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  1. 1. providing recyclingsolutions for environmental protection by offeringIndustrial Grinders, Shredders, Choppers and Granulatorsfor industrial processing of various materials such asrubber, plastic, wood, textiles, and just about any othermaterial that needs size reduction or destructionprocessing.
  2. 2. Shredding is normally carried out in a machine that is“low speed and high torque”.A shredder is designed to take large components andshred them down to random, smaller components –normally in the range of 1” – 2” and larger.Most often, a shredder is selected for reduction ofplastics for washing, destruction of product of liabilityissues or the preparation of the product for anotherapplication.
  4. 4. DUAL SHAFT SHREDDER These dual shaft Industrial Shredders use low speed, high torque hook shear blades manufactured of high alloy heat treated steel mounted on hexagonal shafts. The number of hooks, reach of hooks, and blade thickness are determined by the material being reduced. Available with cutting chambers ranging in size from 17" x 14" to 60" x 40" with motors from 10 HP to 450 HP. Counter rotating shafts turn at slightly different speeds increasing the efficiency of the cutting action. Any overloads caused by foreign material are sensed by the PLC controller and cause the shaft rotation to stop and reverse direction to clear the foreign matter, and then resume. Shock loads caused by normal shredding operation are absorbed by a patented shock absorber drive train.
  5. 5.  Shredders can be configured for each unique shredding application by choose different knife widths, knife hook design, fingers, and screens to achieve the exact shred size and production rate needed. Hardened gears are used on each shaft to convey the high torque and low speed in the knives in the shredder chamber.
  8. 8. APPLICATIONS OF INDUSTRIAL SHREDDERS Plastic Shredders  Aluminum cans Tire Shredder  PVC shredding Carpet Shredding  Vinyl Glass  Textiles Shredder Wood, Pallets  Extrusion scrap Paper Shredder, book  General refuse shredder, periodicals Pharmaceutical shredder  Steel turnings Medical waste shredder  Aluminum turnings
  10. 10. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION OF SHREDDERModel PICS- PICS - PICS - PICS - PICS - PICS - PICS -No. 1825 2632 3225 3258 4119 4331 4220Width- 29" 41" 31-1/2" 37" 40" 54" 54"BaseLength- 72" 96 130 150 200 222 232"BaseWidth- 37" 40" 49 60 67 82 82"BaseHopper 42" 54" 64" 45" 601/4" 49" 49"LengthHopper 20" 22" 22" 24" 24" 24" 24"DepthHeightCutter 12-1/2" 16" 28" 27-3/4" 32" 43-1/2" 43-1/2"AssemblyHeight- 43" 32" 31" 31" 54" 48-1/2" 48-1/2"Base
  11. 11. Model PICS- PICS PICS - PICS - PICS - PICS - PICS -No. 1825 - 2632 3225 3258 4119 4331 4220Discharge 17-1/4" 27" 46" 45" 50" 49-1/2" 59-1/2"LengthInside toInside 54" 45" 66" 78" 92" 68" 78"LegsOverallLength at 60" 96" 130" 144-1/2" 190" 228" 238"BaseHopper 24" 30" 32" 42" 45" 63" 63"WidthDischarge 14" 17" 19-1/2" 26" 28" 40" 40"WidthCenterline 15-1/2" 17" 15-3/4" 18-1/2" 18-1/2" 27" 27"HopperCenterline 21" 26-1/2" 45" 53" 58" 44-3/4" 44-3/4"HopperWeight 1,830lb 3,450lb 9,000lb 22,000l 37,000lb 39,000lb 4,570lbs(lbs.) s s s bs s sMotor 10 20 50 75 150 400 400H.P.
  12. 12. TIRE SHREDDER SYSTEM Finely Shredded /From Whole Tires Grinded Rubber
  13. 13. TIRE SHREDDER SYSTEM Tire shredding has never been in such high demand as more states and municipal guidelines prohibit the disposal of whole tires in landfills. Plus, there is a high demand and profit in shredded tires in various conditions from whole tire chips to finely ground rubber. We offer a complete line of Tire Shredder and tire processing equipment to produce tire chips, tire shreds, and crumb rubber for disposal or recycling, and bio-fuel production.
  15. 15. BASIC TIRE SHREDDING High torque dual shaft shredders rotate at relatively low speed and use qualifying screens to control chip size. The PICS 2000 has a capacity of 11,000 pounds per hour in 2" chip size and can handle passenger tires and light truck tires. The rugged design of the shredder and the hardened knives allows the whole tire to be processed at once and does not require removal of the bead as some systems require. A removable qualifying screen is used in the shredder to determine output chip size, with chips as small as 1" when required.
  16. 16.  Higher production rates can be achieved with larger screen openings which results in larger chip sizes. Tires chips processed through these shredders can be used in various industrial applications requiring recycled rubber. They are also often used as fuel where they are burned in furnaces, or for tire derived fuel, and alternative fuels. Other uses include the manufacture of rubber sheet, various industrial products, and even tire mulch for landscaping and drain fill.
  17. 17. •To achieve even smallerparticle sizes (all they waydown to crumb rubber), theprocess can be expanded toinclude one of our highspeed.• Rubber Grinder to grind thetire chips discharged fromthe main shredder. Thisprocess uses a large, highspeed cylinder body and afiner screen to achieve thedesired particle size andseparate the wire from thefine rubber.
  18. 18. PLASTIC SHREDDER If you have plastic in various shapes and sizes and you need to turn these scrap materials or components into a commodity that can be recaptured for use in your manufacturing processes, then our plastic shredder machines are what you need. It doesnt matter if its small PET bottles, PVC, vinyl, plastic containers, long strips, purging or a host of other sizes and configurations, getting it down to a manageable or reusable size is one of the first steps in the reclamation and recycling process. The equipment needed for this initial size reduction varies depending upon the plastic being reclaimed.
  19. 19. VERSATILITY Some plastic shredders lock you in to doing it only on way. Our shredders have dual hex shafts and various knife designs that can be easily reconfigured to alter the shredding process to yield any desired output. We offer a large array of easy-to-install bed screens that can be used to qualify the shred size if desired. The knife widths can be from 3/8" wide to 2" wide. The knife width, tooth size, and tooth count can be configured for processing various types of materials.
  21. 21. CUSTOM DESIGNED PLASTIC SHREDDER SYSTEMS From small, hand-fed operations to complete systems, we can help in the design your entire plastic recycling or shredding needs. We specialize in custom, application specific systems from several hundred pounds to several tons per hour.
  22. 22. GRINDER
  23. 23.  These high speed Product Grinders use a high-inertia design, sharp cutting knifes, and solid rotating cylinders to grind various industrial raw materials. We offer a large selection of size reduction equipment with infeed systems, qualifying screens, and configurable discharge designs. The 13 and 14 Series Grinders meet the majority of customer needs and are available in several models. Options include qualifying screens, water cooling, infeed and outfeed systems, and programmable control panels. Infeed openings range from 10" x 11" to 20" x 54". Motors are offered from 25 HP to 500 HP.
  24. 24.  The 15 Series Grinders are used where tramp, foreign material may present a problem. With breakaway steel struts, any foreign material entering the unit will cause a hinged door to open, allowing the material to escape, saving costly rebuilds. The main rotor bodies are machined from cast steel or stainless steel depending on the application. Capacities can range from 200 lbs to 20,000 lbs per hour depending on the material being reduced.
  25. 25. HOW IT WORKS
  26. 26. These grinders are suitable for grinding plastic, rubber,wood, PVC, vinyl, wire, and just about anything thatwill fit into the infeed hopper.We have several custom application grinders speciallydesigned for certain industries, such as the carpet,textile, and fabric industry.In this application, carpet rolls, loose carpet and othertextiles are fed directly into the grinder by a variablespeed horizontal conveyor.
  27. 27. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION OF GRINDERModel(with BDHS 13CSD 13CSE 14CSE 14CSF 14CSG 14CSHscreen*)Overall 28" 39 1/2" 39 1/2" 44" 44" 44" 44"HeightOverall 32" 42" 42" 53" 53" 53" 53"WidthOverall 38" 50" 66" 66" 75" 84" 95"LengthFeed/Cutting 10"x11" 15"x18" 15"x27" 20"x27" 20"x36" 20"x45" 20"x54"ChamberDischarge 13.5"x20.5 22"x25" 25"x31" 30"x31" 30"x40" 30"x49" 30"x58"Opening "Shaft 2 15/16" 4 7/16" 4 7/16" 4 15/16" 4 15/16" 6 7/8" 6 7/8"DiameterShaft 2 7/16" 2 15/16" 2 15/16" 3 15/16" 3 15/16" 3 15/16" 4 7/16"Bearing Size
  28. 28. Model (with BDHS 13CSD 13CSE 14CSE 14CSF 14CSG 14CSHscreen*)Number of 12 12 18 18 24 30 36KnivesRotor/KnifeSwing 20 5/8" 26 5/8" 26 5/8" 30 5/8" 30 5/8" 30 5/8" 30 5/8"DiameterShaft RPM 1,800 1,200 1,200 1,200 1,200 1,200 1,200(Max)Motor HP 50 200 200 250 250 250 250(Max)Weight (lbs) 2,200 4,500 5,535 10,000 12,000 19,300 23,100Capacity 1,800 4,500 6,750 6,750 9,000 11,250 13,500(lbs/hr)
  30. 30.  These Granulator machines are designed with high speed, medium inertia, open rotor body, with 2, 3 or 5 hardened steel knives. Granulators can grind material down to 80 mesh or up to 2" in size. Interchangeable qualifying screens with various diameter holes determine the final reduction size. With decibel ratings of less than 65 Db, these units are ideal for placement at individual work stations. Granulators are sized by the dimensions of the cutting chamber and range in size from 8" x 10" to 16" x 35". Motor sizes range from 5 HP to 40 HP. Complete systems can include air discharge units or conveyors, and can easily be integrated with existing shredder or grinder systems.
  31. 31.  Double edged granulator knives are constructed from high alloy hardened steel for superior service in any application. Knives are also designed for easy access and adjustment during routine servicing.
  32. 32. APPLICATIONS OF GRANULATORS Plastic Granulators  Foam Plastic shredding - up to  Processed rubber medium size purging grinding Security destruction -  Glass bottles, metal paper, books, folders cans Pharmaceutical  Fiberglass shredder  Rock wool General recycling  Textiles Cardboard / heavy paper
  33. 33. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION OFGRANULATORSModel No. 8x10 10x12 14x20 16x35Height 58" 71 1/2" 80 3/4" 81 1/2"Width 22" 31 1/4" 41" 57"Depth 20" 24 3/4" 36" 57"Throat 8"x10" 10"x12" 14"x20" 16"x35"OpeningStationary 2 2 2 2KnivesRotating 2 2 or 3 2 or 3 2 or 3Knives
  34. 34. Model No. 8x10 10x12 14x20 16x35Length of 10 1/4" 12 1/4" 20 1/4" 35 7/16"KnivesRotor 8 1/2" 11 14" 14"DiameterScreen Sizes Various Various Various VariousScreen Area 140 sq. in. 160 sq. in. 365 sq. in. 638 sq. in.Cast or Mount Yes Yes Yes YesOptionType of Drive V-Belt V-Belt V-Belt V-Belt 10, 15, 20, orMotor HP 5 7 1/2 or 10 40, 50, or 75 25
  35. 35.  Built tough to handle the most severe applications . Knives are constructed from high alloy heat treated steel for extra long life. Adjustable Blades: Positioning of the blades in the cutting chamber is also adjustable to obtain the optimum "rip-shear" action and end product size . Overload protection with Automatic Reversal: PICS Shredders include an electronic protection system to automatically stop and reverse the shredding action in the event of a system overload. The system allows the shredder to clear itself and then continues the shredding process, automatically.
  36. 36.  Economical: From the low speed, high torque electromechanical drive to our unique cutting chamber design, PICSs shredders are engineered for low maintenance. Cutter Shafts: Gear driven, hexagonal cutter shafts designed for extra durability. Supported by tapered roller bearings. Simple Operation: With many automatic features, such as the reverse starting action to automatically clear the cutters. Low Noise & Non-Ballistic: Low speed, high torque shredder operate at low noise levels without creating dust and flying particles. Less Space and Easy Installation: Through modular design, our shredders adapt to the work area.
  37. 37.  Low Maintenance: Using quality components, heavy- duty design and fewer parts, PICS shredders are manufactured for trouble-free operation and long- lasting reliability. PICS Patented Cushion Drive System absorbs minor shock loads and automatically stops the shredding action in the event a non-shreddable item is introduced into the cutting chamber.