Council, VIC, AUS
  11. 11. WHAT YOU SAID: IMPROVEMENTS ▸ “Perhaps bring examples that are more relevant for Hume and context of a place that is not very urban, car driven, sparse spatially would help to cement ideas about how to do it for people”. ▸ “More Victorian examples and use of community facilities as place making and activators”. ▸ “Large content at times, meant insufficient time for Andrew to facilitate discussion - probably requires follow up sessions to expand upon and fully explore.” ▸ “Too long spent on introduction and principles, not enough on how and implementation”. ▸ “There was some repetition and some more complex issues had to be skimmed over to keep to the program.” Tanderrum Way, Broadmeadows, Melbourne, VIC, AUS
  12. 12. WORKSHOP IDEAS FROM THE ‘BRIEFCASE’1. This group meets in a month (Greg)2. Endorse Urban Design Protocols (Greg)3. Common language UD/Placemaking4. Diversity and Inclusiveness5. Permission to locals6. Car parking location e.g. shopping centres (Suzanne)7. Site visit to Highlands8. Facilitating/Enabling?9. How is Urban Design Placemaking delivered by HCC10. “The housing we want” Grattan Institute11. Density and suburban lots (trees) Empathy May Craigeburn Plaza - Hume City Council, VIC, AUS12. Take action!
  13. 13. WORKSHOP IDEAS FROM THE ‘BRIEFCASE’13. Place principles – Corporate Plan/Policy (Greg)14. Process for identifying focus areas (Greg)15. Alignment16. Placemaking Profile – sell to Executive & Council (Everyone)17. Placemaking into Civic Plaza (Graham, Greg)18. Research and Case studies – min risk19. Use community development workers20. Community Engagement and Consultation21. Before and After – Research and Review22. Ongoing – Revisit23. Placemaking Knowledge and Ideas exchange – email list, lunchbox sessions, brainstorming etc. (Sam) Hume Global Learning Centre, Craigeburn, Melbourne, VIC, AUS
  14. 14. WORKSHOP IDEAS FROM THE ‘BRIEFCASE’24. Graphic Design Codes – spatial, focus on streets25. Place Qualities – which are relevant?26. Investigate community led Urban Design & Placemaking, and multiple ownership27. Work with small businesses (ML)28. Look for Champions in state agencies (John)29. PPP – Popup Pilot Prototype30. Have a Go! Agile, Experimental31. Name key trends (Sam)32. Involve HCC Marketing & Communications Department (Greg) Tanderrum Way Presentation - Hume City Council, VIC, AUS
  15. 15. WORKSHOP IDEAS FROM THE ‘BRIEFCASE’33. Case studies for Developers and Traders34. Region informed by local35. Building capacity36. Trees & Plants on streets (Graham)37. Rationalise Parks – playground activation (Naomi)38. Marshmallow Challenge39. „Food in Hume‟ working group (Ben)40. David Engwhict‟s Course Broadmeadows Proposal - Hume City Council, VIC, AUS
  16. 16. OUR DETAILS▸ Placefocus: training and information on urban design and placemaking▸ “We are passionate about creating places for people”▸▸ Andrew Hammonds (0407466615)▸▸ Follow us on twitter, Facebook and Instagram (Placefocus)▸ Connect on Linkedin or watch our PPTs on Slideshare Sunbury Lanes Presentation - Hume City Council, VIC, AUS