Winter legacy 9


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Winter legacy 9

  1. 1. 1.8
  2. 2. Noel followed his older siblings to the bus. Last night had been crazy. FirstSnowie burst through the front door demanding to know if Claus washome, her shrieking sent his parents into a frenzy. People were called upand when they all reported that the hadn’t seen Claus, Jack called up hisfellow officers. A very distraught Claus had been brought home in a policecar, he shot Snowie a dirty look and didn’t so much as glance at their father.
  3. 3. Noel took a seat behind his older siblings, they shared a seat but the tensionwas so thick it could be cut with a knife. Something was wrong, Noel was notused to this much negative energy in his usually happy family.
  4. 4. Noel questioned his parents that evening, they were both confused as to whathad happened between the older children, both Snowie and Claus refused tospeak to Jack.
  5. 5. Sighing the man ordered his youngest to get his homework, then they sat on thefloor in the dining room. Jack listened as Noel told him how much he hated school,he said that the teachers were fine but he was being bullied. Jack promised toaddress the situation. After his talk with his father Noel felt a lot better, the tensioninside the house forgotten.
  6. 6. Later the two older Winter children found themselves at the dining room table. “Arewe going to talk about this?” Snowie asked.“You two just told me that my entire life was a lie, and the man who raised me maynot be who I think, so no, we’re not going to talk about this. The last thing I need is tobe more confused than I already am.”“I understand.” Snowie said, and she did, she was just as confused as her brother, notknowing what to believe.”
  7. 7. Determined to get to the bottom of his older children’s negative mood, Jack tried toget at them one on one. He found Claus in the bedroom and began questioning himimmediately. “What’s going on with you and Snowie? The two of you are really closeand it would be foolish to let a simple argument get between you.”Claus gave his father a disgusted look. “We didn’t have an argument, we just…realizedsome things.”
  8. 8. “Some things like what?”Claus’ face crumpled even more. “That our mother’s dead and it may be ourfather’s fault.”Jack’s temper flared immediately but before he could shout at Claus, the boymirrored his temper. “No! Don’t you dare say anything. I’m going to get to thebottom of this Dad. Sorry if I’m falsely accusing you of something but God helpyou if I’m not.”
  9. 9. “Your criminal past, we know all about. The fact that you lived each day notsure where your next meal would come from, we know about that too. If younever loved our mother and she was only your ticket to an easy life, now isthe time to tell me, to get everything out in the open, to come clean.” Clauswaited, when Jack said nothing his son made a disgusted sound in his throatand left the room.
  10. 10. His family situation did not affect his social life though. Claus’ girlfriend who was alsohis younger brother’s babysitter Regan came over unannounced. She and Clausspent a lot of time together, so much so that they could read each other like a book.Regan was curious about the moments she caught her boyfriend staring into space, adeep frown on his face. “Is this about your mother’s very late funeral?” Shedemanded.“No Ray, it’s nothing you need to worry about yet.” He kissed her on the cheek. “I’lltell you eventually though.”
  11. 11. While her brother eased his girlfriend’s mind and her father tried to regain hiscomposure, Snowie enjoyed her birthday in solitude. She stared at the beautifulcake Jack had bought her and felt guilty for the way she and Claus had acted towardhim lately. He did truly love them, they just wished that there wasn’t such a bigmystery surrounding their mother’s sudden death. Jack never spoke about Agnes,never. Unlike Claus who was on a mission, all Snowie wanted was closure.
  12. 12. Snowie grew into a brown haired clone of her mother. Her signaturepigtails were back.
  13. 13. She was pleased to find her family still preoccupied with their activities when she leftthe kitchen to change her clothes and fix her hair. Tonight, her life began, but could ittruly begin without her knowing her past? Tomorrow she would join the sciencecareer, as suggested by her brother. She had no idea what Claus was up to, she justhoped that he wouldn’t get himself in trouble.
  14. 14. Claus finally managed to calm Regan down. Her showing how much she cared abouthis well being solidified his love for her. They agreed to throw a big birthday party atthe Winter house, they would start their lives together in a few days and Claus wouldtell her everything he’d just found out and what he planned on doing about it, hejust hoped that she could handle it.
  15. 15. “Claus?” A small voice distracted Claus from his homework and completely brokehis concentration. He was doing college level math and the interruption reallypissed him off, but he figured it was best to hear Noel out and be done with it.“Yes Noel?”“Do you hate Daddy? I heard you arguing.”Claus sighed. “No, I don’t hate Daddy, we just don’t see eye to eye right now.”
  16. 16. “Did Daddy do something bad?”Claus sighed. “Look Noel, sometimes people just don’t get along, it doesn’tmean that one person did anything bad. You’re a kid, enjoy your childhood, Dadand me are going to be fine.” Or maybe his father did do something terriblywrong and they would never be okay.“Okay.” Noel said unconvinced.
  17. 17. Later Claus told his sister about their younger brother’s discomfort. “We’ve got to putan end to this, it’s making Noel nervous, you know how he gets. The problem isthough, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to trust Dad completely again. You know,there’s so many unanswered questions. Maybe he did kill her.”
  18. 18. “You sound convinced all of a sudden Claus. Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t,maybe he didn’t intend to. I’m moving out soon and I would like to know thatyou will behave yourself.”“I promise.”“Good, I was also thinking that maybe I should join law enforcement and youdo science, all of the chemistry and chemicals and math stuff throws me.”That got a smile out of Claus.
  19. 19. Snowie returned her brother’s smile. “I was thinking, maybe not knowing isn’t abad thing, I mean, I would like to know, but perhaps the whole mystery made usthe people we are today. Mom would be proud of us and Daddy deserves somecredit, he pretty much raised us on his own, we never needed for anything. Even ifhe murdered her in cold blood I don’t think I’ll be able to hate him and youshouldn’t either. Now, I think we should go talk to Noel.”
  20. 20. Noel was still in the dining room, Snowie gave him a big smile. “Hey kiddo, I heardyou’re a bit worried.”“Everyone is just so angry Snowie.”Snowie ran her fingers through her brother’s silver hair. “Hmm. Noel, your mother wasthere for you your entire life, both Claus and I love her very much and we’re thankful toher for raising us but we miss our own mother. Do you understand?”“Yes Snowie.”
  21. 21. “Everything is going to be fine for my birthday then?” Noel asked. “I really want a happybirthday, but things weren’t very happy lately.”Snowie gave Claus an amazed look. “Our little brother is getting old Claus.” Then shebeamed at Noel. “You are going to have a wonderful birthday, in fact Mom and Claus aregoing to throw one of those big parties that they always do for you.”Noel shook his head. “No, I just want everyone to be there, and be happy.”
  22. 22. The next evening Noel got just what he wanted, a birthday surrounded by hischeering family and the ever present repairman.
  23. 23. Noel grew into a familiar face, it was clear that in his teen and adult years hewould be the spitting image of his mother.
  24. 24. Once she had kept her promise to her youngest brother, Snowie piled all of herbelongings into the car Jack had given her for her birthday and drove away.Thornton was considerably older now but Snowie was still very much in love withhim, although the feeling was clearly not mutual as the man seemed to havegotten closer to his wife. He never went anywhere without her.
  25. 25. In a few days time another birthday was celebrated. Claus stood beside the loveof his life as they prepared to blow out the candles together.
  26. 26. With his entire family present and a whole host of family friends, Claus leaned in andblew on the candles, his wish made he transitioned into adulthood.
  27. 27. He was nearly a carbon copy of Jack, he had his father’s lips, eyes and thoseprominent ears. His nose a testament to Agnes and the Crumplebottom familymuch like Mortimer’s. His hair the perfect combination of both Jack’s and Agnes’genes.
  28. 28. The future Mrs. Claus Winter grew up into a vision of beauty that had her soon tobe brother-in-law blushing for all he was worth and also got an approving lookfrom Jack’s former wife.
  29. 29. Jack caught up with his first son in the living room and handed him a black box. “Itsnot mine, this ring was your mother’s engagement ring, given to her when Erikproposed. You’re my son and I love you Claus, no matter what. I wish you good luckin your attempts to reopen and solve this closed case, and I will let you know that Iwon’t make it easy for you, but believe that I am proud and respect you.” Jacksmiled at his son, genuinely pleased with the man Claus had become, andwondered how he had raised such a great man.
  30. 30. Claus nodded at his father and went to find his girlfriend. Regan was just leavingwhen Claus captured her, she was surprised when he dropped to one knee andopened the black box, tears filled her eyes when he poured his heart out to herand asked her to be his wife.
  31. 31. Regan was so excited, so happy, that she couldn’t even speak, she nodded heragreement then threw her arms around Claus as he bowed to her as if she wereroyalty, promising that he would treat her like a queen.
  32. 32. The wedding was a small affair in the park, only close family and friends wereinvited. Another surprise, poor Regan didn’t even get a chance to find a dress butthe truth was she would have married Claus yesterday if he’d suggested it.
  33. 33. Jack’s last show of affection to his son was purchasing Claus a home, the young manrefused to take anymore money from his father until he had solved the mysterysurrounding his mother’s death.
  34. 34. Here ends the reign of the Jack Winter. Thanks to everyone for reading. I loved him. I know it got confusing but I hated him. please excuse me because there Then I loved him again. are millions of things going on in my head as usual, and my sims kind of took on lives of their own. Hopefully Claus’ generation is a bit easier to follow and the storyline flows a bit better. Also *prays* there was a glitch this chapter that left me surprised that Claus is still alive, hopefully his turn as the focus of this legacy is without glitches and close calls. Once again thanks so much for reading. --Pixx