Mergers and acquisitions


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The importance of mergers and acquisitions deals to an investment bank’s bottom line, many firms’ M&Adeal processes are fragmented and poorly tracked, leading to inefficiencies and increased risk.

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Mergers and acquisitions

  1. 1. Pivotal CRM for Capital Markets Mergers and Acquisitions Deal Support From the pitch stage through to post-deal analysis, Pivotal CRM for d e a l Capital Markets supports better collaboration and insight in mergers and acquisitions dealsPivotal CRM for Capital Markets systematizes, despite the importance of mergers and acquisitions deals to an s t e p stracks, and enhances each stage of the M&Adeal process. investment bank’s bottom line, many firms’ M&a deal processes are fragmented and poorly tracked, leading to inefficiencies and increased• Create a central firm-wide resource for uncovering seller and buyer info and risk. Coordination and communication among the many parties competitive intelligence involved in M&a deals can be inconsistent and haphazard, creating• Manage risk and minimize conflicts by overlap and confusion. and senior management often lacks the insight tracking and storing all communications, it needs to accurately track deal progress and forecast revenues. documents, and activities Enter Pivotal CRM for Capital Markets, a client relationship management (CRM) solution designed• Leverage relationships by performing specifically to address the needs of investment banks. Pivotal CRM for Capital Markets is a “who knows whom” searches complete, end-to-end CRM tool that offers exceptional functionality tailored to the needs of both• Institutionalize best practices, ensuring the investment banking and institutional sales, trading, and research divisions of capital markets consistency and thoroughness firms. On the investment banking side of the business, Pivotal CRM for Capital Markets helps enhance collaboration, build and leverage relationships, and develop deeper insight into deals,• Provide management insight into deal contacts, and revenue forecasting. Its specialized capabilities include powerful data collection, progress for better monitoring and revenue aggregation, and querying capabilities and workflow tools that help streamline, document, and forecasting coordinate the many parties and steps involved in the specific activities of investment bankers,• Protect data integrity by restricting access including M&As, equity financing, private placements, and more. to authorized parties In complex M&A opportunities and deals, Pivotal CRM for Capital Markets provides tailored• Improve collaboration by keeping all support from start to finish. working-group members informed and clearly assigning tasks at each stage Win the deal• Increase efficiencies by eliminating Pivotal CRM for Capital Markets helps you build the kind of relationships you need to get on the duplication of effort, information hunting, and pitch lists you want to be on. And from the moment your firm is invited to pitch for a merger or wasted resources acquisition deal, Pivotal CRM offers support that gives your company a competitive edge. As your centralized source of information about both the potential client and probable competitors• Build corporate intelligence by recording pitching the same deal, Pivotal CRM allows you to search both your CRM data and market data information learned from every deal such as Capital IQ in a single step, amalgamating rich information that helps you target your pitchTo learn more about Pivotal CRM for Capital and business plan precisely and angle your terms competitively. Identify deal influencers and useMarkets and how it can address your firm’s Pivotal CRM’s relationship-search tool to find out who knows whom and which relationships canunique needs, call +1 877-748-6825. be leveraged to better position your firm. Track term-sheet negotiations, package shipments, and sign-offs right there in the system. Work as a team Track every deal-related communication in Pivotal CRM, creating a centralized resource that shows all relevant information and provides direct access to all documentation, from NDAs through to letters of intent and purchase agreements. Assign the working group through the system, setting appropriate data-access permissions and protecting the integrity of sensitive deal data, while still ensuring every party working on the deal is on the same page. Eliminate inefficiencies caused by miscommunication, duplication of effort, and difficulty hunting down needed information. Assign tasks to different parties within the group at each stage, moving the deal forward smoothly and efficiently. Find the Right Match Pivotal CRM for Capital Markets makes it easy to create a thorough, informed buyers list. Create a centralized buyers list for each deal and allow working-group members to add to it as they uncover potential buyers, eliminating overlap and maintaining an up-to-date master list at all times. Pivotal CRM for Capital Markets comes pre-integrated with Capital IQ and enables users to perform advanced queries that search both the investment bank’s own rich Pivotal CRM relationship data and market data for the best buyers in a single step, ensuring comprehensive results. Pivotal CRM | Solution Sheet
  2. 2. Move the deal ForwardOnce the buyers list is complete, Pivotal CRM can be used to generate and track memoranda sent to prospective buyers and to log indications ofinterest, as well as to coordinate meetings with potential buyers and any follow-up activities. Once the deal moves to the final stages, the team cantrack legal and security documents, letters of intent, and purchase agreements, all within Pivotal CRM, and at the point of deal closure, they can actiondeal announcements and post-deal analysis using the system, which provides a full record of all deal activities and facts.provide Management InsightAs each deal milestone is completed, it is checked off in the M&A-deal action plan. Not only does this provide clear guidelines for next steps at everydeal stage; it also enables management to easily track deal progress and apply this information in revenue forecasting. Executives and managers nolonger have to hunt down the latest deal details and developments, and the deal team does not have to spend extra time reporting deal progress tomanagement—all deal information is clearly organized and available at the manager’s fingertips.deepen Insight with every dealIn the course of an M&A deal, much information about sellers, buyers, and competitors can be uncovered and exchanged. If this information is notrecorded and stored in a systematic fashion, the firm risks losing valuable newfound knowledge. Using Pivotal CRM for Capital Markets, investmentbanks can easily add new information to company and contact files, deepening their competitive intelligence.On the flip side, where confidentiality agreements and other legal documents restrict the use and disclosure of information gathered during a deal,Pivotal CRM’s security settings allow this information to be reliably controlled, monitored, and restricted. Audit trails provide clear logging of informationaccess and changes.differentiate Your processesEach deal is different, and all investment banks have unique elements in their approach to M&A deals, but there are sufficient similarities to allow forsome standardization of workflows and processes. As any savvy investment banker will agree, the most important thing is that there is a process—toooften, deal steps progress in an uncoordinated fashion or go undocumented.Pivotal CRM for Capital Markets’ design is informed by a deep understanding of how investment banks operate, down to the level of common M&Adeal steps. Out of the box, it offers common investment banking data models, workflows, and features such as Capital IQ data integration. But evenmore importantly, it offers the flexibility to be easily and cost-effectively configured to model your firm’s specific needs and processes, ensuringthat you never have to compromise your way of doing business to fit the technology. Use Pivotal CRM for Capital Markets to standardize your M&Aprocedures the way you want them, embedding them in the system to ensure consistency and diligence and to minimize risk. M&A Deal Steps Indications of Letters of Post-Deal Pitch Negotiations Buyers List Deal Closure Interest Intent Analysis Pivotal CRM for Capital Markets Competitive Deal Team Deal Deal Data Client Data Buyer Data Intelligence Documents Assignments Workflow Pivotal CRM Database Capital IQ Pivotal CRM for Capital Markets systematizes, tracks, and enhances each stage of the M&A deal processtake the pivotal step with pivotal® CRM for Capital MarketsTo learn more about how Pivotal CRM for Capital Markets can address your unique needs, call +1 877-PIVOTAL (+1 877-748-6825)or visit us at © CDC Software 2007. All rights reserved. The CDC Software logo and Pivotal CRM logo are registered trademarks and/or trademarks of CDC Software.