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Northern Transport Summit: Jonathan Spruce, Transport for the North


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Jonathan Spruce, head of policy and strategy at Transport for the North, gives insight into the strategic development corridors that make up a key element of TfN's plans

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Northern Transport Summit: Jonathan Spruce, Transport for the North

  1. 1. Northern  Transport  Summit 26  June  2017 Jonathan  Spruce Interim  Head  of  Policy  and  Strategy,   Transport  for  the  North
  2. 2. The  Size  of  the  Prize
  3. 3. Four  prime  capabilities: Three  enabling  capabilities: Northern  Powerhouse  Independent  Economic  Review
  4. 4. NPIER  Capabilities
  5. 5. Strategic  Transport  Plan A  multi-­‐modal,  long  term  Plan,  setting  out  an  evidence-­‐led,  compelling  case  for   strategic  transport  investment  across  the  North Wide-­‐ranging,   ambitious  scope Adding  value  at  a   national  and  local   level Public  facing,   publicly  supported   plan Developing  TfN’s   connectivity   priorities
  6. 6. Pan-­‐Northern  Transport  Objectives Prime  objective Transforming  economic  performance Enabling  objectives Increasing  efficiency,   reliability  and  resilience  on  the   transport  system Promoting  and  supporting  the  built   and  natural  environment Improving  opportunities   across  the  North
  7. 7. Northern   Powerhouse  Rail Major  Roads  Report Single  Integrated  Rail   Plan Strategic  Transport  Plan Rail  North  Long  Term   Rail  Strategy Integrated  and  Smart   Travel Economic  Growth   and  Transport   Demand  Analysis International   Connectivity Enhanced  Freight   and  Logistics  Analysis Strategic  Development  Corridors Integrated   Sustainability   Appraisal Northern   Powerhouse   Independent   Economic  Review Partner  Transport   and  Economic  Plans Industry  Plans  and   Strategies Integrated  Rail   Report
  8. 8. Formal  Public  Consultation Engagement  on  Evidence  Base Summer  2017 Publication  of  a  Position  Statement  on  the  Strategic  Transport  Plan Publication  of  Initial  Integrated  Rail  and  Initial  Major  Roads  Reports,  and  Integrated  Sustainability  Appraisal   Position  Statement   Autumn  2017 Publication  of  Draft  Strategic  Transport  Plan,  Updated  Integrated  Rail  and  Major  Roads  Reports,  and  Draft   Integrated  Sustainability  Appraisal Winter  2017 Public  Consultation  on  the  Draft  Strategic  Transport  Plan  and  Draft  Integrated  Sustainability  Appraisal Summer  2018 Publication  of  the  Final  Strategic  Transport  Plan  and  Integrated  Sustainability  Appraisal
  9. 9. Transport  for  the  North Portfolio  of  Road  Connectivity  Priorities
  10. 10. Transport  for  the  North Portfolio  of  Rail  Connectivity  Priorities
  11. 11. Strategic  Development  Corridors Interactions  between  the  Road  and  Rail  corridors  leads  to  9  Strategic  Development   Corridors  (in  alphabetical  order): • Central  Pennines  (Both  Road  and  Rail) • Connecting  the  Energy  Coasts  (Both  Road  and  Rail) • Northern  Powerhouse  Rail  (already  part  of  the  TfN  programme  activity  -­‐ Rail  only) • Smart  North  (already  part  of  the  TfN  programme  activity  -­‐ Public  Transport) • South  Pennines  (Both  Road  and  Rail) • West  Coast  Corridor  linking  to  Greater  Manchester  and  Sheffield  City  Region  (Rail  only) • West  to  Wales  Connections  (Both  Road  and  Rail) • Wider  East  Coast  Corridor  to  Scotland  (Rail  only) • Yorkshire  to  Scotland  (Road  only)
  12. 12. Northern Powerhouse Rail Integrated and Smart Travel
  13. 13. Corridor  Interventions  – Planning,  funding  and  delivering  interventions   Strategic  Development  Corridor  -­‐ Confirming  strategic  fit,  identifying  interventions,  exploring  the  way  forward Strategic  Transport  Plan  -­‐ Stating  the  strategic  and  economic  context,  making  the  case  for  change Final  Business  Case   (FBC) Outline  Business   Case (OBC) Strategic  Outline   Programme (SOP) National,  Regional   and  Local  Policy Implementation  of   Intervention Taking  Forward  the  Strategic  Development  Corridors Strategic  Outline   Case (SOC) Strategic  Outline   Programme (SOP) Strategic  Outline   Business  Case (SOBC)
  14. 14. @transport4north Transport  for  the  North  (TfN)