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Pivotal Mobile Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications provide a range of solutions that ensure a sale is never delayed because of limited access to critical data.

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Pivotal mobile crm

  1. 1. Pivotal Mobile CRM For Today’s Sales ForceCRM That Fits Your Business
  2. 2. “ Our Pivotal CRM system is designed to give our salespeople easy-to-use access tocustomer and prospect data, inventory levels, quotes, orders, and financial information relating to each account including sales, profits, margins, and account balances. All of this information is at their fingertips, even when they’re on the road. ” Dennis Thomas, Senior IT Manager, Earle M. Jorgensen Company
  3. 3. Mobile CRM: a New Perspective Mobile sales teams are usually composed of a firm’s most valuable salespeople: the ones who close the most deals and are the most direct generators of new revenue. With their undeniable importance to the bottom line, the mobile salesperson’s productivity is critical. By giving them tools that let them work while they are on the go—at customer sites, on airplanes, in waiting rooms, or in hotel rooms—companies can minimize salesperson down-time, maximize selling time, and ensure they are better prepared for each visit. Meanwhile, enabling mobile salespeople to keep centralized business information continually up to date assures sales managers of a comprehensive, current view of deal progress, and allows them to be more effective in facilitating deal closure. Missed communications mean missed opportunities. Customer-driven business has become Speed and availability of information are essential to standard industry practice today’s mobile sales representatives: every lead that CRM systems provide companies with the tools to capture, comes into the pipeline must be pursued quickly; every organize, analyze, and act on the information generated salesperson must be equipped with the most up-to- from working with customers. But to get the most out of date information to stay current with their accounts their CRM systems, companies must take the next logical and maximize the chance of closing deals in a timely step, moving this valuable information from behind manner; and every customer expects accurate and rapid corporate walls to the employees in the field—often sales responses to queries and requests. In this environment, the representatives—who work face to face with customers availability of CRM applications “whenever and wherever and partners. It is there that information becomes useful— needed” often means 24/7, around the globe, both inside where customers and prospects value and demand it. and outside the company. Availability of information is essential to today’s mobile Pivotal Mobile Customer Relationship Management (CRM) personnel, who rely more heavily than ever before on applications provide a range of solutions that ensure a in-depth and up-to-date information on their customers, sale is never delayed because of limited access to critical prospects, and competitors. Mobile sales teams that can’t data. By making Pivotal CRM available via laptops and work with their prospect and customer information while mobile devices—including tablet PCs, PDAs, Web-enabled on the road are at a distinct competitive disadvantage. phones, and other wireless tools—companies can turn sales-team down-time into productive time, which translates into improved effectiveness, new efficiencies, and increased profits. “Pivotal CRM’s handling of truly supports the way our employees work. and inconspicuous, and mobile data synchronization is very user friendly ” Jim Greufe, Vice President, Business Partner Team, Farm Credit Services of America Pivotal Mobile CRM for Today’s Sales Force 3
  4. 4. The Business Case for a Mobile CRM Solution Sales representatives, professional services consultants, • With multiple people sharing responsibility for an sales managers, and executives are commonly a company’s account, mobile CRM gives mobile sales representatives most mobile employees, facing the greatest challenges the ability to collaborate from the field. Sales due to demanding travel schedules and frequent work at representatives can use their mobile CRM access to customer or prospect sites. Fittingly, then, they are also the collaborate and coordinate activities with the most users with the most to gain from mobile CRM solutions. knowledgeable colleagues in specialized topics, or with third-party partners, ensuring the team comes together effectively to share what they know about an account. Win More Business—Faster With their busy schedules and innumerable daily activities, mobile sales representatives use personal organizers, Bolster Mobile Sales Productivity mobile phones, handheld devices, and notepads to help Getting in front of customers is difficult enough—so them manage their day. Valuable data remains locked in valuable customer face-time should be maximized. these ad-hoc silos, only some of which gets entered into If mobile professionals have access to all relevant the company CRM system. In critical moments when a information, they can go much deeper into the sales salesperson engages with a prospect, mobile CRM provides process in a single visit. Being better prepared on a the ability to access salient pieces of customer information customer call can make the critical difference to sales that can help resolve bottlenecks in the sales cycle and win success and customer satisfaction. Providing relevant data more business. such as order status and recent service history on demand helps salespeople demonstrate account familiarity to Access to rich information, including contract language, customers and prospects, increasing customer satisfaction product information, pricing, and availability, allows and helping win new business. salespeople to respond more quickly to leads, identify bottlenecks and recover from problems faster, With the ability to access information wherever and outmaneuver competitors, and give customers the whenever required, sales representatives optimize answers they want—immediately—accelerating closing face-to-face time with customers, resulting in more activities and driving higher revenues. focused and successful sales efforts. While at a customer site, they can respond to inquiries on the spot, increasing Mobile CRM opens up new opportunities: the quality of customer and prospect interaction, while • Whether fielding customer inquiries or making reducing the time spent creating and managing an prospecting calls, office-based personnel can enter account. This helps increase productivity and frees up time new sales opportunities directly into the CRM system to build relationships with a greater number of customers and have them electronically routed to mobile sales and prospects. representatives based on sales territory and product Mobile CRM has a tangible effect on sales productivity: expertise. With a single global CRM instance using the same data across the company, mobile sales • Through the personalized Pivotal Dashboard, sales representatives can receive leads in real time and follow representatives can review and update forecast up with new prospects immediately. information, even when they are disconnected from the Internet. For example, they can update the opportunity • Sales representatives can stay abreast of sales ranking and percentage to close. Not only does this free opportunities and share information from the field. up time for customers, it ensures sales executives can With immediate access to up-to-the-minute customer track and report on sales activities and performance data, sales representatives can quickly search CRM with up-to-date information. information, record all opportunity-related interactions, and track opportunity milestones in a single place— anytime, anywhere—helping to pinpoint bottlenecks and shortening the sales cycle.4 Pivotal Mobile CRM for Today’s Sales Force
  5. 5. • With customer and account information at their Mobile CRM enhances team performance: fingertips, mobile sales representatives can review • As a business evolves, the CRM system tracks every customer history before meetings and respond team member touching an account. Activities and immediately to opportunities or roadblocks in order to history can be passed to new reps, ensuring account push each deal forward without delay. With the ability to information is up to date and comprehensive, and track customer data in a single location, they can quickly enabling new sales representatives to seamlessly take access data that addresses a customer’s questions, over works in progress without using customer time increasing sales effectiveness and productivity. to learn project history.• Providing sales representatives with the ability to create • To perform critical sales-management functions, sales a price quote in real time via a single CRM application managers and VPs have to rely on their sales force to enables them to select product and pricing options input valuable customer and prospect information and create proposals from the field without requiring into the CRM system. Because Pivotal Mobile CRM redundant data entry into other systems. They can users can easily update opportunity information quickly complete proposals and send requests for and tasks from the field, sales managers have approval to sales managers, allowing them to continue access to accurate, current deal information such as working seamlessly while freely roaming into and out of projected deal size and probability to close, providing wireless connection areas. better visibility into pipeline status and employee• Sales representatives can quickly and easily track tasks performance against quotas. and activities, manage and schedule appointments, • From the field, sales representatives can have assign tasks to other users, and set up notifications and quotes approved by managers before they become alerts after each visit, eliminating a trip back to the office contracts. The quote automatically appears on the at the end of the day to sync systems. manager’s dashboard, and Pivotal CRM enables managers to approve, reject, or modify price quotes.Improve Business Collaboration Sales managers can approve requests immediately,In a mobile enterprise, the office is everywhere. The ability even if they are traveling themselves, therebyto access CRM data via mobile technologies enables eliminating administrative roadblocks.workers to connect and interact with the office, as well asshare critical data on customers, orders, and inventory fromthe road. By providing mobile sales teams with the propertools, businesses can streamline and optimize operationswhile maximizing customer satisfaction and loyalty.Seamlessly connecting the office and a high-performingfield team optimizes synergy and results in flawlessexecution, lower service costs, and greater profits.With access to the full resources of the company throughmobile CRM, sales users can share information andcollaborate with experts throughout the enterprise onsales deals, such as sales managers, the legal team, andproduct management. With greater visibility, front-linesales users have an invaluable competitive edge thatimproves sales-team performance, sharpens forecastingaccuracy, and ultimately increases revenue. Pivotal Mobile CRM for Today’s Sales Force 5
  6. 6. Solutions For Your Mobile Workforce Sales professionals have different needs depending on Pivotal Handheld maximizes sales productivity and their responsibilities, preferences, and work styles. Some effectiveness by providing mobile sales personnel rarely work out of the office or away from the corporate with access to the information they need, whenever network; some require in-the-field access to complete and wherever they need it. Customer accounts can sales functionality and customer information from their be updated at any time, allowing mobile users to take laptops; and some need real-time access to live data. advantage of breaks between customer meetings to Pivotal Mobile CRM has a solution to support each of update data while the details are still fresh, instead of these requirements and more—giving sales users access having to spend extra time at the end of their day. to the information they need, when they need it, and ensuring that a sale is never delayed because of limited Pivotal Wireless access to critical data. Key business functionality for mobile personnel equipped With different solutions to address the wide range of with cell phones or web-enabled PDAs ways mobile personnel prefer to work, Pivotal Mobile CRM allows the creation of a mobile strategy that fits Pivotal Wireless delivers an out-of-the-box application each organization’s unique needs. that enables alerting as well as real-time read and write access to critical information stored in the Pivotal CRM database from wireless devices such as cell phones and Pivotal Mobile Client web-enabled PDAs. 100% offline functionality for mobile personnel who act in a consultative role Pivotal Wireless lets sales representatives access enterprise information and seize sales opportunities Pivotal Mobile Client provides mobile users who are faster. Whether visiting a customer site, waiting for away from the office for extended periods of time with a connection at the airport, or traveling to the next complete access to full, rich Pivotal CRM functionality. appointment, mobile users are only a click away from the Pivotal Mobile Client offers the same, familiar Pivotal information they need to effectively conduct business. CRM interface, designed to run on a laptop—anytime, By providing access to relevant customer intelligence, anywhere. Users can take advantage of read/write companies enable their mobile users to maximize their access to data, product catalogs, complex product effectiveness and responsiveness to customer needs. configurations, and quote-creation features while offline at the customer site, and then synchronize the system when they are online, ensuring that they have the latest data and that the data they have updated in the field gets propagated throughout the organization. Pivotal Handheld Key business functionality for mobile personnel who engage with customers on the go Pivotal Handheld is a device-resident application that provides continuous rapid access to key information on a BlackBerry® or Windows Mobile device, regardless of wireless network access, bandwidth, or quality of connection, letting salespeople review comprehensive information immediately prior to meetings—or even during the meeting, checking off options with the customer at each stage of the sales process.6 Pivotal Mobile CRM for Today’s Sales Force
  7. 7. A Mobile CRM Solution that Addresses the IT Challenge The growing needs of mobile workers are outpacing the Customize to Meet User Needs ability of IT departments and corporate infrastructures to Pivotal CRM’s mobile solutions can be customized to support them, resulting in significant business-continuity match the customized in-office system. In many cases, and performance issues and lost business opportunities. this is as straightforward as deploying the customized In addition to needing IT support, mobile and wireless system to the mobile laptop or tablet PC, or using a technologies are often associated with rising costs, security graphical toolkit to implement customizations that reflect concerns, and device-management issues. The imperative the key business functionality mobile users require. now is to optimize the mobile workforce and leverage new and existing investments in mobile technologies to minimize the burden on IT departments, infrastructure, Ensure Data Security and resources. The good news is that companies can Pivotal Mobile CRM solutions help companies comply centralize and simplify mobile access while satisfying with established company security levels, as well as different user needs, ensuring the right applications and those imposed by industry rules and regulations. communications get to the right people. Depending on the specific Mobile CRM solution, the Pivotal CRM team offers one or more of the following IT managers and CIOs are tasked with driving and security features: application authentication and/or supporting key business initiatives, while at the same time security-policy enforcement, to ensure the mobile user containing costs. Accordingly, when it comes to supporting can only access the data they require; data encryption to mobile CRM requirements, ensuring return on investment protect data; and remote device-kill technology, to ensure (ROI) is top of mind for IT managers and CIOs . A Pivotal that sensitive data is deleted before it can be accessed by Mobile CRM solution offers a cost-effective way to extend unauthorized persons. the ROI of in-office Pivotal CRM implementations. Deploy With Ease Increase User Adoption Pivotal Mobile CRM solutions uniquely offer not only data Utility and usability drive usage. Offline capabilities give synchronization, but also application synchronization, mobile personnel the ability to access and input data to ensure mobile personnel are always operating with into the CRM system, whenever and wherever required, the latest customer and account information, as well regardless of network presence, bandwidth, or quality. as the latest Pivotal CRM system changes, updates, and The result is a highly responsive application that allows maintenance releases. This eliminates the need for mobile mobile workers to have seamless access to their customer users to periodically return to head office for application information presented in a rich UI, driving user adoption. updates. Decrease the Cost of Mobility Pivotal Mobile CRM supports a wide range of devices, from cell phones to PDAs to laptops, allowing companies to choose the most appropriate solution for their budget and needs. Data access costs are contained by storing the application and data locally on the user’s mobile device, thereby drastically reducing the amount of wireless data traffic. Users can work throughout the day without incurring any wireless data-access charges and then quickly synchronize their data when required. Pivotal Mobile CRM for Today’s Sales Force 7
  8. 8. Pivotal Mobile CRMEnsure Productivity for Your Mobile Sales Force Mobile CRM is no longer a luxury for a few high-performance employees; it’s a critical requirement for any organization that engages in high-value prospect and customer interaction outside the office. Forward-thinking companies are turning to Pivotal Mobile CRM solutions to close more deals, accelerate the sales cycle, increase customer satisfaction, and improve sales processes. North America International CDC Software CDC Software 2002 Summit Boulevard, Suite 700 Pioneer House Atlanta, GA 30319 USA 7 Rushmills, Northampton +1 877-748-6825 United Kingdom NN4 7YB www.PivotalCRM.com +44 1 604 630050 © 2009 Pivotal CRM. All rights reserved. Pivotal CRM and the Pivotal CRM logo are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Pivotal CRM. All other marks referenced are marks of their respective companies.