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Place Branding Project

Place Branding Project Recommendations August 2014

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Place Branding Project

  1. 1. RECOMMEND District Council of Yankalilla Place Brand Friday, 15 August 2014 T 08 B400 6310 E oWice@freerangefulurecom www. freerangefuture. com 180 Pulleney Street Adelaide 5000 SA ][ 3* FREERANGE FUTURE VANMMB
  2. 2. OVERVIEW The District Council of Yankalilla has sought recommendations on a place brand for your region. We have undertaken a range of research activities to learn about your region. the council. its citizens and their perceptions, goals and audiences in order to make considered recommendations. Within this overview document you will find: - a statement of values we've identified as common among people in the region I a new name for the region and - a tagline For the region. Ultimately. this document serves as a starting point for you and the Council. lt’s up to your community to take this messaging on board and work together to face the outside world with confidence and pride. We're hopeful that this document will give you the tools to inspire that confidence.
  3. 3. VALUES Values are beliefs and serrtirrtents shared by everyone in your community. and are entwined in shared experiences. Here are the values we identified as being common among people in your region: Environmental stewardship - we use our land tn produce things, but we take care of it in return because we rely on it irreverence I quirk — we're different and happy to he that way, and we like that our day-to-day experiences are remarkable to others. Pride — we know our place ln this region. and will protect it. Community - we all know each other. and we all look out for each other Space - we value having our own place in this region lndlvldualify - we reject protiteering and commercialism in lavaur cl ethical and sustainable local business and local characters. Freedom - we feel able to live the life we choose here C iirclri. ~. Tim. values are the foundation on which your name and tagline tr. based We found these through survey results. data from previous consultations Wodksltops with council and our own research lhese are absolutely vital to how your region presents itself to the world. and all of the naming and messaging has been created to remain true to your values.
  4. 4. NAME EXPLORATION As a part of the original workshop and further researdl we explored 2 variety of names that would best unite the region. Hero is a short list of considerations. N V. 5:. .‘«. ..m l"l, m=- 3.w~~«w ‘amt ll‘ Yankalwlla Dnsmci Weslem Fleunou Vemnsula Coast Yankalllla Bay The Western Flam. Peninsula Rugged DC. Yanlalulla Westem Flourleu Coast Roll-ng Hills The n. ..«. e.. Way chm m. Light Coast Ranges The Triangle can We! Heysor-‘s Fool Watershed Windy Way W-ndy Backsxans Pemnsula Unspnlll Real
  5. 5. 3 THE NAME FOR THE REGION Your region is physically large, economically diverse and hard to pin down to one town or one characteristic. We identified a regional name to encompass the whole DCY area: The Western Fleurieu Peninsula As part ofthis project. we were aslied to consider the suitability of this name. and explore possible alternatives. Our assessment of the name is as follows: Pros - The name immediately contexnialises the geography of the region - one can easily Find the region on a map from this name - The word 'Fleurieu' is not used by any adgacent regions, altering an immediate point oldiiterence and an opportunity to Claim the word - The flame is strong. solicl and sounds iconic - The use of "western" speaks to some of the values of the region - irreverence and a strong sense of freedom - through its allusion to Westerns - "The Wild. Wild West" for example. This has great potential for creative applications - It is simple and direct, and doesn't rely on metaphor or flowery descriptors that might put some off using it - It is timeless - It weights the whole region equally. and gives the region a presence befitting the sum of its parts - It says we are here, together. in what is immediately positioned asa large-scale and diverse geographical area. not one township. Cons - Itdoes not immediately conjure a direct feeling or image - The words create a long gauge. Co nclusion Our recommendation is that The Western Fleurieu Peninsula be rolled out as the name lcrr your region. We could not identify another name that better wcirlts to represent you. Many ol the alternatives on offer relied on metaphors. historical people. places and events and references to a specilic point ol geography. We Feel these are all limited In the reach and appeal - no one part ol the region's landscape is representative ol the whole. Losing the potential to showcase all of this diversity would limit the brand severely. The Western Fleurieu Peninisula can be paired with any of the values. objectives and assets of the region, and works perfectly with the messaging we've identified.
  6. 6. THE TAGLINE Make it here. The Western Fleurieu Peninsula ln coming up with a taglina for the Westam Flourieu Peninsula. we wanted to create the following: I A sense of possibility - Adirect ‘challenge’ or call to action for extemal markers - Something positive - Something representative of the regions values and strengths - A Frame within which individuals. businesses and Council can tell compelling stories We've noted the tussle over whether to use one township. landmark or historical figure as the core of your brand. but we believe anchoring your identity on one of these physical attributes does a disservice to all the others in your region. We decided to go deeper. and tie your identity to an idea or concept that is more prolouncl and links all or these assets together in a clever way. ln our work. we saw how productive the region and Its people are - agriculture. aquaculture. sustainable energy. The same energy can be extended to industries like tourism and aged care - the production of experience. memory. health and happiness We wanted to capture this energy. and inspire your target markets about the possibilities this place eriords. "Malte it here. " is a simple. elegant statement that achieves all of these goals. It carries multiple interlinked levels of meaning. u From a geographic perspective. to "make it somewhere" means to complete a JOUVHQY, or to have your expectations Fulfilled We love how this sentiment captures the leeling of stepping out of a car by the beach. stretching out and breathing the clean air in the WFP. Additionally. it calls to mind good friends giving you a hug an arriving into the region with the exclamation ‘you made rtl". This suits a tourism execution well. - To “make it" somewhere means to succeed and thrive We think dis captures an ideal of persistence and hard yaltlta that lives within the region. and the rewards on olfer lor those who have the vision anddrive to make something. This suits a "work" execution well. - To "make it" literally means to produce or create something. This conjures the idea ol "handmade" and reliects the region's status as a producer and contnbutor to the economy at large. and its desired Future as a place where people come and invest in their dreams. This suits 3 ‘live’ execution well. We see this tagline and the region name working in concert. and overlaid on excellent and relevant imagery depending on the target market and objective. ln the broader place branding context. this execution is at the leading Destinations have moved from using verbs like ‘escape’ which is inherently negative and in opposition. to “discover” which frames the visitor as active but the region as static. We think the better idea and next step is inviting the visitor or resident to create. and be a part. with equal agency lot the visitor and the region being promoted.
  7. 7. BRAND ROLLOUT: HOW IT CAN WORK There are any number ol ways the regional name and the supporting tag line can work in a dynamic application lo: the iegian The first step is to develop .9 visual brandrnq suite to accompany the name arid messaging A bieriding suite will Include a logo roiits ciitoiirs and icons It can also IV(ludQ art direction for photographs and illustration (if applitabie) On<e we have iiieie assets iii our luul lul. we can Upply iiie brand identity in a rniiiiiiiide always We've envisaged that these brand iollout pro, e<ts' can be siaogeted over 6 months to Syeors and/ oi depending on lurid fl"D(dllOf and priority We rise. l'lE6dy bralnstovmed bow iiie biinii can be ebpiieri ior viltom vrlieve and iriieri. Here M! some eiiiiiipiei ioi you [0 see how tlus bldfldlng can live . ... H 1 I , I H I I . I I . I. w. inaii. -iii. or -i Invite local businesses to come up with a short response to complete the statement ‘_ , , . (Ploducl or service) . We rnalre it here The Western Fleurieu Peninsula ' we iee binineiiei iiiiirig a badge oi sticlier wltcte they can write on e iiiini ipioe ena iii io llielr business lacodes (eg window) This can be used in the early stages of generating community buy-in. and have business owners think creatively about how to Frame then product. whelliet tangible (‘Great bread/ oiganlc venison‘) oi rnrarigibie meinoriee for a iiieiiiiiej. These responses can be used to (Ieate regional uoduce iiibeiiiiig and iieip Individual bIJS| VQSS£$ prarriiiie themselves wiiiiiii riie WFP bfarld l l / i4;. ..i, (.'; t hit » we Tirvii. we make it nor- rriiiuvirirntrriiiim-siu i . we make It here. ' Tllt WESTERN REMIEU PE| l|llS| .|lA l l'}'J/ ' ‘ ’
  8. 8. BRAND ROLLOUT: HOW IT CAN WORK District Sigmgo Design and deployment of landmark signs will be seen when entering and e<'Iing towns in the region, featuring biandand taglin e information about local experiences, ments and potentiallylocal facts. 5" On sideto signage could be: box to invite peopleto taltea hand printed, hyperlocal flyer. Thse ran be updated often with compelling local information to differentiate from otherlocal towns Wecouldalso include statistics on townships‘ production, raiha‘ than theusual "Popu lation / Elevation [Tidy Town 1005" information. E. g. "Litres of milk produced per year: s<00,000", "Kilowatt Hours of Wind Energy Produced peryearv x00_000" ' Vrouvnrnuaeitrtm. Yankalilla THE WESTER N FLEU RI EU PENNI S U IA Illkwuiuoed W000 litres iirviaaqry-moat W000 kws Real —»: at. ’-3h: S i gnu g L We envisage signs thatcould be placed on vxant lots or new developments that simply say "Make it here " This could lead potential home buyers to an onlineDCY resource for new residents. and girl! the edge over other region s. We l><: lt tl Aclmrand branded website for tourists, investors and potential residents to get more information about the region. Mir-ke~t I‘I'Bfli(ll'Ig The WFP could set up stalls at metro produce markets likethe Waywlll Farmers’ Markets or the Market Shed on Holland. Stocked with local produce, and manned by locals an d gu at producers who showcase the best of the region, this offers a great opporlu nity to start in spiring conversations with people in the demographics we've identified; — ambitious, community minded and productive i Hill , , lliiii me it here. . WEWEIEKN . ;¢, risuiiizu i-sunsirm ii! » —. ... a V C. :ii l. >umi. -Ii -xiclsizi-: An easyvrayto have a place band be mobile; 'Make it here. " is a great all to action r’-l 7 t_‘ ‘* 45632?‘ : ..“. ~l v ‘A! o‘! ' . lh ‘ii
  9. 9. BRAND ROLLOUT: HOW IT CAN WORK C ll‘ * 1 . v L The caunctl could distnlmte branded calendars with local events ‘tom small to large, and local harvest and planting seasons. l-l »- : . ‘Make it here’ would suit an«ertona| and tradltlonal print media advertising trmds well - stones ltatned around the Idea or -ttialttng it‘ ptesented in cutlets ltlte lnoaily 0! the Adelatde Review would be Very compelling, wnh big sttihttg Images. The campasgn would also suit banner ads or otherwise on travel sites. bnoltmg sites etc > A l A smartphorte app that uses GPS to detect your location within the WFP. Through headphones or the car stereo, a running. current and lnteresting commentary could play glvlrig context and insight into the landscape and what it produces. ll H. .. ah, Thts would ttanstonn the trip down ttont "eye~spy' tnto a ieetnetttio Joutney to leatn about the ilttngs that malt. your tegton so delighilul and dihetent. lt would be great rot ltids ta leatn about agriculture and the lascinaling htstoty or the veglan. lrriigine dtwittg past a deny and hearing in teal tittte. about the cmnets. that work, how the tttillt s collected and VlleYE lt ts slntoped. 0. hidden gems, sneh as loclting nut rat a particular bird. or a secret cave. We love this idea. and hope rt gives you a sense ol the vast possibility ths messaging can unlock. l4‘l>-l V TVC ; Vt Thts messaging lends itself petteetly to video content tot web Or TV. The idea or nialting ts Very well suited lo the moving Image.
  10. 10. WHAT'S NEXT What happens next is up to the region as a whole. A successful shift in perceptions demands commitment. sawy and resources - not just money, but time and political goodwill. The time is right for the Western Fleurieu Peninsula to unite and present its best self to the world in order to secure your place in the future. If you agree that these reasonings and concepu are sound. then it will take significant leadership for this messaging to get off the ground This messaging will be engrained in how the region identifies itself intemally and how it tells its story to the outside world. Good luck, and have fun!