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CDC MarketFirst Analytics addresses the needs of today’s marketer with a tremendously powerful

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  1. 1. CDC MarketFirst | Datasheet CDC MarketFirst Analytics is a powerful analytics engine that enables marketers using CDC MarketFirst Interaction Engine to analyze campaign results and monitor marketing performance. From raw campaign data, it reveals the metrics you need to optimize all your marketing resources and activities. Gain full visibility into your marketing• performance in seconds with the relevant metrics and analysis needed to make smart business decisions in real time Simplify marketing performance• monitoring through graphical, intuitive dashboards that can be personalized based on roles and levels within your organization Avoid costly mistakes and capitalize on• opportunities with key pattern and trend reports, and real-time alert notifications Increase transparency and• accountability by tracking and measuring marketing performance against business objectives Make decisions faster and take action• with confidence—formulate corporate strategies for profitable growth, knowing that your actions are based on accurate and timely enterprise information Align strategic direction with operational• execution to ensure that marketing forecasts, plans, and budgets all tie together Manage risk• and capitalize on emerging opportunities by actively monitoring day-to- day marketing operations Benefit from minimal IT impact,• rapid results, and low TCO To learn more about CDC MarketFirst Analytics and how it can address your organization’s unique needs, call +1-877-748-6825 Do you know what’s working and what’s not? And do you know why? To make the most of your resources, and to drive revenue intelligently, you must be able to not only measure, but also analyze the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. While simple reports from your marketing automation system can provide some useful information, they don’t let you explore the data and mine the insights like a powerful analytics engine can. Without the right tools, you risk making untimely, uninformed decisions. CDC MarketFirst Analytics is indispensable for understanding the behavior of your customers and markets, so you can design future campaigns and programs with precision—and sharpen your competitive edge. As a marketer, you need to demonstrate real results and accountability with clear-cut metrics. And in the fast-paced world of electronic marketing and Web 2.0, it is critical to analyze campaign results and marketing performance in real time, so you can make course-corrections and other strategic decisions quickly and insightfully. With interactive tools that let you interrogate and drill into near real-time information, you can see how results have occurred—not just the results themselves. Without these tools, you risk wasting precious dollars and resources, and leaving the door open for your competition. CDC MarketFirst Analytics addresses the needs of today’s marketer with a tremendously powerful analytics engine. Its integrated portfolio of innovative analytics modules takes the guesswork out of marketing performance management. Built-in analytic content and reports support every major aspect of your campaign metrics. And with customizable marketing dashboards, pre-built reports, and valuable alerts, you get greater visibility into key drivers. CDC MarketFirst Analytics provides the marketing intelligence you need to proactively manage the effectiveness of your campaigns, reduce wasted spend, optimize all your marketing resources, maximize revenue opportunities, and stay ahead of the competition. Turn Marketing Data into Usable Information—Now Traditional static reports provide information on what has already happened, but that information is often inadequate to address important business questions, or it can arrive too late to be actionable. Without the right measurements at the right time, you are under pressure to fill in the gaps—often based on intuition instead of logic. Improving results and justifying future budgets is just a guessing game without hard data. CDC MarketFirst Analytics allows you to have a ‘dialogue’ with the data. With business intelligence views that can be tailored on-the-fly—and data that can be sliced and diced however you choose with a few short clicks—you will immediately see how to plan future campaigns, or even adjust current campaigns in process. Drill down into a particular profile or demographic data for a specific campaign. View a side-by-side comparison of two e-mails or web pages to see which one has generated more leads. Gain geographic precision to the analysis of your marketing programs using CDC MarketFirst Map Analytics. You won’t be left guessing about either the smallest of details or the big picture. Rapid Results, Minimal IT Impact, and Low TCO Traditionally, business intelligence software has come with a high price tag, lengthy implementation cycle, and arduous processes to get users up to speed. Not only can these obstacles erode your implementation ROI, but they have significant negative impact on the productivity of your IT and Marketing departments. And making future changes to address evolving business needs can only further add to the total cost of ownership. But with CDC MarketFirst Analytics, existing CDC MarketFirst Interaction Engine customers benefit from rapid, pain-free deployment. CDC MarketFirst Analytics can be deployed and implemented in two weeks or less by our professional services team, thanks to its built-in KPIs, dashboards, reports, marketing intelligence, and integrated data warehouse. End-users can bring up pre- defined dashboards and reports instantly, personalize their own dashboards, set up alerts, and generate their own reports—with ‘drag and drop’ functionality, all without IT intervention. Training can be performed in a single day due to the visual, intuitive nature of the CDC MarketFirst CDC MarketFirst Analytics Sharpen your competitive edge with integrated marketing intelligence and analytics tools
  2. 2. Analytics user interface. Its no-maintenance web clients and scalable web architecture help minimize the overhead on your network resources. You will see results in a few short weeks, with minimal involvement from IT. And future requirements or desired customizations will be easily and cost-effectively addressed through our professional services team. It all adds up to the lowest possible total cost of ownership for such a comprehensive marketing analytics solution. Key Analytics Features CDC MarketFirst Analytics provides the key features marketers rely upon to gather actionable information, personalized to their needs. Features Description Robust Program Analytics Out-of-the-box analytics provide the metrics you need to measure the effectiveness of all your marketing programs, including Document Comparison, Click-Through Comparison, Unsubscribe / Opt-Out, Best Day of Week, Best Time Of Day, Response Time Curve, Click-Through by Profile, Field Landing Page, and Abandon Rate. Dashboards User-customizable dashboards provide a comprehensive at-a-glance snapshot of key data to help marketing teams improve their performance. Complex information comes to life through an intuitive graphical web-based format. The dashboards range from tables and graphs to more symbolic performance indicators, such as speedometers, gauges, traffic lights, and color-coded flags. Red flags allow you to spot exceptions more easily, zoom in on areas of interest, and drill down to find the stories behind the numbers. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) KPIs bridge the gap between raw data and usable information allowing you to easily and effectively measure your organization’s success. “My Reports” Each user can conveniently and quickly retrieve information relevant to his/her role and responsibilities with “My Reports.” Change and save individual settings from common reports in your personal folder, and save modified and custom-built reports with personal alerts. Data-Level Security Ensure that the right data gets to the right people. Multiple levels of security allow you to restrict sensitive data where necessary, while still empowering users through appropriate access to critical information. Reports and report folders are fully available to any user or user group, restricted from view, or set to read-only. Linked Multi-Dimensional Analysis Instead of static reports, analyze data using linked views in every dashboard. Expand your search in any direction. Filter variables to refine your results without repetitive input. User-Defined Alerts Respond immediately to potential pitfalls with user-defined alerts. Receive e-mail notifications when variables move out of accepted ranges, identify root causes, and proactively take corrective action. Built for Optimization For rapid optimization of reporting and analysis, CDC MarketFirst Analytics applies job-specific modules, built on a functional data warehouse with the following key components. Learn More About CDC MarketFirst Analytics To learn more about how CDC MarketFirst Analytics can help your organization achieve greater insight and value from your CDC MarketFirst Interaction Engine data, call us today at +1 877-748-6825 or visit us at Copyright © CDC Software 2008.  All rights reserved. The CDC Software logo and CDC MarketFirst logo are registered trademarks and/or trademarks of CDC Software. Component Description Data Warehouse Design, build, and manage multidimensional data warehouses in SQL™ Server. It consists of a series of load and stage tables that are used to reach fact tables. Fact tables are the center of a star-schema, the accepted industry standard of the best data warehouses. OLAP Cubes Microsoft Analysis Services are the OLAP standard for CDC MarketFirst Analytics modules. OLAP cubes aggregate data to help answer questions before they are asked, for faster queries and advanced calculations. Each module is delivered as a set of pre-defined cubes for that business application. Data-Warehouse Designer This tool allows “one-stop shopping” for design, extract, load, and transform activities, enabling the designer to deliver data to the OLAP cubes and fact tables easily (and to extend data warehouses), while modifying all the surrounding stored procedures that support the warehouse. Additionally, all the work completed for the warehouse is done in SQL™, so that there is no proprietary skill-set required. Performance Viewer The state-of-the-art OLAP viewer allows companies that have not already invested in a business intelligence solution to read data from the CDC MarketFirst Analytics data warehouse or the OLAP cubes.