Pivotal CRM Case Study - Evangelical Christian Credit Union


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"ECCU is the banking resource for churches,
Christian schools, and other evangelical ministries
nationwide. It also serves missionaries in more than
100 countries around the world. Pivotal CRM’s ability to manage and
model these relationships helped put it ahead of
other systems under consideration. Also, many of
the other systems ECCU considered were very
consumer focused; Pivotal CRM better supported the
commercial orientation of the credit union, along with
the complex individual member relationships."

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Pivotal CRM Case Study - Evangelical Christian Credit Union

  1. 1. Evangelical Christian Credit UnionECCU uses Pivotal CRM to get a 360-degree view and buildstrong relationships. Customer Details Evangelical Christian Credit Union • Member-owned financial cooperative for growing churches, Christian schools, and other evangelical ministries. www.eccu.org Industry • Financial Services Challenges • Organization grew to a size that required new technology support • CRM solution had to be flexible enough to model complex credit union business workflows Benefits • Secured 100% user adoption • Improved pipeline management and forecasting • Mobile users have access to rich member information Solution CDC Pivotal CRMCDC Software | The Customer-Driven Company™ CRM Case Study | 1
  2. 2. Most businesses have corporate goals and mission build its customer relationships. Accordingly, its statements. But Brea, California–based Evangelical technology team began to evaluate CRM systems. Christian Credit Union (ECCU) has a mission of a higher order. A distinct challenge for ECCU in finding the right CRM system was the degree of relationship complexity ECCU is the banking resource for churches, with which the credit union routinely deals. Due to its Christian schools, and other evangelical ministries ministry banking focus, a large number of ECCU’s nationwide. It also serves missionaries in more than customers are organizations, rather than individuals, 100 countries around the world. While its business but many of its individual members are part of one or focus is providing financial services to evangelical more of these organizations. The organizations are organizations, the credit union does provide personal also often linked, such as a church with an associated banking services such as savings and checking school and ties to one or more mission agencies. accounts to individual members and their families. These complex, multi-layered interconnections made For more than 40 years, seemingly simple tasks, such as assembling and ECCU’s members and It’s a one-stop employees have shared a addressing a list of Christmas cards, a formidable challenge.shop. Users don’t commitment to the mission of making evangelical This tangled web of relationships was more than have to open Christian ministries more most of the CRM systems the ECCU team evaluated two or three effective. could handle. Pivotal CRM’s ability to manage and model these relationships helped put it ahead of applications to Growing Business other systems under consideration. Also, many of find what they Brings Growing the other systems ECCU considered were very Needs consumer focused; Pivotal CRM better supported the want. It’s all there ECCU began operations commercial orientation of the credit union, along with in Pivotal CRM. as the Conservative Baptist the complex individual member relationships. Credit Union of Southern Judy Dietz California, merging with the Another key differentiator for Pivotal CRM was its ECCU, Pivotal ApplicationManager Association of Christian flexibility. The team saw that wherever Pivotal CRM Schools International Credit didn’t fit all of the credit union’s needs out of the box, Union in 1984 and broadening its field of membership it could be customized to do so. The ECCU team to become ECCU. Since that time, it has continued to selected Pivotal CRM for its implementation and set grow at a rapid pace, today employing approximately about making these customizations, implementing the 300 people and representing nearly $3 billion in total system in 2003. assets under management. Customized—But Not Standardized Despite this growth, ECCU has held true to its faith- Unfortunately, ECCU found that customization in and and community-based roots, delivering a relationship- of itself was not necessarily a virtue. The initial CRM based banking experience to its members. Several implementation focused on the sales force, and the years ago, however, the credit union began to project team was eager to adapt the system to meet recognize that maintaining this kind of personal and the salespeople’s needs and processes, building in valued relationship with members was becoming customizations to meet a wide variety of demands. more challenging as it expanded. No longer a small Over time, however, it became apparent that the business where employees and customers all knew processes being customized into the system were each other by name, ECCU understood that it needed not truly standardized or mature, which led to usage centralized technologies in place to help track and problems. CDC Software | The Customer-Driven Company™ CRM Case Study | 2
  3. 3. By 2007, ECCU was at a crossroads. With further commitment to the project, understanding that to growth and increasing competition, the credit union derive full value from the system, they would need needed a centralized customer view and technology- more significant top-down support as well as more supported sales process more than ever, but it knew direct management usage of the system. Secondly, that further customizing its heavily customized but they took a different approach to customization, underused system was not going to fix its problems. requiring strong business rationale before they would ECCU also needed a solution that would better modify the system to accommodate a given field, support its mobile sales force and wanted to move to form, or process. a web-based CRM client. The project team was aided in this by internal A Pivotal Move developments at ECCU. The credit union’s sales As ECCU evaluated its force, which had formerly been composed of separate options, it found that teams for depository and lending sales, was in the Many of the Pivotal CRM was still process of merging into a single group. Furthermore, customizations the best choice on the the credit union had made major advances in process market for its needs. In the standardization, such that a mature, consistent, and we made in our years since ECCU’s initial proven process could be modeled in the system with initial deployment deployment, CDC Software confidence. had launched Pivotal CRM were available out- for Financial Services, an The more selective use of customization was made much easier by the industry-tailored features available of-the-box with industry-tailored version of in Pivotal CRM for Commercial Banking. “We were Pivotal CRM with specific Pivotal CRM for suites for a range of lines able to significantly leverage simple configuration of out-of-the-box functionality,” notes Scott Thomas, Financial Services. of business within financial ECCU’s Manager of Systems Development. “Where services. ECCU found Alan Weisenberger that the Pivotal CRM for we did customization, we were customizing the ECCU, VP, Technology Commercial Banking suite artifacts—the documents and the reports that already Services closely matched its needs existed in the out-of-the-box system. We were really right out of the box, while letting the out-of-the-box tailored solution work the still providing the flexibility to easily customize the way it was intended to.” system where needed. “Many of the customizations As the project team moved toward implementation, we made in our initial deployment were available out they identified user adoption as the most important of the box with Pivotal CRM for Financial Services,” measurement of success. “If everyone in the sales notes Alan Weisenberger, ECCU’s VP of Technology organization is using the system to manage their Services. “It was already a close fit to how we do pipeline and sales process, if there are no other business.” Pivotal CRM’s Rich Client offering also ancillary systems in use, if management and better suited the credit union’s long-term technology salespeople alike look to the system as their source of plans and offered web-based access to CRM data for information about our relationship with the customer, mobile employees. that’s success,” says Weisenberger. In July 2007, ECCU implemented Pivotal CRM for Increasing Member Insight Commercial Banking. This time, it took an entirely At the heart of it all, of course, is the comprehensive different approach to system implementation. First, client-member view that Pivotal CRM makes possible. before beginning the project, the project team Users now have a single, centralized source of rich secured a more intense executive and management CDC Software | The Customer-Driven Company™ CRM Case Study | 3
  4. 4. information about a member and interactions with “This has been a landmark project. To have a them that is fast and easy to access. “It’s a one-stop migration project of this magnitude come off this shop,” says Dietz. “They don’t have to open two or smoothly sets a new high-water mark in my 25 years three applications to find what they want. It’s all there of technology management,” says Weisenberger. “It in Pivotal CRM.” went so well; the team just connected and worked together wonderfully. The Pivotal CRM team brought Having a single, reliable system of record for member a lot to the table in terms of expertise, and they information may seem simple, but its value should not brought a lot of discipline into the project process—be overlooked. Before ECCU implemented Pivotal along with flexibility where it needed to flex. I can’t CRM, outdated information once sent the credit think of a project team I’d rather work with than the union’s CEO to the wrong address when visiting an folks that we worked with from Pivotal CRM. My important member—something that did not please the team and I commented several times throughout member, the CEO, or ECCU staff. When it comes to implementation that we were concerned only because member information, having a system with thorough, we didn’t seem to have anything to be concerned current, reliable information is essential to building about!”trust. Thomas adds, “Everyone took a great deal of effort Another great benefit of the system is the ability to and pride in understanding the business we do and understand a member’s sphere of influence. “It’s why the things we wanted to see in the system were not unusual for Pastor Joe to be on the board of a important to us. It was extremely valuable. And this Christian school or teach at a Christian university and went all the way up to CDC Software’s executive be on the board of another mission agency,” notes management, who were very receptive and very Weisenberger. “Our users need to know this, so that willing to work with us to make the system more when they’re having a conversation with Pastor Joe productive for us.”in one context, they understand the broader context Dietz agrees: “The people we have worked with have of his involvement.” Pivotal CRM’s intuitive visual provided a perfect combination of understanding what relationship trees make this sphere of influence easy we need and advising us when there are better ways to understand at a glance. to do things. CDC Software is what we’re looking for Daily imports of account data from ECCU’s back- in a vendor: a true partner.”end financial system keep account information fresh and ensure the Pivotal CRM system is a truly Looking to the Futurecomprehensive source of member data. In addition, ECCU has projects underway to provide system the system’s ability to track internal and external enhancements for its users and expand CRM usage account data to understand share of wallet holds to its member services group, ensuring users across promise for ECCU as they look for new opportunities departments and functions are fully aware of each to expand their business and deepen their other’s interactions with members and can present an relationships with existing members. informed, seamless member experience. The credit union is also bringing its lead nurturing process into A Winning Partnership the system and plans to roll Pivotal CRM out to its ECCU has worked with the Pivotal CRM Professional marketing department, which can’t wait to start using Services team throughout this implementation, and the system. ECCU also looks forward to taking full the cooperation between the two companies’ teams advantage of the 360-degree client view it now has, has been a major factor in the project’s success. seeing the potential to better analyze and segment CDC Software | The Customer-Driven Company™ CRM Case Study | 4
  5. 5. its member base to provide more personalized and As Weisenberger sees it, it’s retention in particular differentiated member experiences and deepen that is the true test for the credit union. “At a mom-relationships through cross-selling. and-pop shop, you personally know everybody by name and you can keep a good, tight relationship While steps remain in ECCU’s journey to realizing its with them,” he says. “But when you’re bigger and full CRM vision, Weisenberger ultimately sees Pivotal your customers are organizations, you don’t just CRM as a vital part of the credit union’s future growth. have a person-to-person relationship—it’s much “If you’re not growing, you’re dying,” he says. “Our more complex. So how do you create deep loyalty, competition is growing and getting more competitive. deep roots, a deep relationship unless there is some And I don’t think our business model is sustainable consistency? We’re using Pivotal CRM to create at the level we’re operating at without Pivotal CRM. that consistency and to go beyond person-to-person Without Pivotal CRM, we’d be very constrained loyalty to achieve organization-to-organization loyalty.” in our ability to acquire and retain our customer Creating this loyalty helps ECCU pursue their mission relationships.” of making ministries more effective, and Pivotal CRM is helping them achieve it. Want to learn more? Resource Library Reach Out www.cdcsoftware.com/crmresources Email: info@cdcsoftware.com CDC Pivotal CRM Global Office Locations www.cdcsoftware.com/crm www.cdcsoftware.com/offices See How We Fit Your Industry Stay Connected With CDC Software www.cdcsoftware.com/FinancialServices http://www.cdcsoftware.com/en/Social-Media-Channels www.cdcsoftware.com/HomeBuildingRealEstate www.cdcsoftware.com/Manufacturing www.cdcsoftware.com/SMBCopyright © CDC Software 2011. All rights reserved. The CDC Software logo is a registered trademark of CDC Software. CDC Software | The Customer-Driven Company™ CRM Case Study | 5