How to Set Up a Consultation Topic on PlaceSpeak


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PlaceSpeak is an online public consultation platform that connects policy-makers with residents based on their veried location.

PlaceSpeak encourages inclusive, informed and authenticated public participation while producing dynamic feedback informed by

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How to Set Up a Consultation Topic on PlaceSpeak

  1. 1. How to set up yourPlaceSpeak Topic Page
  2. 2. Create Consultation Topic1. Register organization2. Choose plan type (features and duration) ● Bronze ● Silver ● Gold ● Enterprise3. Invite other personnel ● Administrators ● Moderators ● Topic participants
  3. 3. Register your Organization
  4. 4. Choose a Plan Type
  5. 5. Topic Management
  6. 6. Determine Scope of ParticipationWho can contribute feedback:● Anyone connected to your topic?● Area residents only?● Only people invited via email?Remember: Your results will reflect these decisions. Reporting of your consultationdata is organized around the geographic areas you create.
  7. 7. Map Consultation area
  8. 8. Select Features - Inform● Abstract: Post a short description that including keywords for SEO● Description: Upload your key messaging in words and pictures using an easy WYSIWYG editor● Contact: Include email and/or phone● Calendar: Add events such as open houses, public hearings and/or meetings● Social Media: Plug in relevant Facebook and Twitter feeds● Documents: Upload documents related to your consultation● Links: Insert links to relevant sites
  9. 9. Select Features: Consult● Discussion Forum: Moderator lead ○ View number of views, popularity ○ See participant name and location● Notice Board: User generated content ○ Participants and moderators can upload text, photos, videos● Polls: simple with instant results● Surveys: Using open-source LimeSurvey platform ○ Scalable, flexible ○ Include photos, videos and links with your survey questionsAll data is spatially segmented ○ Both quantitative and qualitative
  10. 10. Topic NotificationPlaceSpeak users are notified of new topicsaccording to their own settings by: ○ Distance: 1-100 km and/orKeywords: (e.g. housing, transportation,education)
  11. 11. Admin Interface● Google Analytics: Plugin your UA code● Web buttons: Connect-Button Code● Widgets: We offer a selection● iFrame(s): We offer various shapes and sizes● API: (Application Programming Interface) Use PlaceSpeak to location-vet participants in any 3rd party website (forthcoming)● Open Data: Systematizing consultations (forthcoming)
  12. 12. iFrames, Widgets & Buttons
  13. 13. Website Integration
  14. 14. Website Integration
  15. 15. Topic PromotionOnline● Social Media: Facebook and Twitter● Email lists● NewslettersOffline● Flyers (templates available)● Posters● Newspaper
  16. 16. Reporting and Analytics● All feedback received ○ Quantitative: polls & surveys ○ Qualitative: discussion, notice board● Reports include: x # of participants responded from y area(s) with z responses.● Output reports sort data geographically: ○ e.g. how responses vary by area.
  17. 17. Contact UsTelephone: 1-866-998-6977Address: New City Ventures, Inc. Attn: PlaceSpeak 1005 Cypress Street Vancouver, B.C. V6J 3K5 CANADA