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7 Social Media Trends and What The Hell To Do With Them


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Social media marketers are forever on the lookout for trends that will not just work the best for their brand, but also make them stand out amongst their competitors.

Considering 42% adults online are present on multiple social networking sites for personal and business purposes; staying out dated is totally out of question. So we decided to give you a comprehensive look at the top social media trends this year and that’s not all! We came up with a few dos and don’ts for each to help you create an effective strategy.

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7 Social Media Trends and What The Hell To Do With Them

  2. 2. CONTENT REPURPOSING Using existing content in a different form 1 O O ‘U P , D ONT ’ - S ‘I Have 0 plan to repurpose (upy and paste the exutr content on a different platform suvvw . untmt R’e'/ ,ni. "nme‘ the xnnw ( (IIPIPIJY * I 1/ 1 Repurpose on y re em in content at/ um and damn Con5/‘(lei the platform Post the S(1/Ht"! unrmz «)1: and the audience 01/ VUU! L"t1Ti'<’-‘I'M
  3. 3. SOCIAL CUSTOMER SERVICE Offer the same customer services online and offline Hire a trained professionalgto manage social media profiles Ensure helpful responses in a short span of time Offering customer service on social platforms Mix tnlwr tisiriq tiritf . usmrrrer se', 'i. rI< e lvea/ er, r Il¢"(](lilW“ uistornev teedback or cornme"nts Forget (if: im mpmnte -'trstnim°r l}>'e(ll1riri< about pmrliic ts. Jna )¢‘r"W(fé? S
  4. 4. VIDEO MARKETING Incorporating videos to promote your products or services @ 1 M . . O '? Give a storyline to your video t‘ iuei voui Vl(lt~’(. ‘ with (no and make / ( relarable rminv tlI? IP()lt'lllt ms Ensure your video marketing Snafegy [5 H] / [nc H/ lfh L_'l! :"L7fC’ ti / l(1L°O {INN r‘S TOO l0ll(7 your overall campaign I M‘7k€, “5e or/ "’m‘0". "5 Fours «‘Jlijll>f VOL}! ljra/ rd‘: r like lnstagram and Vine. pri7(1(li‘l’0I st" vim not just YouTube
  5. 5. Promoting products or services through a narrative C . ./1// lllt§§. - " OOOOOOOOOO "' Create an interesting ( , 'Pt’ilPt in he aiarvteilirig storyline around your llti3ir7t‘S that ll(7I" products or services tisetl <fi<)tirilli? ,s lint, ‘ i Try making the story as relatable as possible for your audience ‘sell vuuv piutltit ts Lll set Wt es rliiet tly lll vow . oivtent Invite, Sm”-es on tiivert your star v to lie customer experience something <1itt»_>rr*»rttt. 'orw2 that «if vutir lmiritl x «tort
  6. 6. SOCIAL ADVERTISING Use of advertisements on social media platfomrs y 0 O‘ V Ensure that your ads are location based to target audience better l()llt)l'P yotit ttutlieiit H tlertttigiaphit x Make your ads mobile friendly as more than half the traffic Forget to he informative comes from mobile devices Ensure your social advertising strategy is in sync with your Pint e ton many am mqelher overall strategy
  7. 7. INSTAGRAM MARKETING Using lnstagram to promote products or services Provide exciting updates about your products or services Encourage your customers to engage with your brand by using a unique liashtag Occasionally carry out contests to mairitairi interest from your followers igriaie votii t_(l5l()Ilit: ‘l. ‘ »‘eetll_>tit_l<‘ cit t‘t. ')iimiHitts Use lnstagram orily tor t7tlV(°'ll§t_’lt)t’l7l Heptisl vtiut liistrigvriiti ptititm across all tithe’ social p! !_)l/ l€S
  8. 8. PINTEREST MARKETING Curating and posting pins related to your products or services Make use of rich pins Forget to ; >r'orT1n(e' 'y'<! (l«' i'intr»r»: °st for businesses ll( t"()lllll on other ‘:0! ml pmtiliw. Add a personalized Fnrgvi tr» »f'lic')r)t]¢ with other description to each pin along r. >m< flit‘? ! rm» raltited with a relevant hashtag Tu yum nusiiie-, s Add a ‘Pin lt' button to all the images on your main website Fallow user boards. iust to gain ‘nlltm/ ('I» Irv ’PI(I'li‘
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