Pivotal Professional ServicesA Continuum of Services for OptimumBusiness Agility and Performance
For many businesses today, their chief goal is                      to become adaptive enterprises.                      B...
Business processes shouldn’t be hard-coded;    neither should the services businesses rely on.Pivotal Professional Service...
What ensures a successful deployment in one                      company may not mean the same for another. We            ...
Customers needs are expanding in                              both directions from the traditional                        ...
Pivotal CRM Assist                      In some cases, only partial implementation assistance is required. This may be the...
As your business evolves, so will your CRM requirements. It’s   likely that you’ll want to build on your existing investme...
“I had a high degree of confidence in the Pivotal Professional                      Services team. One of the things I req...
Pivotal CRM Solution Development Centers offer a risk-free    environment in which to develop, test, and validate solution...
Our commitment to you extends well                      beyond your initial implementation.                      Pivotal G...
The Pivotal Professional Services Advantage: We combineexpertise, methodologies, and services to accelerateimplementations...
Copyright © CDC Software 2007. All rights reserved. The CDC Software logo and Pivotal CRM logo are registered trademarks a...
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Cdc crmp gbbr_pivotal_professionalservices_us

  1. 1. Pivotal Professional ServicesA Continuum of Services for OptimumBusiness Agility and Performance
  2. 2. For many businesses today, their chief goal is to become adaptive enterprises. Business Agility is a Competitive Imperative The pace of business today demands that your organization have the ability to move and act quickly. Let the Pivotal CRM team help you turn this challenge into an opportunity. By combining our industry-leading CRM platform and applications with insightful services, you can create a flexible environment that delivers what you need: simplicity, agility, and results. We can help you lower costs, maximize return, and mitigate risk, while helping you achieve your CRM strategy for maximum long-term agility. “Strategic Planning Assumption: By 2009, the average lifetime of an enterprise’s business processes will fall by 50 percent (0.8 probability).” Gartner, “How to Create a Smart CRM Strategy and Choose Technology Wisely,” W. Close, December 1, 2004 Achieve Business Agility with Expert Help It is stark but true: if your business isn’t agile, it is at risk. We operate in a world where business needs and technology are inextricably linked. Every change in the business environment generates hundreds, even thousands, of changes in IT infrastructure. New business opportunities, increased competition, new business strategies and processes, industry regulatory changes, mergers, and acquisitions—all of these drive process change and impact technology. For many businesses, the goal is to transform themselves into adaptive enterprises in which flexible technologies and methodologies sustain a continuous cycle of improvement—one that’s increasingly responsive to business demands. That means business processes shouldn’t be hard-coded; neither should the services businesses rely on. That’s the advantage of Pivotal Professional Services. We provide the depth and breadth of services businesses demand: a continuum of services and proven methodologies; a range of pricing options for a predictable, cost-effective implementation; knowledge transfer to continually maintain a high degree of performance; and responsibility for our services and your success. To develop into an adaptive enterprise, you need a partner who is accountable not only for their services and technology, but for your results. Our practiced, knowledgeable Professional Services team has partnered with hundreds of customers worldwide to help them realize their unique CRM vision. Teaming up with us gives you access to the services and methodologies needed to ensure that the technology that supports your processes is up and running—fast —and that it delivers maximum business value over the full lifetime of the solution.Pivotal Professional Services 2
  3. 3. Business processes shouldn’t be hard-coded; neither should the services businesses rely on.Pivotal Professional Services: The Key to Business AgilityBusiness agility requires a flexible, adaptive CRM infrastructure that allows your business tomanage and control the impact of change, turning it to your advantage. Your goal? A responsiveand proactive—not reactive—organization. That means that the services that support yourbusiness goals must be just as flexible as the technology that enables your CRM strategy.Balance multiple conflicting objectives—maximizereturn, mitigate risk, and increase agility—in themidst of an unprecedented amount of change.The Pivotal Professional Services AdvantageDepth and Breadth of Expertise: Benefit from unrivaled, world-class CRM expertise focusedon your business. Our practiced, knowledgeable Professional Services team has partnered withhundreds of customers worldwide. We’ve documented our processes and methodologies fromour many projects—building a library of best practices that can help you implement the latesttechnologies while reducing costs, speeding time to benefit, and increasing agility.Continuum of Flexible Services: Obtain the precise kind and level of assistance you need,whenever you need it. We offer a variety of services—custom or packaged—suitable for anyorganization. Whether you prefer a traditional pricing model, fixed-price contracts, milestone-based payments, service-payment holdbacks, or price protection, we can provide you with atruly unique and affordable solution: we ensure that your CRM solution is implemented for thelowest total cost.Proven, Rigorous Methodology: Take advantage of highly effective methodologies thatdeliver fast, cost-effective, low-risk Pivotal CRM implementations. Based on industry-leadingbest practices and drawing on our extensive customer-engagement experience, our provenRapid Productivity Methodology (RPM) can help guide you through all the phases of animplementation. This approach takes full advantage of resources throughout our organization,mitigating risk and ensuring overall project success.Accountability and Partnership: Evolve confidently with a partner that stands accountablefor our technology and your success. We work with you to maximize the technical and businessbenefits of your solution and ensure that your CRM system is delivered on time, on budget.Results-sharing partnerships are critical to your success: project teams are measured andcompensated according to your success through results-sharing agreements and milestone-based payments. Pivotal Professional Services 3
  4. 4. What ensures a successful deployment in one company may not mean the same for another. We understand that every business is unique, and we provide the depth and breadth of services to meet your business’ needs. That’s the advantage of Pivotal Professional Services. A Continuum of Services Tailored to Your Needs When it comes to developing innovative approaches to design, implementation, and management of your CRM solution, Pivotal CRM is an industry leader. We have extensive experience assessing, designing, delivering, and managing solutions tailored to the unique needs of diverse businesses. Look around your enterprise. Applications. Databases. Servers. Networks. Critical processes. ERP and legacy systems. Users inside and outside the firewall. Once you start to think about it, you’ll see the many areas where you could benefit from improved performance, reduced risk, and tighter alignment between your systems, processes, and business requirements. Our experts will collaborate with you to define a CRM strategy that aligns with your business objectives and assess what it will take for your organization to implement your strategy. The use of a trusted advisor with knowledge and expertise in architecting and implementing an adaptive CRM infrastructure can facilitate CRM planning, streamline deployment, and help establish a framework for delivering measurable results. At every stage—from planning CRM strategy to outlining business requirements to building and deploying the technology—we’ll work with you to define the scope and timeline that makes the most sense for your business. We understand that organizations vary with respect to their business needs and technical expertise implementing CRM technology. In response, we can provide partial assistance, or we can lead the entire implementation for you. We offer several fixed-fee, packaged implementation services that balance the drive toward rapid results, with the discipline required to ensure adoption and achieve long-term CRM success.Pivotal Professional Services 4
  5. 5. Customers needs are expanding in both directions from the traditional implementation support model "I’ll Install I Need Pivotal "Stay Very "My System "Help Me "Get It Done "I Don’t Want It Out of to Lead the Close to Me Isn’t Running "Take Care Try It Out Fast and to Run This the Box, Effort with As I Plan to Too Well, Help of the Entire to See if Lead the Application Just Help Participation Enhance Me Figure Out Solution for Me" It Works" Way" Myself" Me a Bit" from Me” This Greatly" What Is Wrong" Evaluate Assist Implement Enhance / Improve Outsource Performance Pivotal Pivotal Pivotal Traditional TAM Application Health HostingTest Drive Assist FastPath Implementation Services Management Checks The Pivotal CRM Expanding Continuum of Services Pivotal CRM Traditional Implementation Services Some organizations don’t have the resources or infrastructure to implement a CRM system on their own. We can provide complete implementation services—with predictable results —helping you realize the full potential of your CRM vision with speed and efficiency. We follow our Rapid Productivity Methodology (RPM): a powerful methodology that combines an effective, proven process with a set of project guidelines and pre-built tools. We developed RPM by consulting with users during hundreds of implementations around the world. We then distilled their feedback to refine our expertise and create a consistent, repeatable framework for future implementations. Project management and milestone-review services support the program to ensure that your project remains on track. For you, this translates into results: a quicker return on your investment and a lower total cost of ownership. Pivotal CRM FastPath Implementation Services Our Pivotal CRM FastPath Implementation Service is a rapid approach to implementing and automating marketing, sales, or service capabilities in a short, fixed timeframe, at a fixed cost. Pivotal CRM FastPath helps you implement a CRM application predictably—in 30 days or less— and evolve at your own pace as your business demands. Following a structured methodology, using a standard project plan and pre-defined processes and customization options, you can shorten the time to upfront results, verify that the solution is right for the organization, and benefit from a technology platform that also provides the long-term flexibility you need to extend and enhance your original solution. Pivotal Professional Services 5
  6. 6. Pivotal CRM Assist In some cases, only partial implementation assistance is required. This may be the case if your organization already has a dedicated staff leading the implementation, strong IT capabilities in-house, and a clear understanding of your business needs. Pivotal CRM Assist is there to help out as needed. Many of our customers have turned to us for guidance and recommendations to ensure their technology implementation follows best practices. In these cases, for example, development teams may want to sit in on technical sessions to familiarize themselves with the best way to adapt CRM technology to existing business processes. Our advisors can help complement and support your in-house team to the extent required. Pivotal CRM Test Drive Program With Pivotal CRM, you can try it—before you buy it. For businesses just becoming interested in the potential of CRM, embarking on a comprehensive process of due diligence to ensure the system produces exactly the results required—reliably, quickly, and measurably—is the way to go. The Pivotal CRM Test Drive Program allows you to evaluate the results of Pivotal’s CRM technology with minimal risk—in your own environment, with your own information—before making a full-scale investment. If your organization wants to demonstrate the benefits of a CRM solution quickly in one business area, such as marketing, the Test Drive Program for CDC MarketFirst is a perfect start. The Pivotal CRM Test Drive program is a meaningful, full-fledged pre-purchase engagement. It gives your users a chance to use the system exactly as they would post-purchase so they can discover the difference it can make for them and achieve results quickly that can be communicated to other key decision-makers, facilitating a more rapid purchase decision.Pivotal Professional Services 6
  7. 7. As your business evolves, so will your CRM requirements. It’s likely that you’ll want to build on your existing investment in CRM, making changes as you go and as new opportunities arise. Pivotal Professional Services can help you capitalize on change and develop more nimble business processes.Pivotal CRM Technical Account ManagementGain anytime access to a Pivotal CRM expert to ensure you get the most out of yourinvestment. Pivotal CRM Technical Account Managers (TAMs) have in-depth productknowledge and insight: they know more and have done more with Pivotal technology thananyone else. They are a dedicated resource available on short notice for enhancements andmodifications, whether planned or unexpected.TAMs are senior technical resources responsible for providing guidance, coaching, andrecommendations. Their job is to ensure Pivotal CRM applications and the technologyinfrastructure on which they are built are working properly and living up to their fullpotential. They ensure that your implementation is on track and that your system is robust.TAMs can help you improve your overall deployment strategy, integrate data with moresystems, follow best practices, and take advantage of newly released software. They can workwith you to proactively plan future phases and extensions to your system and help map ourproduct roadmap into your CRM strategy.Pivotal CRM Performance Health Check ServicesPerhaps you are experiencing slow performance over the WAN, slow mobile synchronizationtimes, or data hygiene issues on mobile devices. Whatever the situation, every Pivotal CRMsystem, regardless of size, complexity, or maturity, can benefit from Pivotal CRM PerformanceHealth Check Services. Whether companies want to proactively prevent problems priorto implementation or need to optimize performance after deployment, we can providerecommendations that keep systems running smoothly.Pivotal CRM Performance Health Check Services is a diagnostic and optimization servicethat ensures your organization’s CRM investment meets the performance, stability, andreliability standards your users demand. In just five days, we provide a complete analysisof your technology, including your servers, network, and clients. We provide you withrecommendations that outline exactly what can be done to enhance or stabilize your system.If desired, we can assist in the implementation of our findings. Pivotal Professional Services 7
  8. 8. “I had a high degree of confidence in the Pivotal Professional Services team. One of the things I requested was that the same team lead this upgrade because they were so familiar with the earlier upgrade.” - Pivotal CRM 5.1 Upgrade Customer Pivotal Hosted CRM Hosted CRM can be a great choice for organizations that don’t have (or want) the IT support and expertise to manage a strategic information technology system in-house. It gives you access to all of the functionality in the Pivotal CRM applications without the hassle of having to support or maintain them. You don’t have to worry about incremental upgrades to the system—we take care of everything for you. Our hosting services range from outsourcing hardware to managing turnkey applications. We can manage the system and infrastructure, so you can focus your efforts on the way the applications are used; you benefit from a single point of contact for service and support, with a 99% availability guarantee. Pivotal CRM Upgrade Services Pivotal CRM Upgrade Services brings together the tools, methodologies, and expertise necessary for a predictable, low-risk upgrade. We will help you select, plan, and implement the most effective upgrade path or we’ll customize a plan for you, providing the quickest way to gain from new functionality delivered in the latest platform and applications. Pivotal CRM Upgrade Services allows for a quick start and substantially reduces implementation workdays —saving time and money. From defining requirements to analyzing, building, testing, and deploying, our proven upgrade methodology ensures that your project succeeds as planned. Before any work begins, we will estimate the effort required. We’ll help you prioritize which customizations are to be retained and recreated as you move forward, and which are no longer required due to the new features and functionality available in the latest version of the product.Pivotal Professional Services 8
  9. 9. Pivotal CRM Solution Development Centers offer a risk-free environment in which to develop, test, and validate solutions and customizations on the latest technologies—speeding time to benefit, reducing project costs, and increasing agility.Pivotal CRM Solution Development CentersTo create a CRM solution that truly meets your needs—or to adapt to evolving businesspriorities—look to Pivotal CRM Solution Centers for assistance and expertise. Pivotal CRMSolution Development Centers help companies react quickly to emerging business challenges,providing a quicker path to results.With pressures to reduce costs and risks associated with deploying new technology, PivotalCRM Solution Development Centers help you to implement quickly and create customizationsfollowing best practices—allowing you to meet your business-specific needs. Effective,thorough testing in a real-world environment, using your data, delivers a higher-qualityimplementation at a lower project cost. A focused, dedicated environment means your projectmoves quickly, allowing you to test and fine-tune your customizations and deploy in yourenvironment rapidly.By making the most of our Solution Development Centers, we can decrease costly onsitedevelopment time substantially. In most cases, at least 20% of onsite development andcustomization costs can be eliminated by taking advantage of our Solution DevelopmentCenters; through them, you receive our expertise and best practices, along with the skills andtools necessary to deploy or modify your Pivotal CRM solution.Pivotal CRM helps enable the adaptive enterprise. But it’s notjust technology that must be adaptive, it’s the people whouse it. Empower your people with the knowledge they needto use your CRM solution to its maximum potential.Pivotal CRM Education ServicesYour IT personnel need to integrate and consolidate data, systems, processes, and teams to improve theefficiency and effectiveness of core processes. They need to provide easy, secure access to information andapplications—anywhere, anytime—in the office or on the road. They need to transform business processesto better serve everyone’s needs. These are requirements brought by a rapid pace of change; they demandthat your organization adapt quickly.When you implement a new CRM application or as your company adapts to changing conditions, you mayfind that you have new training needs and priorities. We can help you capitalize on change: we can train yourcustomizers and administrators to deliver what you really need—simplicity, standardized processes, andagility; we can train your business users to use the system effectively.We offer several learning options to help your company become productive quickly. Whether you need totrain large or small groups—onsite or online—you have the flexibility to decide how, when, and where youwant the training to take place. You can choose from a number of standard Pivotal CRM courses or we cancustomize training to produce the results you need. You select the delivery method that makes the mostsense for your company and CRM success. We work to help you capitalize on change to deliver a higher-quality customer experience. Pivotal Professional Services 9
  10. 10. Our commitment to you extends well beyond your initial implementation. Pivotal Global Technical Support When you rely on a CRM solution to complement your business strategy, it’s critical to get prompt responses to technical questions that affect your system’s performance. Pivotal CRM offers an array of support services to answer your technical queries accurately and reliably— from anywhere in the world. From incident management to providing product documentation, Pivotal Global Technical Support takes advantage of the practical expertise we have gained from thousands of CRM implementations. You gain from valuable insights and guidance—anytime, anywhere. From our three global hubs we provide support when you need it. When you want fast access to fixes and updates or want to keep up to speed on new technology, you can get exactly what you need by logging in to our secure, online Customer Portal. We work to meet your business requirements: user effectiveness and system availability. We’re dedicated to ensuring your systems continue to drive your business success. Pivotal CRM Customer Office Customer satisfaction is a top priority. We know that to ensure your complete satisfaction, we must continually develop our business relationships and processes; this means listening to you and working with you to improve your experience. The Pivotal CRM Customer Office is focused on extending the success of your CRM implementation. Our Customer Success Managers act as advocates on your behalf, with the collective goal of ensuring that your experiences with the Pivotal CRM team are of the highest possible quality. Once you become a Pivotal CRM customer, a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) is available to listen and act for you in your relationship with us. When required, your CSM will escalate technical issues on your behalf and champion change internally. The intent is to identify trends, prioritize issues, and facilitate programs to improve your complete Pivotal CRM experience. Customer Success Managers know the details of your business processes, your implementation, your future plans, and your preferred model for engagement; they help you examine how you can increase your business agility and grow to meet new challenges.Pivotal Professional Services 10
  11. 11. The Pivotal Professional Services Advantage: We combineexpertise, methodologies, and services to accelerateimplementations, customize CRM to fit unique workflows,improve operations, minimize risk, transfer knowledge,enable long-term ROI, and reduce total cost of ownership.The end result? A truly agile business, ready to respond toevery change and challenge ahead.Pivotal Professional ServicesThe Pivotal CRM team strives to help organizations achieve meaningful CRM results by deliveringa collaborative and flexible set of services that are designed to meet the unique requirementsof each Pivotal CRM customer. Drawing on our extensive technical and industry knowledgeand proven methodologies, we give companies the speed and predictability of a CRM solutioncompleted on time, on budget, and customized to each customers unique way of doing business.Learn more about the wide range of implementation, optimization, and upgrade services thataccelerate and increase return on your Pivotal CRM investment, while reducing total cost ofownership. Contact our Customer Office at +1 877-748-6825 or customeroffice@pivotal.com.Customers outside of North America should send an e-mail to professionalservices@pivotal.com. Pivotal Professional Services 11
  12. 12. Copyright © CDC Software 2007. All rights reserved. The CDC Software logo and Pivotal CRM logo are registered trademarks and/or trademarks of CDCSoftware.