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Pix Transmissions is the fastest upcoming Global Leader in Power Transmissions Business Belts & Products.

Such a wide range of products PIX caters to all the Power Transmission Belts & Products.

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  1. 1. Pix Transmissions Limited Manufacturing "V" belts and hoses for industrial power transmissions. Includes details of products and sales network.
  2. 2. MARKETING & DISTRIBUTION NETWORK Its extensive Marketing and Distribution network is spread over more than 45 countries globally, ensures that it can respond rapidly to the changing customer needs. The company has established overseas offices in UK, Brasil, Germany, UAE and Northern Ireland in order to serve its customers better. Its products are exported to over 65 countries across the world.
  3. 3. PRODUCT RANGE At present the company produces an extensive range of products in terms of V-Belts and Hoses. It manufactures entire range of Belts and Hoses used in Industrial and Automotive application, which includes - • Wrapped Construction Belts • Cut Edge Cogged/Plain Belts • Ribbed V-Belts • Synchronous Belts • Lawn and Garden Belts • Variable Speed Belts • Antistatic Belts • FRAS (Fire Resistant Antistatic) Belts • Oil and Heat Resistant V-Belts • Agriculture Belts • Entire range of Low-Medium-High pressure hoses and hose assemblies • Spiral Hoses • Industrial Hoses • Thermoplastic Hoses
  4. 4. MECHANICAL POWER TRANSMISSION PRODUCTS PIX Industrial Belts • PIX X'set Wrapped Construction Belts • PIX X'tra Raw Edge Cogged Belts/Cut Edge Belts • PIX X'ceed Poly V-Belts/Ribbed Belts • PIX X'set MB Banded Belts • PIX X'set VS Variable Speed Belts • PIX X'set DS Hexagonal Belts