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Role of Culture in Regeneration: Dane Harrop & Ian Tabbron


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Dane Harrop, senior design manager at Kier, and Ian Tabbron, interim chief executive of Shakespeare North, give insight into the Shakespeare North Playhouse project

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Role of Culture in Regeneration: Dane Harrop & Ian Tabbron

  1. 1. Shakespeare North Playhouse
  2. 2. History of Prescot 1485 Lord Thomas Stanley was created the first Earl of Derby 1333 William D’Acre, Lord of the Manor granted the right to hold a weekly market (Monday) and a three day fair at Corpus Christi. 1350 Prescot is included in the Bodleian map of Britain 1564 William Shakespeare is born In Stratford upon Avon 1500 Earliest part of the Knowsley Hall building dates back to early 1500s, home to the Earls of Derby 1559 Ferdinando Stanley the 5th Earl of Derby is born 1609 The playhouse is believed to have been in theatrical use until 1609 when it was converted into a dwelling 1585 - 1592 Shakespeare’s ‘The lost years’ 1592 Prescot Playhouse built – the first and most important freestanding theatre outside London in its day. It stood until the early 1600s. 1610 St Mary’s Church rebuilt Shakespeare North Playhouse
  3. 3. Why Prescot? St. Mary Church Old Museum Building (Old cockpit site) Site for the new theatre & education building Shakespeare North Playhouse
  4. 4. The Shakespeare North project is important to me because I believe that great Shakespearean performances can change lives and because I want to help offer hope, vision and an enhanced educational experience to the children of Knowsley and Liverpool. From 2020 everyone in Britain should be able to follow a Shakespeare journey from London to Stratford and then to Knowsley, but only if you join me in supporting this dream. I have become a Patron of Shakespeare North and have donated the set of the film Shakespeare in Love to Shakespeare North … Dame Judi Dench Shakespeare North Playhouse
  5. 5. What the Playhouse will offer Regeneration Theatre Productions Scholarly work Community Enrichment Business & Commercial Opportunities Tourism & Leisure Attraction Educational Benefits Museum & Heritage Amenities Shakespeare North Playhouse
  6. 6. Architectural Vision Inigo Jone’s’ design from1629 Shakespeare North Playhouse The proposeddesign, adapted fromInigo’s orignal drawings “The Playhouse will be built to designs drawn in 1629 by Inigo Jones, the greatest English Architect and Theatre Designer of his day.”
  7. 7. The Cockpit Theatre Shakespeare North Playhouse
  8. 8. The Wrap Around Shakespeare North Playhouse
  9. 9. Project Status Shakespeare North Playhouse • Kier Appointed under a PCSA February 2018 • Approaching the end of RIBA Stage 4 • Council led design team via a traditional form of contract. JCT 2016 with Contractor design portions • Kier providing support and specialist input for the contractor design elements • Timber Frame Specialist who produced the Globe Theatre is a key part of the team • Enabling works set for the end of the summer • Main Contract works set to start towards the end of the year
  10. 10. Arts and Regeneration Mini Case Study – Storyhouse, Chester Shakespeare North Playhouse • 1 million visitors in the first year • Reuse of an 80 year old Grade II listed buildings, what's more sustainable than that? • Being used as a catalyst to assist with the Northgate Regeneration • Over 120 separate community groups use the building on a monthly basis • Innovative due stage format to allow touring shows and in house productions • Strong links with local University • Strong synergies with Shakespeare North Playhouse
  11. 11. Benefits for Knowsley and Prescot Shakespeare North Playhouse
  12. 12. Shakespeare North Playhouse Shakespeare North
  13. 13. Shakespeare North Playhouse
  14. 14. Shakespeare North Playhouse Shakespeare North Playhouse