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CRM That Fits Your Business With increasing commoditization across the industry, financial services firms are struggling to attract new clients and retain existing ones without placing constant downward pressure on revenue margins.

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PivotalCRM - CRM for financial services

  1. 1. Pivotal CRM for Financial ServicesCRM That Fits Your Business
  2. 2. “We selected Pivotal CRM because itwe want to do business. The that can be configured for the way offers advanced functionality strengths of a Pivotal CRM solution became obvious after weevaluated other providers—both enterprise- and industry-specific. The flexibility of Pivotal CRM will allow us to deliver a solution faster while maintaining our focus on business objectives. Ultimately, the system will enable us to provide world-class customer service, expand our products and services, and identifysales opportunities and target markets for the products we offer. ” Jim Robinson, Executive Vice President, Farm Bureau Insurance of Michigan
  3. 3. CRM That Fits Your Business With increasing commoditization across the industry, financial services firms are struggling to attract new clients and retain existing ones without placing constant downward pressure on revenue margins. Forward-thinking financial services firms are looking to strategic technologies such as customer relationship management (CRM) to help them differentiate their offerings and realize the business efficiencies required to continue to grow revenues in a competitive commodity market. The financial services industry is replete with complex discrete industry-tailored CRM offerings for institutional processes and even more complex webs of relationships. asset management, mutual fund wholesaling, capital Accordingly, financial services firms across the industry markets, private banking, and commercial banking, face mounting challenges in terms of collaboration, Pivotal CRM for Financial Services puts critical coordination, and relationship management. Institutional relationships at the core of organizational strategy in a and mutual fund wholesaling firms need to keep track way that fits the business processes of financial services of vast networks of brokers and consultants and identify firms. It offers comprehensive, integrated capabilities top sources of profitability. Capital markets firms that increase insight into operational performance, need to manage complicated deals and synchronize streamline processes across the value chain, and improve activities with large numbers of team members and responsiveness to client demands, helping financial stakeholders; they also need better ways to match services firms build relationship capital. research and information with interested clients to keep trade volume high. Private banks need to meet rising client expectations while keeping costs in check. Firms in the financial services industry are Commercial banks need to prevent their clients from experiencing new pressures to increase pursuing alternative sources of funding. And across the efficiencies and improve client relationships: industry, regulatory compliance has become a source of anxiety—and a drain on resources. • Responding to increased commoditization and downward pressure on margins Two related traits are shared by all of these lines • Competing with an ever-increasing variety of business: an imperative to improve competitive of alternative investment vehicles and differentiation and a high dependency on client financing options relationships. Whether the “client” in question is a business, an institutional investor, a broker-dealer, or a • Integrating their systems and operations high-net-worth individual, financial services firms must enterprise-wide build and maintain strong relationships with them to • Meeting the evolving compliance demands thrive in the marketplace. Without solid relationships, the of regulators increasing commoditization of financial services offerings In response, they are adopting new strategies to makes it incredibly difficult to retain a stable client base. As sustain revenue growth and achieve higher levels such, financial services firms are looking at strategies for of client satisfaction: improving customer satisfaction and maximizing the total lifetime value of their clients. Such an approach requires • Shifting toward a client-centric business realignment toward client-centric organizational goals. It model to leverage the lifetime value of clients requires a commitment to delivering outstanding client • Gaining greater insight into client value, service, to maintaining a lifelong relationship with clients, preferences, and behaviors and to creating a seamless, branded, and finely tuned • Automating time-consuming tasks and client experience that creates competitive differentiation. leveraging productivity tools for increased To support new client-centric business strategies, financial collaboration services firms are turning to customer relationship • Creating a highly responsive and agile management to become more competitive in selling, business through enabling technologies marketing, and providing service to their clients. With Pivotal CRM for Financial Services 3
  4. 4. A Partner You Can Trust Pivotal CRM is a leading customer relationship applications is designed to make all client-facing management software suite from CDC Software, The departments within financial services firms work Customer-Driven Company.™ Pivotal CRM is the only in unison to attract, win, and retain profitable CRM suite offering rich financial services functionality, relationships. The result is less customization and a full enterprise application suite, and best-in-class integration, leading to lower implementation costs. customization abilities, all with a low total cost of ownership. Through our experiences with more than • Fit unique client strategies and imperatives: 1,800 customers in over 35 countries, we’ve learned how Pivotal CRM is the industry’s most flexible, scalable, to help companies craft and implement a CRM strategy easy-to-customize CRM platform. Built on the that gets real, measurable results. We understand the Microsoft® .NET Framework, Pivotal CRM is easy to specific needs of diverse financial services business modify, integrate, deploy, and maintain. The industry- lines, and we deliver CRM that fits the needs of financial leading Pivotal CRM customization toolkit provides firms today—while offering unparalelled flexibility to the ability to cost-effectively adjust processes, help them seize the emerging business opportunities of enabling financial services firms to capitalize on tomorrow with fast, cost-effective adaptability. unique business processes to reinforce competitive advantage. The flexible development platform A leader in CRM for the financial services industry, Pivotal even allows firms to build out additional integrated CRM has worked with institutional and mutual fund features and applications, faster and more cost- wholesaling firms, private and commercial banks, and effectively than custom development. capital markets firms to develop enterprise solutions that fit the unique requirements of their lines of business, • Fit each company’s timeline, budget, and right out of the box, while also offering the flexibility expectations: Our commitment to providing CRM to customize to individual companies’ needs. Our team extends far beyond our product offerings. We offer boasts unrivaled domain expertise and experience, and a continuum of services designed to help financial we’re committed to helping you succeed. services firms implement, maintain, use, and support Pivotal CRM at a pace that produces reliable results at By choosing Pivotal CRM, financial services firms are a lower total cost of ownership. assured of solutions that: In addition to helping you put your client relationships at • Fit specific industry and business processes: the center of your operations, Pivotal’s CRM suite provides Pivotal CRM offers a full range of software solutions powerful productivity tools that produce measurable that deliver built-in best practices specific to the most business benefits in terms of process efficiency, employee pressing challenges faced by institutional and mutual collaboration, data accuracy, sales effectiveness, fund wholesalers, capital markets firms, private banks, streamlined communications, cost-effective marketing, and commercial banks. Our suite of industry-tailored and much more. “a range CRM serves its key verticals—financial services and insurance (FSI)—with Pivotal of microvertical solutions, including private banking, asset management, investment banking, and healthcare insurance. Firms can jump-start deployments by starting with one of these preconfigured solutions and then make it their own through Pivotal CRM’s strong customization tool kit. To comply with FSI firms’ strong need for security, Pivotal CRM has best-in-class roles and access rights control, including support for field-level security. ” Liz Herbert, Forrester “Midmarket Sales Force Automation Scorecard Summary: Pivotal,” November 22, 20054 Pivotal CRM for Financial Services
  5. 5. Integrated, Comprehensive, and Highly Targeted to the Needs of Financial Services Businesses Pivotal CRM for Financial Services offers industry-specific • Pivotal CRM for Capital Markets: Helps investment solutions that enable institutional and mutual fund bankers manage deals more smoothly and enables wholesaling firms, capital markets firms, private banks, sales, trading, and research to reach clients faster with and commercial banks to better manage information and more relevant information. relationships throughout the client lifecycle and across the enterprise. Designed from our experience working • Pivotal CRM for Private Banking: Allows private with financial services industry leaders, Pivotal CRM banks to deliver exceptional personalized service to solutions provide functionality that reflects the business high-net-worth clients and monitor cost-versus-value processes and data models used by the industry, right as well as sophisticated household and account out of the box, offering a superior business fit. Seamless influence dynamics. out-of-the-box integration with Microsoft Office, Outlook, • Pivotal CRM for Commercial Banking: Empowers and SharePoint gives users unprecedented usability commercial banks to gain greater insight into their and one-stop access to all their favorite tools, making clients’ business pains to identify new opportunities Pivotal CRM the hub of their daily activity, and role-based and better meet their needs. navigation streamlines the user experience for optimal user-friendliness. Built on the highly flexible Pivotal With a comprehensive suite of solutions for asset enterprise CRM platform, Pivotal CRM solutions can also management, capital markets, private banking, and be easily tailored and customized to meet individual commercial banking, as well as a proven commitment to companies’ business requirements—and quickly adapted the financial services sector, only Pivotal CRM offers the to evolving needs. depth of functionality, domain expertise, and flexibility financial services companies need to gain a competitive Pivotal CRM for Financial Services includes a suite of edge in the market. Adaptable to the needs of individual discrete CRM products designed to help financial services firms, Pivotal CRM for Financial Services solutions can business lines: be implemented individually or in combination to meet • Pivotal CRM for Institutional Asset Management & the needs of firms serving multiple lines of business. The Pivotal CRM for Mutual Fund Wholesaling: Enable union of industry-tailored and custom components, along asset managers to identify top sources of profitability with the inherent flexibility of the Pivotal CRM platform, and navigate complex networks of brokers and enables financial services firms to obtain a custom system influencers to inform more strategic business decisions. without the high cost of in-house development. “ Using the Pivotal CRM solution, our senior financial advisors have increased quarter over quarter sales revenue by almost 20 percent. Management effectiveness has increased. Now that we have a single unified system, we can ask members how they want to be served. Do they want Internet banking, but prefer a face-to-face discussion about loans? We can use the answers to direct our resources where the members want them. Fred Cook, CIO, North Shore Credit Union ” “Firms can cut that comes preconfigured with objects, fields, and reports industry- specific edition their implementation length—and budget—by finding an that they would have to customize in a generic product. ” Liz Herbert, Forrester “The Forrester Wave : Midmarket Sales Force Automation, Q4 2005,” November 22, 2005 ™ Pivotal CRM for Financial Services 5
  6. 6. “The assetthose who wantbusiness is entering a new era, and management to compete will need to better manage client, broker, and consultant data. CRM is not a client imperative, risk/compliancerequirement, or efficiency initiative: It’s all three. ” TowerGroup
  7. 7. Asset ManagementCapitalize on Superior Client Relationships With increased competition from a growing spectrum Wholesaling save asset managers hours of repetitive work of alternative investments, expanding and evolving every day with built-in workflows that increase efficiency regulatory demands, and rising client expectations, and reduce training costs. Data-driven workflows can asset managers face a variety of challenges in an improve collaboration by coordinating the numerous already complex business. To meet these demands, steps and stakeholders involved in critical processes, asset management firms must effectively foster the including account setup and the RFP response process. relationships that form the bedrock of their business— In-house policies and regulatory guidelines can also be relationships with consultants, influencers, broker-dealers, built into the system for automatic compliance. prospects, and clients. To help them achieve this, Pivotal CRM offers two industry-specific solutions: Pivotal CRM Structure the sales process for for Institutional Asset Management and Pivotal CRM for Mutual Fund Wholesaling. consistent results Implement proven sales methodologies across the organization to ensure systematic adherence to best Gain new clarity through consolidated, practices. Pivotal CRM for Institutional Asset Management accessible information and Pivotal CRM for Mutual Fund Wholesaling support Centralize information to save time and increase accuracy, structured sales processes, allowing asset management while gaining deeper client insight. Pivotal CRM for firms to consistently implement the sales processes that Institutional Asset Management and Pivotal CRM for have proven most effective. Modeling the success of the Mutual Fund Wholesaling form a centralized, consolidated most productive sales professionals maximizes revenue repository of all a firm’s client, consultant, broker-dealer, and improves the efficiency of the entire client lifecycle. opportunity, competitor, and product information, breaking down “data silos.” Any authorized employee Identify and understand top sources can get an instant, 360-degree picture of the parties with whom they interact—whether they are clients, prospects, of profitability consultants, brokers, or organizations—empowering Know who makes you money—and who costs you. them to provide informed, personalized service and Pivotal CRM for Institutional Asset Management and ensuring that all who interact with the firm receive Pivotal CRM for Mutual Fund Wholesaling enable asset consistent, knowledgeable, high-quality service, no managers to analyze where the deals are coming from: matter whom they speak to. A RIM® BlackBerry®-resident which consultants or other influencers, or which broker- application extends this capability to mobile workers. dealers, are contributing most to the firm’s bottom line. Furthermore, firms can measure the expenses associated with forging and maintaining these relationships against Streamline processes to dramatically improve related revenues, getting a true sense of profitability. productivity Information rolled up at the broker/consultant, branch, Work faster—and smarter—by streamlining and and firm level allows users to examine the big picture—or automating processes, freeing up more time for drill down to find greater detail. higher-value activities. Pivotal CRM for Institutional Asset Management and Pivotal CRM for Mutual Fund “ Asset management firms that have chosen vertical applications over horizontal applications are achieving lower implementation costs and higher user adoption. The more asset-management-specific functionality available right out of the box, the easier the implementation, the less customization required, and the higher the chance of success. ” TowerGroup Pivotal CRM for Financial Services 7
  8. 8. Capital Markets Collaborate More Profitably Relationships are critical to cultivating new business and retaining existing clients for capital markets firms. • Improve collaboration with automated Ensuring consistency and optimizing productivity can workflows for managing deals and other be real challenges for investment banks, which face complex processes collaboration challenges due to the complex network • Develop a competitive edge with faster delivery of internal and external parties involved in deals. On the of time-sensitive research and information equity sales, trading, and research side of capital markets • Maintain information integrity with a built-in firms, speed and depth of client knowledge are critical “ethical wall” to increasing trade volume and leveraging research. A complete end-to-end relationship management system, Pivotal CRM for Capital Markets is the only enterprise-class practices. Streamlined automatic and ad-hoc distribution CRM system tailored to meet the needs of both sides of of analyst research increases value to clients and capital markets firms. improves collaboration between the research and sales and trading teams. Effectively manage deals, opportunities, and relationships Understand intricate webs of relationships to Ensure no opportunity or relationship slips through the uncover new opportunities cracks by performing better, more thorough information Track and model multi-dimensional relationships in an management. Pivotal CRM for Capital Markets enables easy-to-understand manner. Pivotal CRM for Capital investment bankers to maintain a comprehensive Markets gives investment-bank personnel instant, at-a- working-group list and share data on IPOs, M&As, glance insight into the complex network of stakeholders and other deals between members for more effective and relationships—owners, executives, shareholders, collaboration. Road-show scheduling helps streamline boards of directors, consultants, lawyers, and more— execution. And relationship-management tools for involved in a firm, deal, or syndicate. This can furnish the scheduling calls and other nurturing activities ensure information needed to capitalize on individual personal that important relationships are well maintained. A RIM® relationships on a firm-wide level, providing the route BlackBerry®-resident application empowers users to into new opportunities and syndicates and offering the access key information and features anytime, anywhere. connections needed to help close deals smoothly. Execute more trades and distribute research Address compliance demands and ethical more efficiently considerations Match clients and information faster and with more Leverage technology to ease compliance pressures and precision. Pivotal CRM for Capital Markets combines ensure ethical practices. Fully integrated with Microsoft® comprehensive information about institutional-client Office, Pivotal CRM for Capital Markets makes it easy holdings and interests with automatic notification of hot to record and store all client interaction and related leads and new research, allowing sales and trading to documentation directly within the client profile, creating quickly and easily pair up clients and information, leading a valuable audit trail. Furthermore, Pivotal CRM for Capital to increased trade volume. Embedding structured custom Markets is designed with a built-in “ethical wall,” ensuring workflows into the application ensures a consistent appropriate division between corporate finance and institutional-client experience and adherence to best sales/trading and research.8 Pivotal CRM for Financial Services
  9. 9. Private BankingProvide a High-net-worth Client Experience The private banking industry faces complex challenges, from increased competition, investor skepticism, and • Leverage relationships more effectively with deregulation to globalization and consolidation in the insight into households and client influence marketplace. Pivotal CRM for Private Banking enables wealth managers to address these challenges with ease • Improve collaboration with automated by helping them streamline operations, gain greater workflows for managing account setup and other insight into the cost and value of client service, and complex processes deliver an outstanding client experience that cultivates a • Develop a competitive edge with more loyal client base. personalized service Track and understand client value and profitability Manage book of business efficiently Know exactly what each client is worth to your business. Work more effectively using a one-stop dashboard. The Pivotal CRM for Private Banking gives private banks launching pad for Pivotal CRM for Private Banking is the comprehensive client profiles that enable them to gain fully personalized Pivotal SmartPortal, which the user instant insight into the value of their clients—including can configure to show pending activities, account status, both their direct value and their influence on other top contact information, value rankings, third-party data accounts, through sophisticated household tracking. feeds, and more. This brings the tools and information Likewise, Pivotal CRM helps private banks track the cost of users need to increase productivity and organization serving their clients, giving insight that can help them cut together in a single screen for one-click access, enabling costs strategically. wealth managers to effectively manage leads, referrals, and opportunities for better results. Improve relationships with high-net-worth clients Increase cross-selling and up-selling Retain your firm’s most valuable clients by deepening opportunities their ties to the firm. High-net-worth clients demand Empower wealth managers with the information they more from their financial institutions, and Pivotal CRM need to seize additional selling opportunities. Pivotal CRM for Private Banking helps users exceed expectations. By for Private Banking gives users a 360-degree view of client planning out consistent contact schedules, coordinating accounts, with critical information such as assets and account-service activities, and delivering the account liabilities, share of wallet, net worth, and demographic transparency and personalized service high-net-worth information, giving them better insight into potential clients require, private banks can increase client up-selling and cross-selling prospects. In addition, satisfaction and loyalty. automatic cross-selling prompts ensure opportunities are consistently pursued, and information about competing products helps users sell more strategically. “Our CRM strategy will allow business everyday. Weofare very excited to beinformation that is flowing through our us to make better use the critical member working with Pivotal CRM. No other CRM provider offered out-of-the box financial services CRM functionality as well as the flexibility to further tailor the system to closely match our member service processes. ” Eric Acree, Executive Vice President, Vantage Credit Union Pivotal CRM for Financial Services 9
  10. 10. Commercial Banking Leverage Client Insight In today’s business environment, commercial banks face increasing competition from new players, including • Uncover new opportunities using deeper insight global banks and alternative sources of funds. In into client needs and behaviors response, they need to work harder to ensure that their clients feel valued and receive high-quality service that • Reduce sales cycles and increase conversion promotes client loyalty. Pivotal CRM for Commercial rates by working collaboratively using automated Banking provides the foundation and tools commercial workflows banks need to implement processes that maximize • Ensure that client relationships survive employee opportunities and to craft a client experience that departure by centralizing client information differentiates them from competitors. Profit from a holistic view of the client Understand your clients better with a comprehensive using Pivotal CRM to track and understand market, repository of client information, shared across the competitor, client, and sales trends encourages more enterprise. Pivotal CRM for Commercial Banking makes all proactive account management, as well as more informed client data, including account value and service details, decision-making. centrally available to all authorized employees, ensuring that no matter who responds to client inquiries or what Manage opportunities for optimum channel is used, clients receive consistent, informed productivity service. Deeper client knowledge leads to better insight into new opportunities—understanding your client’s Close more business by tracking and managing business pains and historical patterns can help uncover opportunities in the CRM system. Pivotal CRM for openings for cross-selling and up-selling. Commercial Banking centralizes and streamlines the management of business opportunities, delivering superior results and increasing productivity. Opportunities Develop and retain corporate knowledge for internal commercial banking affiliates, and as Cash Ensure valuable information and relationships accrue Management, can be easily identified, increasing referrals. to the firm, not just the employee. Pivotal CRM for Opportunities can be assigned to individuals or groups, Commercial Banking helps companies build up a as can activities and next steps. Automated workflows centralized, shared repository of client intelligence facilitate group collaboration across departments and lines that can be leveraged across the enterprise. When a of business, helping progress opportunities more quickly, relationship manager leaves the firm, this valuable shortening the sales cycle. Meanwhile, comprehensive information remains a corporate asset, ensuring information regarding opportunity value and probability consistent service and protecting the firm’s investment in to close is easily accessible to managers, allowing for more building important client relationships. precise forecasting. Become proactive in relationship management Take the guesswork out of relationship-building by planning out an entire year of client communication and contact strategically. Pivotal CRM for Commercial Banking enables users to map out client relationship touch-points to ensure regular, coordinated interaction. Furthermore,10 Pivotal CRM for Financial Services
  11. 11. “You hear aour of talk that it ROI and determining thehow I lookCRM. There’s noquestion in lot minds about is successful. But here’s value of at it: our CRMsystem is really the nerve center of our customer-facing business, and you can see for yourself that our numbers exceed those in our industry… Pivotal CRM is the cornerstone to the success of our CRM strategy. ” Jim Greufe, Vice President, Farm Credit Services of America Pivotal CRM for Financial Services 11
  12. 12. Pivotal CRM for Financial ServicesBuild Relationship Capital As the only comprehensive, enterprise-class CRM them to achieve insight into client preferences and solutions designed specifically to meet the needs of behaviors that can inform and refine their entire business individual lines of business within the financial services strategy. It helps firms precisely manage a consistent industry, Pivotal CRM for Financial Services offers and personalized client experience that builds lasting, superior choices for institutional asset management profitable relationships. firms, mutual fund wholesaling firms, capital markets firms, private banks, and commercial banks. With distinct Smart financial services firms are taking immediate action but complementary offerings for each of these lines of to implement systems and processes that will help them business, Pivotal CRM is unrivalled in its ability to meet create and sustain a competitive edge regardless of the needs of financial services firms looking to increase market conditions. With Pivotal CRM, financial services operational efficiency, improve collaboration, and gain firms can maximize client satisfaction as they derive competitive advantage. economic value from every client touch-point, increasing client loyalty by building relationship capital. By giving financial services firms a 360-degree view of their clients, Pivotal CRM for Financial Services enables Contact a Pivotal CRM representative today to learn more about how Pivotal CRM can address your unique needs. Call +1 877-PIVOTAL (+1 877-748-6825) or visit us at www.pivotal.com/financialservices. North America International Pivotal CRM Pivotal CRM Suite 800 – Guinness Tower Pioneer House 1055 West Hastings Street 7 Rushmills, Northampton Vancouver, BC V6E 2E9 United Kingdom NN4 7YB +1 877-748-6825 +44 (0) 1604 630050 info@pivotal.com info-intl@pivotal.com © 2010 Pivotal CRM. All rights reserved. Pivotal CRM and the Pivotal CRM logo are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Pivotal CRM. All other marks referenced are marks of their respective companies.