PlaceEXPO Building for Education: Sheppard Robson and University of Hull


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Alex Solk, partner, Sheppard Robson; and Dr Richard Heseltine, director of library and learning innovation and university librarian for the University of Hull

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PlaceEXPO Building for Education: Sheppard Robson and University of Hull

  1. 1. Building for competitive advantage PlaceExpo @ IFB 2014 | 19 June 2014
  2. 2. Dr Richard Heseltine | University of Hull
  3. 3. Renewing the heart of the campus - the redevelopment of the Brynmor Jones Library
  4. 4. How university libraries are changing ... • Predicted to become empty storehouses of old books • And our collections are now mainly digital • But libraries everywhere are busier than ever • The places of choice for student learning ... • ... places for books, for technology, for space, for support, for long opening hours, for friends
  5. 5. How they must continue to change ... • Meeting changing patterns of study and learning • Recognition of the social dimension • Adaptation to massive technological change • Embracing new opportunities
  6. 6. Libraries bring competitive advantage • Intensification of competition in Higher Education • Student experience as a principal focus of competition • Libraries as a key element of student experience • Heavy sector-wide investment in library redevelopment - over £400m in last 10 years
  7. 7. Competition driven by rising student expectations in the new fees regime
  8. 8. The Library is about our brand • The BJL is the largest building on campus and our most important academic building. • When you see it, when you go inside, it should tell you what the University is about.
  9. 9. So the new Library is not just a social space for 18 year olds ....
  10. 10. Strategic alignment - what should the Library tell people about our brand? • Our reputation and stature are vital to us – this is a quality institution • Academic excellence is at the core of our reputation • We embrace the future and value our heritage • We place students at the heart of the University • We are an anchor institution in our local communities
  11. 11. Above all, a symbol of confidence in the future …
  12. 12. Above all, a symbol of confidence in the future …
  13. 13. Alex Solk | Sheppard Robson
  14. 14. Clones?
  15. 15. Expectations?
  16. 16. Individuals!
  17. 17. We need to understand user needs
  18. 18. We need to understand user needs
  19. 19. We need to understand user needs
  20. 20. We need to understand user needs
  21. 21. We need to understand user needs
  22. 22. We need to understand user needs
  23. 23. Choice…
  24. 24. So what does this tell us?
  25. 25. We sometimes work individually…
  26. 26. We sometimes work collectively…
  27. 27. We need be able to find a group meeting space ad-hoc…
  28. 28. …but also have the ability to book a regular venue in advance for group working
  29. 29. We sometimes may go outside to learn
  30. 30. We would like to be able to bring our laptop in…but not have to
  31. 31. How do we accommodate all of these needs?
  32. 32. choice38 space types Staff desk Staff breakout Staff informal meeting Staff hot desk Interactive collaboration PC study Accessible PC studyIndividual study bench Accessible individual study bench Informal study Informal group study Group study 4 pers Group study 6 pers Group study 8 pers Meeting space Conference space Tea point Individual silent study Individual carrel Resource point Information point Postgraduate individual study Posgraduate PC study Postgraduate informal study Teaching Specialist equipment study Outside informal study Informal group learning pod Quick access PC Self help Training space Private discussion Gallery Exhibition Staff meeting Group collaboration Informal individual Staff room How do we accommodate all of these needs?
  33. 33. Choice…
  34. 34. Choice…
  35. 35. Thank you