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Feedback from one of our courses.

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Course evaluation summary Logan

  1. 1. COURSE FEEDBACK▸ Module: Intro. to Urban Design + Placemaking (two day)▸ Client: Logan City Council▸ Location: Logan RSL▸ Date: 23-24 October 2012▸ Participants: 25▸ Feedback participation: 19/25 (76%)▸ Facilitator: Andrew Hammonds▸ Study Area - Croydon Rd, Logan Central, QLD, AUS
  2. 2. GOOD MIX OF PARTICIPANTS▸ Internal & external to council▸ Planning – development assessment & social▸ Project management▸ Community development▸ Engineering▸ Consultancy▸ Development industry▸ Public and social policy▸ Graphic design Place Proposals developed during Training Course
  3. 3. YOU RATED US 9 OUT OF 10!▸ The average score for the quality of the program was 9 out of 10.▸ The average score for the quality of the presenter was 9 out of 10. Village Square, Eastern Rd, Browns Plains, Brisbane, QLD, AUS
  4. 4. YOUR EVALUATION▸ 100% of participants said the course met or exceeded their expectations▸ 100% of participants said the course content was good to excellent▸ 53% said course content was excellent▸ 100% of participants found the course relevant to their job▸ 100% of participants would recommend the course to others Group Discussion - Logan City Council Course Oct 2012
  5. 5. WHAT YOU SAID – EXCELLENT COURSE▸ “Excellent course for councillors, managers and all staff in development assessment”▸ “Excellent concise 2 day course” + “Brilliant presentation”▸ “Excellent use of images and video that complimented each module.”▸ “Andrew presented in an enthusiastic manner. There was a passion for sharing his knowledge and experiences which was infectious.”▸ “Extremely well presented, thank you “▸ “Very impressive presenter.”▸ Great presentation, its refreshing and comforting to have open discussion about urban design and placemaking.”▸ “The course is designed to make it easy to understand concepts normally the domain of the planning profession, and it achieves this goal well..” Study Areas, Logan, QLD, AUS
  6. 6. WHAT YOU SAID: NEW IDEAS▸ “Learned new skills”▸ “New way of thinking for Development Assessment”▸ “Opened my mind to alternative solutions”▸ “Got some great ideas about activating place/place design that did not involve new building - rather community building”▸ “Thought provoking. Inspires you to consider course content in future development design.”▸ “Very relevant; need to find ways to make it happen more”. Logan City Urban Design Awards, Bus Station, Mandew Street, Shailer Park, QLD, AUS
  7. 7. WHAT YOU SAID – MULTIDISCIPLINARY▸ “Enjoyed the interaction/participation of the students and the use of local examples and peoples experience.”▸ “Having a diversity of professionals made for interesting discussions”.▸ “Great to see a balance brought into urban design by way of the social community perspectives”. Empathy Map - Logan City Council Course Oct 2012
  8. 8. WHAT YOU SAID – RELEVANT▸ “He has ensured everyone leaves with a new or renewed passion for placemaking.”▸ “Renewed my enthusiasm for placemaking and ensuring positive outcomes in planning.▸ “Very relevant to me - urban design is social planning! People perceive social planning as not relevant to built environment, which is very wrong!”▸ “The program was full of vital information for urban design and was very beneficial to find out where further information can be gained.”▸ “Photos and video added interest and kept focused, made it practical.”▸ Great to see that local sites were used in presentations.” Station Rd Logan Central, QLD, AUS
  9. 9. FEEDBACK GIVEN DURING THE COURSE▸ What worked? ▸ Practical examples ▸ Video ▸ Walk after lunch ▸ Discussions at tables ▸ Examples related to our places ▸ Enthusiasm for topic ▸ Outcomes and expectation▸ What didn’t work? ▸ Audit – too many questions ▸ Test at end ▸ Too quick at times Village Square, Eastern Rd, Browns Plains, Brisbane, NSW, AUS
  10. 10. FEEDBACK (CONT.)▸ What if? ▸ Invited the decision makers ▸ Apply to council - outcomes and tick off ▸ Identifying obstacles ▸ Gut feel rules ▸ More practical ▸ Exciting prospect ▸ Preaching to the converted Council developers ▸ Take time to change staff ▸ Easy to understand ▸ Helpful in decision making customer ▸ New planning scheme Village Square, Eastern Rd, Browns Plains, Brisbane, NSW, AUS
  11. 11. WHAT YOU SAID: IMPROVEMENTS ▸ “It was difficult at times to connect the power point presentation with the manual, some power point stuff was not in the manual.” ▸ “At times it seemed like too much was being put forward within the timeframe provided, which meant we moved a little too fast through some stuff.” ▸ “There was a lot to fit into 2 days, some of the short answer sessions were too long”. ▸ “Got lots of checklists, but would have like more examples of application.” Empathy Map - Logan City Council Course Oct 2012
  12. 12. OPPORTUNITIES▸ “Please offer this course to Councils Strategy and Planning area and make it mandatory. Councillors would also appreciate the course.”▸ “I would recommend the course to strategic planners.”▸ “I would recommend the course to inspire developers and to keep improving their skill set to facilitate best practice design and why we need this.”▸ “DA planners are part of the solution, not the problem, always the planning scheme is only Council policy document of its vision (done well or otherwise)”. Station Rd Logan Central, QLD, AUS
  13. 13. 29 IDEAS FOR COUNCIL TO INVESTIGATEParticipants not only identified the following ideas, they volunteered to investigateimplementation within Council.Corporate1.Urban design protocol creating better places - sign up or adoption.2.Location and design of council buildings and facilities to deliver good urban design outcomes - leading by example - Additional information - procurement.3.Consider adopting Place Principles into the Corporate Plan, urban manners etc.4.Consider where placemaking sits within the organisation – across the silos?
  14. 14. 29 IDEAS FOR COUNCIL TO INVESTIGATETechnical5.Complete streets integration.6.Flexible planning scheme making changes over time rather than once every five years.7.Location of car parks to the rear or underneath buildings.8.Urban design audit incorporated into the development assessment process.9.Stepping back from the detail to focus on the outcomes rather than the process - getting in early to the design process.10.Review development which ticks the boxes but does not deliver good places.11.Change the front fence policy in the building code.12.Ask developers for design changes to make places more livable but currently restricted by the process.13.Constructive feedback to industry in appropriate ways.14.Who benefits from streets: pedestrians v cars reclaiming the space for pedestrians - Radio Interview - Enrique Penalosa.15.Having processes in place to change the rules based on feedback from technical staff.
  15. 15. 29 IDEAS FOR COUNCIL TO INVESTIGATESystems16.Internal urban design champions – not necessarily a senior person - Additional information - procurement.17.Use 242s as an opportunity to trial new planning.18.Urban design panel to comment on significant developments or local area plans.Place Managers19.Place managers for key sites - Place Manage.20.Trialling/prototyping in regards to flexible spaces - Six opportunities to improve our places through prototyping .
  16. 16. 29 IDEAS FOR COUNCIL TO INVESTIGATEPeople21.Conversations over the phone or in person rather than through formal legislative processes.22.Consistent language across the organisation - Development Assessment or Place Enabling?23.Education for councillors, champions, decision makers.24.Involve as many voices in the decision making process - Place Roles .25.Speak to the users and not just the community - Place User.26.Recognise that consensus is not always the key to being visionary eg the Sydney Opera House - "New visions do not start with majority support".Across all categories27.Investigate alternatives within transport.28.transport planning as a leader for placemaking being part of the solution rather than part of the problem - Transforming NYC streets into places.
  17. 17. OUR DETAILS▸ Placefocus: training and information on urban design and placemaking▸ “We are passionate about creating places for people”▸▸ Andrew Hammonds (0407466615)▸▸ Follow us on twitter, Facebook and Instagram (Placefocus)▸ Connect on Linkedin or watch our PPTs on Slideshare Group Discussion - Logan City Council Course Oct 2012