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Pivotal service


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The Pivotal Service suite has been designed to drive improvements in customer service while reducing operating and maintenance costs throughout the customer lifecycle — while improving the quality of customer interactions.

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Pivotal service

  1. 1. Pivotal Service™ Suite Profitable service teams don’t just solve problems.
  2. 2. Pivotal Service™ At the heart of the Pivotal Service suite is our core desktop application, Pivotal Service, which automates the capture, management and resolution of customer service and support requests across multiple channels. The functionality of Pivotal Service is extended by a number of pre-integrated options, including: Pivotal Contact Center™ Combines Sales, Marketing and Service into a single interface, transforming call centers into next-generation contact centers that support multi-channel customer interactions via voice, e-mail, online chat, web collaboration, fax, and more. By managing customer interactions across all channels, customer care organizations have the tools and information they need to cost-effectively deliver excellence in customer service. Pivotal CRM’s award-winning CRM solution encompasses a fully integrated Service suite that enables companies to create a cost-effective support, service, telesales and telemarketing center. By integrating with Sales and Marketing, deliver more personalized interactions, build customer loyalty, and grow revenue. Pivotal eService™ Extends service request management to the Internet. Pivotal eService supports inbound e-mail management, while providing a comprehensive, self-service website with an online knowledgebase and FAQs. The system enables customers to open and review incidents, escalate incidents to service experts, or register products for future service. Pivotal Wireless™ for Service Enables field service employees real-time access to critical customer support information from wireless, hand held devices such as web-enabled cell phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and two-way pagers. Pivotal Service Analytics™ With the ability to analyze customer service requests over various channels, service managers can better understand customer preferences, resource utilization, service activity, and performance. And by leveraging the insight gained, managers improve customer satisfaction and better manage resources. The Pivotal Service suite is a seamlessly integrated module within Pivotal CRM Suite, which also includes Pivotal Sales, CDC MarketFirst, and Pivotal Partner Management. Each of these suites work together to deliver on the promise of CRM, increasing revenues, margins and customer loyalty. Personalized Service 2 Pivotal CRM
  3. 3. The Pivotal Service suite has been designed to drive improvements in customer service while reducing operating and maintenance costs throughout the customer lifecycle — while improving the quality of customer interactions. 1. Let Customers Choose As alternative channels gain in popularity with customers, catering to their preferences will be key to building loyalty. Pivotal eService offers alternative customer interaction channels, including web- and IVR-based self- service, real-time web collaboration, and e-mail response. Benefit: Increase customer satisfaction. 2. Increase ‘One & Done’ Interactions Many customer interactions still take place through call centers—which are necessary but costly. Pivotal Contact Center transforms tactical call centers into strategic contact centers by leveraging client data across the organization. By delivering more personalized, ‘one & done’ interactions at lower costs, your contact center can decrease its cost of operation, as well as generate revenue. Benefit: Decrease support costs. 3. Provide Field Service Pivotal Wireless for Service increases efficiency, improving your first-time fix rate. It facilitates immediate response to incidents, increasing customer satisfaction. With access to all customer data via wireless devices, Pivotal Wireless also provides for up-sell opportunities right in the field. Benefit: Increase field service efficiency. Improving the Service Process 4. Unify all Service Channels Pivotal Service coordinates all customer service touchpoints—whether they originate from the Internet, the call center, or the field. Deliver consistent, timely and accurate responses to customer service inquiries. Manage contracts, set and track service level agreements, resolve problems, and define escalation procedures. Benefit: Improve the quality of service. 5. Analyze Performance Do you know who your most valuable customers are, and how to treat them right? Or how much time your agents average per call? Whether it’s quality of service, agent performance or business goal achievement, Pivotal Service Analytics can help you understand your support costs, calculate ROI, and segment your customer base to determine which customers require more support and why. Benefit: Understand support costs. 6. Improve your Offering Act on customer feedback. Make decisions based on the insight gained, and deploy an enhanced solution. Then, show your customers how you’ve listened—inform them of the enhancements. Pivotal Service creates a framework that promotes feedback, and ensures that feedback has meaningful impact. Benefit: Close the customer service loop. Pivotal CRM Pivotal Service™ Suite 3
  4. 4. Contact a Pivotal CRM representative today to learn more about how Pivotal CRM can address your unique CRM integration needs. Call +1 877-PIVOTAL (+1 877-748-6825) or visit us at Measurable Service Results © 2007 CDC Software. All rights reserved. Pivotal CRM and the Pivotal CRM logo are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of CDC Software. All other marks referenced are marks of their respective companies. North America Pivotal CRM 858 Beatty Street, Suite 600 Vancouver, B.C. Canada V6B 1C1 +1 877-748-6825 International Pivotal CRM Pioneer House 7 Rushmills, Northampton United Kingdom NN4 7YB +44 1 604 614131 Pivotal CRM’s results framework helps you decide on a strategic goal, and provides the tactical map to help you get there. Plus, we provide key reporting to help team leaders measure, monitor, and analyze progress along the way. Increase Revenues – Access revenue-generating opportunities while servicing the existing customer base. Capture, and respond to prospect interest by enabling service reps to easily enter leads, capture orders, and manage literature fulfillment requests. Generate revenue and track customer deployments using support contracts and product registrations. Decrease Costs – Provide web-based self-service that includes an online knowledgebase and FAQs. Automate service request processing, escalation and resolution, and allow customers to track their service requests online, or escalate their request from self-service to assisted service at any time. Decrease Training Costs – An intuitive user interface combines Service, Sales and Marketing, making it easier to train your employees. Automated workflow prompts agents through to resolution, enhancing efficiency. Provide Multi-Channel Interactions – Be easier to do business with by providing online chat, e-mail, fax, web collaboration, phone, and Voice Over IP (VoIP). Ensure all agents can work together to track and resolve customer requests, even when your customers contact you, submit questions, or receive resolution through multiple channels. Increase Customer Satisfaction – Deliver personalized, online support material to customers, and set query response times based on contractual obligations. Automatically identify and escalate requests that might compromise service levels. Alert agents to the preferences of most-valuable customers to ensure appropriate treatment. Maximize First Contact Resolutions – A full-text, searchable knowledgebase ensures response consistency and eliminates duplication of effort. Expand the knowledgebase with integration to back-end data sources and applications, giving service representatives access to all the information they need to fulfill customer requests.