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Reasons why you should not use automated tool for psd to html


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Reasons why you should not use automated tool for psd to html

  1. 1. Reasons Why You should not Use Automated Tool for PSD to HTML/XHTML Conversion There are many who think about using an automated tool/plug-in, for converting their PSD to HTML/XHTML format, as an economical medium. But there are certain disadvantages that get overlooked by these people and when they get the final result, they realise their mistake and are forced to start it all over again. Who use these software? Anyone can use these software, either a mark-up service company or a freelancer who promises to provide the PSD to HTML conversion project at a turnaround time faster than the normal. The company or a freelance use these software in order to increase their efficiency and deliver more projects at a quick succession. And at most of the times, this also helps service providers to hook customers looking for services with quick turnaround time. This is the reason why a customer should check and ask every question, right from the manual coding to the actual process and project delivery time. What could be the disadvantages? 1. The automated coding may not be bug free and may affect the functionality of the website. 2. The codes are sloppy & unprofessional hence, affecting the final outcome and being different from actual PSD file. 3. Automated codes have high probability of not getting W3C validation. 4. A quick turnaround time may hamper the quality of your design and the end product will not win any accolades. 5. The software may help you in meeting the deadline but you will ultimately lose your client. 6. Software work on preset conditions and hence you will get only set format. You will not be able to receive a proper customize output as per your requirement. 7. Changes to automated written codes are complex and need time. Hence, either it will exceed your project time line or you will not be able to customize it according to your special requirements. 8. Automated codes do not promise to be SEO friendly. So, all your SEO efforts will go waste if you are using an automated tool or software for converting your PSD into HTML, PSD into Wordpress or PSD into CSS etc. These are no ordinary reasons to avoid the use of automated tools for converting your design into W3C valid HTML/XHTML format. Use of any tool, software or plug-in may hamper the success of your online presence. So, next time if someone suggests you to try any automated tool or software for converting PSD into HTMl/WordPress/ CSS or any other format, you can refer this post.