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Pivotal Contact Center Advantages Growing, adaptable businesses need CRM that is comprehensive across all business functions.

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PivotalCRM - Contact center

  1. 1. Pivotal Contact Center®Customer Care for Businesses
  2. 2. Pivotal Contact Center Advantages Growing, adaptable businesses need CRM that is comprehensive across all business functions. But it must be highly flexible, easy to implement, and and self-service Web channels. By interacting with each deliver quick wins and measurable business results customer via their channel of choice, agents can maximize that matter. customer satisfaction while minimizing costs. Our award-winning CRM Suite now encompasses a fully integrated contact center, delivering a smart, consolidated 3. Consolidated Desktop desktop that supports multiple interaction channels and A unified agent desktop consolidates all customer connectivity to any telephony device. interactions across sales, marketing, service and support in a single, intuitive interface that maximizes agent 1. Flexibility efficiency. And by providing access to sales opportunities, order entry, and quotation management tools, agents At Pivotal CRM, we understand that every call center has can leverage automated business rules to better identify, processes optimized for their specific business. Pivotal qualify, and then pass leads to the appropriate sales team, Contact Center is designed to work in the way your creating revenue generating opportunities. organization sees fit—not how we think it should work. Our open data model makes it quick and easy to build your unique business processes into our application, and 4. Fully Integrated with a Complete CRM then adjust them as your business goals and customer Suite interactions evolve. When Pivotal Contact Center is deployed as part of Pivotal CRM Suite, agents gain a 360-degree view of 2. Multiple Channels the customer, over their complete history and across the entire organization, despite employee turnover. As The primary goal of contact centers is still the same as the a result, agents are empowered to deliver personalized call center—resolve each interaction as quickly as possible service that results in more first call resolutions and while improving customer satisfaction. With Pivotal greater revenue generation from up-selling and cross- Contact Center, agents are empowered to manage tasks selling opportunities. and interactions seamlessly across multiple, cost-effective channels of communication, including e-mail, voice,2 Pivotal® CRM: Pivotal Contact Center
  3. 3. Pivotal Contact Center Solutions Pivotal CRM provides a number of applications and pre-integrated interaction management products that can be assembled in a variety of ways to address key business issues. Create a 360-degree Customer View As a fully integrated module within the overall Pivotal CRM Suite, Pivotal Contact Center shares a common customer database that spans sales, marketing, service, and partners. This means agents have access to all customer information no matter how they interacted with the company, eliminating the problem of customer data silos. In addition, Pivotal Contact Center leverages Pivotal CRM Suite’s standards-based integration framework, affording rapid integration to key enterprise applications and data sources both within and beyond business boundaries. Solutions Components: Pivotal Contact Center Available for both Pivotal 5.x and Pivotal 6.x deployments Decrease Interaction Handling Time Shave seconds off average call times with computer-telephony integration (CTI) screen-pops that deliver the right customer data to the agent on every call. The result is decreased call handling time and increased customer satisfaction. Solutions Components: Pivotal Contact Center Provides a 360-degree view of the customer Pivotal Interaction Connector – Delivers soft phone and screen-pop capabilities via Universal Edition a connector pre-integrated with Pivotal CRM Your existing telephony Integration can be created between Pivotal Contact Center infrastructure and any common telephony infrastructure. Provide Call Routing Incoming calls can be routed to agents based on rules, such as customer preferences, product history, or IVR selections, distributing the workload and ensuring that the right agent takes the right call. Solutions Components: Pivotal Contact Center Provides a 360-degree view of the customer Pivotal Interaction Connector – Delivers call routing capabilities via Universal Edition a connector pre-integrated with Pivotal CRM Pivotal® CRM: Pivotal Contact Center 3
  4. 4. CRM-Integrated Contact Center Pivotal Contact Center is a seamlessly integrated Because Pivotal CRM Suite is built to be modular, we module within the overall Pivotal CRM Suite, which encourage customers to implement step-by-step, starting is designed to create a customer-centric organization— with core business functions, and extending over time. from sales, marketing and service to partner This minimizes risk and ensures impact where it’s most management—in order to drive increases in revenue, needed, resulting in faster return on investment. When margins, and customer loyalty. combined, the modular pieces form a complete, fully integrated CRM system. Sales Marketing Service Partner Management Pivotal Sales Pivotal Contact Center Pivotal Service Pivotal ePartner Pivotal Contact Center CDC MarketFirst Pivotal Contact Center Pivotal Partner Manager Pivotal Sales – Direct Marketing Manager Pivotal eService Pivotal Customer Intelligence Miller Heiman Edition Event Manager Pivotal Wireless Pivotal Wireless Lead Manager Pivotal Customer Intelligence Pivotal Customer Intelligence Campaign Portal Prospecting Assistant CDC MarketFirst GeoAnalytics Measurable Customer Care Results Proven Success Increase Agent Efficiency – all-in-one interface allows Pivotal CRM has been honored with the prestigious agents to work more efficiently without the need to Microsoft GmbH .Net Server Innovation Award for ‘Best switch between multiple sales, marketing, service, and Industry Solution in Telecommunications’ as a result of our support applications implementation at Alcatel eBusiness GmbH in Germany. Decrease Handling Time – automatically associate a “This award demonstrates Pivotal CRM’s success customer record with each incoming call via computer in providing CRM and contact center technologies telephony interaction (CTI) screen-pops for the telecommunications industry. Pivotal CRM’s Increase Customer Loyalty – agents with minimal technologies ... are a powerful choice for companies training are guided to successful interaction resolution in that want high performance, Web services enabled a minimum of time, resulting in more satisfied customers CRM technology built on open standards—making it fast and easy to customize and integrate with Increase Leads – new leads can be entered and routed to other systems.” sales within a single application, ending the problem Ingo Blunck, General Manager, Microsoft Germany of leads slipping through the cracks Decrease Training Time – easy-to-use interface decreases both the time to onboard new agents and the time to complete tasks for experienced agents Increase First Call Resolutions – robust knowledge base with full text search capability ensures solutions are located quickly, facilitating more “one & done” interactions Learn More About Pivotal CRM To learn more about how Pivotal CRM solutions fit your business and increase your company’s ability to compete and adapt, call us today at 1-877-PIVOTAL (1-877-748-6825) or visit us at www.pivotal.com. © 2008 CDC Software. All rights reserved. Pivotal CRM and the Pivotal CRM logo are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of CDC Software. All other marks referenced are marks of their respective companies.