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Pixmac Revolution


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The Pixmac Microstock Revolution!

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Pixmac Revolution

  1. 1. Pixmac Revolution
  2. 3. Customers love Pixmac “ Good selection. I like the convenience. I use Pixmac photos for my weekly blog. How easy is that?” “ Little hidden gem of a stock site. Found stuff there too that other RF sites didn't have which is always good. Fairly decent similarity search as well.” “ I like their clean and simple user interface, it is easy and fast to use. I have used it couple of times for various projects and I know I will come back. Big library of photos for reasonable prices. Recommended.”
  3. 4. Pixmac is a stock photo Food Court • over 12 million budget images • best microstock brands in one place • new media and technology driven • genuine customer support P ixmac offers: Pixmac Collection, Dreamstime, Yuri Arcurs, Moodboard, Blend Images, Image Source, Image Broker, Science Photo Library, Finnish Collection, Monkey Business, Wavebreak Media, Polylooks, Candy Box.
  4. 5. Fastest microstock shop out there Bringing features like 'no registration' – so no login details to forget. “ We don't care what your first pet's name was – it wasn't Fluffy out of interest? ”
  5. 6. Professionals respect Pixmac "Pixmac is one of the few agencies doing online marketing right." - Yuri Arcurs, best selling photographer Speech at CEPIC 2010 "I LOVE the one-stop-shopping idea! It has always been a missing element of microstock agencies." - Lee Torrens, leading blogger at "Pixmac is a living proof that a newcomer can compete and succeed on a modern crowded highly competitive microstock market. Differentiation is the key. And Pixmac got it right."  - David Mail,
  6. 7. … cont. “ I am impressed by the determination of Pixmac to treat photographers fairly. They have just set the bar to a new level.” - Tyler  Olson,  owner of the biggest forum at "I like the Pixmac team's open approach, the responsiveness, the attention  to the Contributor side perspective, the focus on marketing our products." - Roberto Marinello, photographer & blogger at "Pixmac's Contributor agreement capture each of the best things from other microstock agencies into a great deal for contributors." - Bob Davies, technlogoy guru at
  7. 8. 4 times year-to-year growth 2009/2010 We are growing like bamboo .
  8. 9. Search for Similars Fantastic time saver. Search for Similars feature to hone in on the best content. FAST.
  9. 10. Comfort Pixmac offers simple to use Lightbox and Zoom functionality to help sort and share photos with your team or customers.
  10. 11. Awesomeness Pixmac offers awesome customer service and  support. We are designers like you are. We understand deadlines, client revisions, late nights, buckets of coffee.
  11. 12. Flexible Purchas ing Three Easy Ways to Buy an Image
  12. 13. 1. Single Image
  13. 14. 2. Credits
  14. 15. 3. Subscription
  15. 16. Who are Pixmac? The new media team at Pixmac is made up of graphic designers, photographers, code monkeys, social media bores, Apple fanatics, Search Engine Optimization obsessive's and coffee addicts. And a dog. Called Pixie.
  16. 17. Connect with the team • [email_address] • Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn • • 1.647.522.2424
  17. 18. What's next?
  18. 19. Test drive us. Dare ya. a t