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Why this kolaveri di - 4 lessons on Online Viral Marketing


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This is a case study on the famous "why this kolaveri di" viral campaign. Pixel Studios has evolved a few lessons to be learned from this successful viral campaign.

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Why this kolaveri di - 4 lessons on Online Viral Marketing

  1. 1. Email Survey Management Customer Feedback Survey for Amaron Quanta What made this Viral work? 4 lessons on Online Viral Marketing
  2. 2. “ Broadcast Yourself” is a lot more than just A Viral concept need not be Rocket Science…. Sometimes… Its just a simple idea, captured right! Lesson # 1
  3. 3. “ Contagious” A good Viral is highly You don’t need to promote it. A good viral spreads by itself. Why this kolaveri Di has already got over 4 million visits in just a week. Lesson # 2 Over 4.5 million views in Youtube within a week Over 30,000 likes in FB and still counting….
  4. 4. You Don’t Have to Spend to Get Noticed To spread the word out, you need not burn a hole in your pocket and promote things like crazy. Quietly, go with the trend and mingle with the crowd in the “social way” Lesson # 3 “ Ra One” spent nearly 50 crores on promotion! This viral reached over 4.5 million without spending anything!!!!
  5. 5. An Online Viral can spill over offline… Lesson # 4 Gaining a good amount of attention on-line will attract the other traditional media towards your story. The viral was covered in leading News Channels & Newspapers
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