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Pivotal upgrade services


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Pivotal Upgrade Services is a packaged upgrade service program designed to take the risk and unpredictable cost out of your upgrade project

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Pivotal upgrade services

  1. 1. Pivotal CRM | Datasheet Pivotal Upgrade Services Introducing Pivotal CRM’s packaged upgrade services: • Rapid upgrade path accelerates time-to-benefit • Proven methodology and tools protect your customization investment • Practiced and experienced team optimizes your CRM implementation and simplifies the upgrade path • Fixed-fee and flexible pricing options for a cost-effective upgrade that stays on budget • Phased approach that simplifies migration and increases end-user adoption To learn more about Pivotal Upgrade Services, contact us at + 1 877-748-6825 or For many customers, keeping up with Pivotal CRM’s latest platform enhancements and applications is critically important. Whether they’re looking to enhance end-user productivity with Microsoft® Office integration, deploy mobile CRM more widely throughout the organization, or give their marketing organization the technology- enabled platform they need to realize their objectives, our customers look to Pivotal Professional Services for the expertise to help them realize their goals. Of course there are always practical concerns associated with any upgrade project. If you’ve customized your system, you’ll want to know how your customizations will be moved forward. You'll want to understand whether there are any platform upgrades required. You’ll want to minimize disruption to key applications and the people and processes they support. Finally, you’ll need to know how long it will take, and how much it will cost. Pivotal Upgrade Services is a packaged upgrade service program designed to take the risk and unpredictable cost out of your upgrade project. Our experienced team has conducted hundreds of upgrades and has developed a methodology designed to ensure the lowest risk to the customer. We work closely with each customer to understand your business and technology requirements and design an upgrade program to suit your needs, your timelines, and your budget. Dedicated, Knowledgeable Professionals We’ve helped hundreds of customers across many industries harness the full potential of their Pivotal CRM software. Our experienced team of consultants and engineers works together to maximize the impact of your Pivotal CRM solution, all while reducing the time and cost of upgrading. Because we focus only on implementing Pivotal CRM solutions, we provide a level of product knowledge, business process, and customization experience that can’t be matched. Phased, Proven Methodology Successful and rapid deployment requires a clear understanding of your business and technology requirements. We have developed a phased approach that enables us to consistently deliver successful, high-value, low-risk projects. From defining the most appropriate upgrade to analysis, building, testing, and deploying, we validate your requirements through every step of the project. Accelerated Time-to-Benefit Our goal is to help you realize the full potential of your Pivotal CRM system and get results fast. From the first time we meet, we work closely with you to maximize the value of your CRM investment. Based on many thousands of hours of upgrade experience, we quickly define the most appropriate upgrade path to support your current and evolving business needs. Based on your objectives, we create an Upgrade Project Plan that clearly specifies the design implications, an implementation schedule, and a training plan to ensure your end-users realize increased productivity, quickly. By identifying your solution requirements from the outset, we accurately establish and manage your project’s scope, schedule, and level of investment—and we all get there faster. Predictable, Low-Risk Upgrades We partner with you every step of the way, making you an integral part of the project and eliminating any unexpected surprises along the way. Whether you prefer a fixed-fee approach or a more flexible solution that indexes pricing to deliverables, we work with you to design a pricing plan that fits your needs. This reduces the worry associated with any unexpected delays in the project and ensures a smooth, trouble-free project across all dimensions. Keep up with the pace of change. Pivotal CRM helps you move your business forward.
  2. 2. Pivotal CRM | Datasheet Protecting Your Customization Investment Understanding your customizations is an important component of project success. We help prioritize which functions and features should be retained as you move forward and which can be addressed with the many new features and functionality available in the latest versions of our platform and applications. We’ll estimate the effort required to complete an upgrade and offer services to undertake any additional customization requirements. Customers receive a complete report of the functions to be migrated, along with an upgrade project plan and a comprehensive statement of work for the effort. Upgrade Options There are three primary upgrade options—or we can customize a path to fit your needs. • Plan a Successful Platform, Access Method, and Application Upgrade—The fastest path to getting all the benefits, functionality, and applications while still retaining your previous customizations. • Plan a Successful Migration from Pivotal Windows to Pivotal Rich Client—Rapidly deploy a web-centric solution. We’ll help you recreate your customizations and merge existing customizations with the new functionality available in Pivotal Rich Client. • Start Fresh with the Latest Pivotal CRM Platform and Applications—For businesses that have outgrown their CRM system or the customizations that support their unique way of doing business, it may be faster and more cost-effective to start fresh. Implementation Methodology Define We work closely with you to understand your objectives and assess your project. Based on the information provided, we develop a preliminary plan that scopes deliverables and completion timelines. Determine upgrade type• Define platform upgrade• Define access method upgrade• Analyze customer Business Module (BM)• and Enterprise Data (ED) Define application upgrade (CMS)• Create initial project plan• Analyze We analyze your existing environment and map your business workflows to identify the customizations that will be retained and those that will need to be redeveloped. Direct client data clean-up• Plan items to be transported• Research functionality and workflows• Research areas of functionality conflict• Document upgrade approach, refine• project plan Design We develop a complete deployment plan that ensures a rapid and successful implementation. Present plan to resolve areas of functionality conflict• Document upgrade approach and refine project plan• Build We install the development project as specified in the deployment plan. Set up development environment• Set up customization system• Upgrade platform in development mode• Upgrade access method in development mode• Perform customizations• Merge new or changed security groups• Transport the RTR files• Make refinements/fixes• Conduct unit testing• “I had a high degree of confidence in Pivotal’s Professional Services team. One of the things I requested was that the same team lead this upgrade because they were so familiar with the earlier upgrade.” Pivotal Upgrade Customer
  3. 3. Test We test the system to verify it is functioning as specified in the statement of work. Plan tests• Set up test environment• Test condition/case development• Functional system testing• Deploy We work with you to meet your training and support needs. It’s ready for rollout and knowledge transfer begins. Prepare lists of steps for client implementation• Implement upgraded BM• Upgrade server software and platform code• Roll out customer access method upgrade• Upgrade deployment support• Upgrade server software and platform code• Learn More About Pivotal Professional Services Learn more about the wide range of implementation, optimization, and upgrade services that accelerate and increase return on your Pivotal CRM investment, while reducing total cost of ownership. Call us today at +1 877-PIVOTAL (+1 877-748-6825) or visit us at Copyright © CDC Software 2007.  All rights reserved. The CDC Software logo and Pivotal CRM logo are registered trademarks and/or trademarks of CDC Software.