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Place RESI Alan McCartney, Glenn Howells Architects


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Alan McCartney, studio director, Glenn Howells Architects

Published in: Real Estate
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Place RESI Alan McCartney, Glenn Howells Architects

  1. 1. Legacy Residential
  2. 2. Context
  3. 3. • Masterplan – East Float & West Float
  4. 4. A RESIDENTIAL WATERSIDE NORTH BANK 01 01 Legacy 02 Peel + US 03 East Float 04 Belong 02 02 04 03
  5. 5. Town Houses, Mansion House apartments and the brand new Row House and Corner House
  6. 6. Outline Permission Parameter Layout Courtyard Response Inflected Courtyards Smaller Blocks
  7. 7. Outline Permission Parameters Linear Courtyard Response
  8. 8. Legacy East Float Peel & Urban Splash JV Belong Peel & Urban Splash JV
  9. 9. Dock Road Civilised Street Concept Neighbourhood Streets Concept Residential Courtyards Concept Exposed aggregate concrete with textured detailed banding breaking up the expanse of hard material. Multi-stemmed native tree varieties selected along the northern edge of the site wathes of wildflower planting along he grass verge .5m wide pedestrian cycle route .0m wide verge to future proof for the treetcar alignment Mixed planting beds included beside the building edge as a green buffer Multi-stemmed nativetree planting with clear stemmed up to 1.8mto allow clear sightlines Stepped access to ground floor units Central surface for pedestrians, cyclistsand cars,narrowed at sections to 4.5m to slow any traffic . Exposed aggregateconcrete with textured detailedbanding Raised residential terrace 1.5m wide to allow for a small table and two chairs Rain garden edge with marginal planting, grasses and sedges grass islands with bulb planting Communal seating areas for 3-4 people encouraging social interaction; surfaced with self binding gravel Ornamental multi-stemmed trees with seasonal interest through blossom and striking autumn colour Central clay paved footpaths link spaces within the courtyard and provide access to DockRoad and the Waterfront A series of interconnected rain gardens run through the courtyards picking up the surface run off and feeding it into the SUDs network Raised residential terrace 1.5m wide to allow for a small table and two chairs Planted verge to create separation between private and communal spaces Open lawn areas with informal pathways Natural stone gravel and stones interplanted with specimen grasses Understorey planting is restricted to surround the vehicle gateways Central Gateway Evergreen tree planting selected to mark the entrance gateways Open lawns with multi stemmed trees Private terrace Private terrace Planted verge Rain garden Shared surf ace neighbourhoo d street Multi-stem tree planting Private terrace Planted verge Private Terrace Private Terrace Pathway with garden structures Mixed ornamental planting with shrubs, grasses, clear and multi- stemmed tree planting Seating