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The Impact of Internet of Things on Everything


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The “Internet of Things” concept applies to the connectivity of physical objects to the Web, essentially the installation of computer chips in just about everything that touches our daily lives — vehicles, buildings, clothing, food, medicine and more.

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The Impact of Internet of Things on Everything

  1. 1. What Exactly Is Internet Of Things? Internet of Things (IoT)’, one of the raging technologies, is luring end users with its captivating benefits and features. The internet of things (also known as IoT) connects people, data things and Process in networks of billions or even trillion of connections. These connections Create vast amount of data , that when analyzed and used intelligently Creates possibilities to realize countless innovations and efficiencies.
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  3. 3. ● MOBILITY, CLOUD AND BIG DATA are each game-changers for government individually - when they are tapped collectively, the result convergence can revolutionize the way government conducts business. -There will be 50 billion mobile connected devices by 2020. -By 2020 the amount of data created and copied annually will reach 40 trillion GBs.
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