Using Mobile to Influence In-Store Sales


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Retailers need to start capitalizing on mobile's greatest opportunity - influencing in-store sales. It will supplement investments and efforts that retailers have undertaken to improve sales and profitability.

As such, 5 features will be top of mind for retailers this year:
1. Behavioral messaging
2. Location-based messaging
3. Analytics
4. In-store navigation
5. Inventory integration

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Using Mobile to Influence In-Store Sales

  1. 1. MOBILE RETAIL: Using mobile to influence in-store sales
  2. 2. CUSTOMERS FIRST Reaching out Getting customers in the store of phones sold today are smartphones How can you target this growing group of potential customers and draw them in-store? Most consumers take their phones with them everywhere they go... By creating a mobile experience that complements customer behavior... ...allowing retailers to contact them anywhere, anytime ...instead of trying to change it Sources: Cognizant, 2012; Marketing Charts, 2012
  3. 3. RETAIL LANDSCAPE Retailers have only begun to address the mobile channel 83% YOY mCommerce sales almost doubled in 2012 of surveyed retailers have at least one mobile offering mCommerce: percentage of total eCommerce sales 2011 2012 5.2% 9.2% mCommerce: total sales 67% 49% 66% 2011 2012 Mobile Web Android iPhone $10.5B $20.85B Sources: Forrester, 2011; Deloitte, 2012
  4. 4. OPPORTUNITY of retailers surveyed state that the objective of mobile is to increase revenue in the digital channel But…92% of retail volume occurs in physical locations MOBILE-INFLUENCED STORE SALES VS. MCOMMERCE AND ECOMMERCE SALES 2012 2016 $12B $31B mCommerce (remains at 3%) $158B $327B Mobile influence on store sales (increases by 26%) $226B $689B eCommerce sales (decreases by 26%)
  5. 5. This year, retailers will start capitalizing on mobile’s greatest opportunity: influencing in-store sales. It will supplement the investments and efforts that retailers have undertaken to improve sales and profitability. 5 FEATURES will be top of mind for retailers this year: 1. Behavioral Messaging 2. Location-Based Messaging 3. Analytics 4. In-Store Navigation 5. Inventory Integration
  6. 6. BEHAVIORAL MESSAGING Send messages directly to customers based on how they use your app BEST USE CASES BEHAVIOR ADDRESSED WHO USES IT? •  •  1-800-Flowers Victorias’s Secret HauteLook Michaels Walgreens Groupon •  •  Promote products/offers related to app touchpoints used by customer Deliver timely, relevant information (sales, promotions) Pre-purchase, during, and postpurchase interaction •  US consumers spend an average of two hours per day on their mobile phones Canadians spend 2.8 hours per day and 222 times per month on their smartphone Sources: McKinsey & Company, 2011; Ipsos, 2012
  7. 7. LOCATION-BASED MESSAGING Target customers with location-relevant messaging BEST USE CASES •  •  •  Establish geo-fences to push offers, deals, and coupons based on proximity to store (e.g., $1 coffee at Starbucks, flash sales at Aritzia) Can trigger unique interactive experiences (e.g., in-app betting at a sports game) Build customer loyalty - offer exclusive offers to targeted customer segment BEHAVIOR ADDRESSED •  Mobile coupons are redeemed 10 times as often as traditional coupons •  4% of consumers receive mobile coupons from stores close to them, but 40% are interested in receiving them WHO USES IT? McDonald’s Heineken Marks & Spencer Tesco Sainsbury’s Sources: Graphic Mail, 2012; Mercator Advisory Group, 2011; Location Based Marketing Association, 2011
  8. 8. ANALYTICS Interact with customers based on cart analytics BEST USE CASES •  •  •  Interact with customers while they shop •  Offer personalized promotions and deals based on what they have in their shopping cart •  Analyze items in cart to push them to relevant products around the store Augment customer behavior - offer alternative ways for consumers to explore and shop Increase browsing time by notifying customers on the best time to line up for checkout (based on cart size) BEHAVIOR ADDRESSED WHO USES IT? •  Walmart Target Kohl’s Gilt •  54% of people who use their smartphones in the store are looking up other local stores’ pricing, while 53% are looking for online pricing 46% of consumers have used their phone to get product information while in a store Sources: Mobile Marketing Daily, 2012; Mobile Commerce Daily, 2011
  9. 9. IN-STORE NAVIGATION Provide item locations and an optimal shopping path BEST USE CASES •  •  •  BEHAVIOR ADDRESSED WHO USES IT? Customers create in-app shopping lists and app recommends optimal shopping path Location triangulation can be used to offer coupons on additional products: •  Complementary (PB and J), proximity (same aisle), new and never tried Massive data channel for retailers to analyze buying patterns and time spent in location •  Used to optimized aisles and product placement (IKEA trip mapping) •  aisle411 Walgreens Price Chopper •  •  A survey commissioned by aisle411 discovered that nearly 84% of US shoppers have difficulty finding products on store shelves More than 20% of shoppers leave the store without their full purchase intent 85% of consumers surveyed who used a retailer’s native app or site actually made a purchase that day, compared to only 64% who didn’t use the retailer’s app or site Sources: Deloitte, 2012; Mobile Commerce Daily, 2012
  10. 10. INVENTORY INTEGRATION Enable salespeople to close deals by having immediate access to alternative suggestions BEST USE CASES •  •  •  •  Customer sees a product they like in-store and wants to see alternative sizes Recommendation engine for employees to offer products if initial choice is out of stock If product is out-of-stock, can close the sale in-person and ship it to the customer’s home Improved analytics for retailers track in-store product requests that are hard to monitor BEHAVIOR ADDRESSED •  73% of shoppers with smartphones prefer to reference their mobile device while in- store rather than ask a sales associate for help WHO USES IT? Aldo Apple Source: internet Retailer, 2010
  11. 11. CONCLUSION This year, mobile’s greatest opportunity will be influencing in-store sales. By implementing a mobile strategy that embraces customer’s current behavior, retailers can engage their customers anywhere at any time and draw them instore. Retailers who wish to capitalize on the investments they’ve already made to improve sales and profitability should follow these five trends: 1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  Behavioral Messaging Location-Based Messaging Analytics In-Store Navigation Inventory Integration
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