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Remuneration Ally is designed for large organisations with complex remuneration requirements. Delivered as software-as-a-service, Remuneration Ally enables you to improve your organisation's remuneration decisions by automating time-consuming tasks, gaining visibility across the entire process and empowering line managers.

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Remuneration Ally

  1. 1. You don’t need to be an Einsteinto work smarter with remunerationRemuneration Allyhelps you go with the flowSoftware that puts you in controlof the remuneration process
  2. 2. Salary review transactions are a ‘moment of truth’ in any organisation.They are closely connected with the productivity, efficiency and moraleof any labour force, but the complexity of this process in many largeorganisations means it is not as effective as you know it could be.Pivot Software can help with our product Remuneration Ally - softwareenabling you to improve your organisation’s remuneration decisions byautomating time-consuming tasks, gaining visibility across the entireprocess and empowering line managers. You’ll feel more in controlwith a good ally.Remuneration, like hair, can be veryhard to control (Even for very smart people)BEFORE REMUNERATION ALLY AFTER REMUNERATION ALLY• Staff: upset with inequitable decisions • Staff: feel remuneration review is well and poor communication controlled (clear, fair, process-oriented)• HR: working long hours getting and correcting • HR/Payroll: know policy is being followed data, frustration at managers ignoring policy properly, can easily set budgets at company, department or manager level and can• Managers: find they have the wrong team monitor the process in real time data and have to wait for new spreadsheets • Finance: can keep a track on budget vs spend• Finance: have no idea how the budgets are during and after the review, and monitor being spent until it is all over, and too late this in real time with customised reports• Payroll: receive files in formats that make • IT: require no management of the it difficult to update the payroll data application and it fits safely and easily• IT: grappling with the security and logistics into any corporate IT infrastructure of numerous large, sensitive spreadsheets • Line management: know exactly what being sent throughout the network their budget is. Traffic lights allow• CEO/Senior management: waiting weeks for overspend within reason before the HR department has been • CEO/Senior management: see the business able to analyse all of the data strategy controlling outcomes for remuneration (e.g. performance pay, cost control)
  3. 3. Delivering for complex enterprises In control of the remuneration process“In the first 12 months we saw a 26% increase Remuneration Ally is a software product designedin people reviewed, so with the reduced for large organisations with complex remunerationadministrative burden alone, the direct return ” requirements. Delivered as software-as-a-on investment for AECOM is significant. service, Remuneration Ally gives you:Peter Richards, People & Performance Manager,Australia & New Zealand. • Workflow that drives processes efficiently andA global engineering services firm, effectively, aligning managers with correct proceduresAECOM employs over 3,800 professionals working • Visibility of the entire process and all those involved,in over 25 offices in Australia and New Zealand. including ability to identify any bottlenecks and clarity around remuneration decisions against budgets“ It gives all parties in the review process more control • Automation of key processes, includingover remuneration. It sets quite clear rules around the production of final lettersboth the review and approval process, and by havingit online, we don’t get version inconsistency issues • A seamless fit into any corporate IT infrastructure andthat we used to get with multiple spreadsheets. ” integration with mainstream HRIS/payroll systemsDoug Marsh, Remuneration and Reporting Manager, The Warehouse.New Zealand’s largest retailer, Pivot Softwarewith 8,500 staff.“It is an easy system to administer, is very flexible Pivot Software helps organisations use technology to improve their control over complex and often emotionalin its design and managers find it easy to use. Pivot human resource processes.does not require our team to have any technicalexpertise in order to use the product. ” Productivity, enhanced transparency of outcomes and improved employee engagement are just some of theAnna Sefuiva, Manager of Workforce Solutions, IAG NZ. positive impacts of implementing our technology. As humanIAG NZ is a subsidiary of Insurance Australia resource professionals, we understand how well managedGroup, with 2,000 staff throughout the remuneration and performance management policies bringcountry, servicing a network of eight call organisational values and principles to life.centres, 29 sales centres and 10 branches. We enable HR interactions that are meaningful and“ Pivot was able to articulate what we needed. Knowing beneficial. Conversations between managers and staff arethat they had a background in HR and they understood supported, and not replaced, using our solutions which arethe issues we were facing really helped. That experience as easy to use as a simple website.really meant that they were informed, and rather than Over 50 organisations across Australia and New Zealanddealing with a software company, we really were dealing use Pivot’s solutions, with the majority coming from thewith HR experts who have software capabilities. ” energy, resources, financial services and professionalCarrie Luzar, Global Reward Manager, SKM. services sectors. The HR policy and strategy needs of ourSKM is a global engineering services clients are met using a secure, internet-based, highlyfirm, headquartered in Sydney, with configurable software-as-a-service model that fits within6,500 staff across 13 different countries. any corporate IT infrastructure. Our clients enjoy a time- saving solution designed for the task; not a generic tool“ Our wider Human Resource team has been able to that is ‘made to fit’.be involved in a process previously managed centrallywithin the Remuneration team. Everyone is now muchmore engaged in the process and as a result HumanResources has achieved more credibility with its internalcustomers – the People Managers within our business. ”Paul Louis, Head of Remuneration andPerformance Management, Westpac NZ.One of New Zealand’s largestbanks, Westpac has 5,320 employees.
  4. 4. Technical informationRemuneration Ally is delivered as software-as-a-service. Pivot hosts your RemunerationAlly application which you access through a secure internet connection.Minimum Recommendedsystem requirements system requirementsBrowser: Internet Explorer 6 Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or higherAdobe Acrobat Reader v7 or higher Adobe Acrobat Reader v7 or higherInternet access Internet access (high speed)800 x 600 screen resolution 1024 x 768 screen resolutionConfigured application High level security Contact us:• Remuneration Ally is configured As your application stores sensitive to your requirements following employee data Pivot implements high Australian office a user-needs analysis process. levels of security: PO Box 5373, West Chatswood• Screens and processes are • Application traffic is subject to a NSW 1515 configured (incorporating your own Thawte 128bit security certificate 1 300 316 879 corporate branding) to ensure the renewed on a regular basis. system fits your organisation. New Zealand office • Remuneration data is further• Full training is provided to the protected with a SHA-1 algorithm. PO Box 20 348, Bishopdale client’s subject matter experts (SME). Christchurch 8543 • Sophisticated password +64 3 359 1707• All software updates and new control is in place. features are automatic and • Full audit logs are kept to track available next time you log in. any access and data changes.• Remuneration Ally can co-exist with • Access is restricted to your existing payroll or HRIS system. authorised users. • Connections are via HTTPS,Best in class but can be limited further tohosting provider identified IP addresses.• Pivot applications are hosted in Tier 3 rated data centres in Backup strategies in place Auckland and Wellington, NZ. • Pivot’s hosting providers have a• Our hosting partner is one of the standard backup strategy in place. country’s largest providers of hosting services, who also manage • Data is available instantly systems for major government for the last five days. departments and corporations. • Older data is stored offsite and can• This facility offers 99.98% availability, be accessed with 24-48 hours. 24x7 monitoring and a high level • Disaster recovery sites are of server access control. available to ensure continuity.