Advancing Online Public Consultation Using PlaceSpeak


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A presentation about PlaceSpeak—an online, location-based public consultation platform that seeks to transform the way people interact with "location based topics."

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Advancing Online Public Consultation Using PlaceSpeak

  1. 1. Advancing Online PublicConsultation Using PlaceSpeakDelaney and Associates Inc. WebinarSeptember 2012
  2. 2. Refresher - the Problem
  3. 3. Anonymity breeds contempt
  4. 4. Core Principles Evidence-based decision-making
  5. 5. Challenges
  6. 6. A new model
  7. 7. Citizen-centred: Network Effect Coast Guard Maritime Museum Artists Residence Fires on beach Planetarium/ Museum Lifeguards Development Permit application Boathouse Patio Traffic Circle Squamish Parking Develop- Restrictions mentKitsilano to Bike LanesJericho Seawall Billy Bishop Patio Henry Hudson License School
  8. 8. Address VerificationNetwork Effect requires verification of participants:● Email● Home phone (audio pin)● Cell phone (sms pin)● Mailer pin● Other ○ property assessment roll ○ credit card minimum $0.02● FOIPPA
  9. 9. Personal Profile Add: Residence Work Recreation Specify: Own Rent Manage
  10. 10. Personal Settings Distance & Keyword Privacy
  11. 11. Proponent TypesLocal Government Public & Regulated Private Sector Non-Profits / Agencies CommunityPlanning Transportation Property Developers Residents Associations AuthoritiesEngineering Waste Management Planners BIAsParks & Recreation Telecoms Architects First NationsSchools Utilities Engineers Block WatchLibraries Environmental PR & Communications Strata Councils AssessmentFire & Emergency Ports & Airports Oil & Gas Companies NGOsServicesFinance Health Consultants
  12. 12. Register Organization
  13. 13. Choose Plan Type
  14. 14. Topic Management
  15. 15. Determine Scope of ParticipationWho can contribute feedback?Remember: the results will reflect these decisions. Reporting isorganized around spatial segments laid out from the outset.
  16. 16. Map Consultation area
  17. 17. Select Features - Inform● Abstract ○ Short description: 140 characters; include SEO keywords● Description ○ Key messaging in words and pictures; WYSIWYG editor● Contact ○ Insert email and/or phone● Calendar ○ Add open house, hearing and/or public meeting dates● Social Media ○ Plug in Facebook, Twitter feeds● Documents ○ Upload documents related to your consultation● Links ○ Insert links to relevant sites
  18. 18. Select Features: Consult● Discussion Forum: moderator lead ○ view number of views, popularity ○ see participant name and location● Notice Board: User generated content ○ upload text, photos, videos● Polls: simple with instant results● Surveys: use Lime Survey engine ○ scalable, flexible ○ insert photos, videos● Coming Soon: ○ FluidSurvey, Survey Monkey, SAYZU
  19. 19. iFrames, Widgets & Buttons Google Analytics: plug in Buttons: code snippet Widgets: selection iFrame(s): choose various shapes and sizes API: Application Programming Interface Open Data
  20. 20. Integration
  21. 21. Integration
  22. 22. PromotionOnline:● Social Media—Facebook, Twitter● Email lists● NewslettersOffline:● Flyers—templates available● Posters● Newspaper
  23. 23. Reporting and AnalyticsReal time Analytics:All feedback received:● Quantitative (polls & surveys)● Qualitative (discussion, notice board)Data is segmented spatially:● By polygon area boundaries
  24. 24. Outcomes● After conclusion of consultation, outcomes must be communicated to participants.● Important that participants observe that their input has had an impact on the outcome.● Process is open, accessible, dynamic, transparent and defensible.
  25. 25. Case StudyNew Westminster Master Transportation Plan
  26. 26. Contact UsTelephone: 1-866-998-6977Address:New City Ventures, Inc. Attn: PlaceSpeak 1005 Cypress Street Vancouver, B.C. V6J 3K5