Stephen O'Malley, Future of Town Centres


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Director of Civic Engineers on reclaiming the heart of our town centres, with case studies of positive and negative streetscape and recommendations for overcoming the obstacles to good design in town centres

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  • Alfred Ernest Marples, Baron Marples PC was a British Conservative politician who served as Postmaster General and Minister of Transport. Alfred Ernest Marples, Baron Marples PC was a British Conservative politician who served as Postmaster General and Minister of Transport. Born: December 9, 1907, Levenshulme, Greater ManchesterMarples was Minister of Transport from 14 October 1959 until the Conservatives lost the 1964 General Election on 16 October 1964.
  • The first report identified 2,363 stations and 5,000 miles (8,000 km) of railway line for closure, 55% of stations and 30% of route miles, with an objective of stemming the large losses being incurred during a period of increasing competition from road transport; the second identified a small number of major routes for significant investment. The 1963 report also recommended some less well publicised changes, including a switch to containerisation for rail freight
  • Stephen O'Malley, Future of Town Centres

    1. 1. Stephen O’Malley
    2. 2. Attract, Nurture and Retain the skilled and talented ‘Urban enjoyment helps determine a city’s success, talent is mobile, and it seeks out good places to consume as well as produce.’ ‘As the global population becomes wealthier more people will choose their locations on the basis of pleasure as well as productivity.’
    3. 3. Europe • Amsterdam – Public realm @ its most creative • Barcelona – people populating public squares and passing through them • Hamburg – iconic architecture and public art • Lyon – Creative festivals UK • Covent garden – Business meets creative enterprise • South Bank – Culture, entertainment and pleasure
    4. 4. TfGM – Vision for Sustainability Local Sustainable Transport Fund ‘From circuitous routes out of housing estates to a lack of confidence in where to park your bike when you get there, walking and cycling to their local station or transport hub currently seem just one complication too many in the busy lives of most local commuters’. 45% of peak time journeys are less than 5km
    5. 5. Its not about radical surgery….. Interstate 81, Syracuse, NY State
    6. 6. © B-HB
    7. 7. 1950’s Harlow New Town
    8. 8. © B-HB
    9. 9. © B-HB
    10. 10. The solution is worse than the problem
    11. 11. Mechanical product of regulations…
    12. 12. Sequential and silo working…
    13. 13. Source: IEA (2008) and International Association of Public Transport (2006)
    14. 14. ‘…for promoting the acquisition of that species of knowledge which constitutes the profession of a Civil Engineer, being the art of directing the great sources of power in Nature for the use and convenience of man (kind)…’
    15. 15. ‘4.17 to encourage the discovery of and investigate and make known the nature and merits of invention and processes which advance the science and art of highways and transportation;…’
    16. 16. Before New Road, Brighton
    17. 17. After New Road, Brighton
    18. 18. A place where all are welcome – but where civility prevails New Road, Brighton
    19. 19. New Road, Brighton
    20. 20. Park Lane, Poynton
    21. 21. Park Lane, Poynton
    22. 22. Park Lane, Poynton
    23. 23. Park Lane, Poynton
    24. 24. An act of civility with no special regulations
    25. 25. Acts of civility with normal behavioural rules