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Pixentia Mobile Soultions


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Pixentia mobile solutions are designed to help businesses captivate their ever moving audience. With smartphones, tables, and other mobile devices, it is crucial for a business to be operating on all mobile application platforms, Pixentia is here to help your business do just that!

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Pixentia Mobile Soultions

  1. 1. Mobile Solutions Provided by Pixentia
  2. 2. In recent years the mobile industry has grown significantly. With the invention of the smart phone and 4g services it is estimated that the mobile application market will continue to grown to $25billion.
  3. 3. Mobile App Categories Games Social Networking Books Entertainment Business & Finance Lifestyle Productivity Travel Navigation Utilities Other
  4. 4. Pixentia has several years of experience in the design of mobile applications. Our skilled and knowledgeable designers work endlessly to give you proven results on time and within budget. With Pixentia, you get end-to-end mobile application solutions through the key integration of market analysis, design, development, hosting, platforms, offshore, and continued managed solutions.
  5. 5. App Development We provide end-to-end mobile solutions based on your specific business needs.
  6. 6. Developing a successful mobile application depends on a few things. 1. Ease of Use 2. Creative Designs 3. Simplicity or Complexity 4. Placement in App Stores
  7. 7. Our mobile application platform allows you to build, deploy and scale your applications while providing the performance and flexibility your apps need. Whether your apps are basic or advanced, we can help with: Hosting Services Managed Service Hands-on Support Risk Reduction Other Resources App Hosting
  8. 8. Application Platforms We build on the following platforms: iOS Android Windows
  9. 9. Mobile Off Shore Solutions Our Services  iOS, Android and Windows Apps  Device Based Client Applications  Delivery, Development, and Support  Mobile App Migration Benefits of Our Services  Great Apps Built to Provide Rich User Experiences  Quality Apps on Convenient Price Model  Interactive Teams  Timely Delivery  Complete Technical Support  Proactive Development Approach
  10. 10. Mobile Managed Solutions Configure, secure and support your mobile apps with our mobile management solutions Benefits you can avail out of our services  Enables mobility by providing secured and managed solution  Secures corporate data  Optimizes operational costs  Reduces complexity of monitoring and tracking  Comprehensive technical and professional support
  11. 11. For More Information, Please Visit Us At OR Connect With Us!