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Pivotal CRM Research Services dramatically increases user efficiency and productivity with enhanced web-services support for direct access to Pivotal CRM-based customer information from applications in the Microsoft Office suite.

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pivotal research services

  1. 1. Pivotal Research Services™ Enabling an Integrated Front-OfficePivotal CRM Research Services dramatically Ubiquitous access to customer, prospect, and product data fromincreases user efficiency and productivitywith enhanced web-services support for common applications transforms CRM into an interactive datadirect access to Pivotal CRM-based customer repository, creating a unified desktop that integrates traditional officeinformation from applications in the Microsoft tools with CRM to drive new levels of user productivity and efficiency.Office suite. Transforming CRMThird-Party Application Support Traditionally, CRM has focused on empowering managers, not workers. Nowhere is this more• Microsoft Outlook® apparent than in sales organizations, where sales reps continue to employ a range of tools,• Microsoft Word® including word processors, spreadsheets, presentation software, and contact managers to create customer-facing documents and communications in isolation of the CRM system.• Microsoft Excel®• Microsoft PowerPoint® The key to creating a unified solution is integrating the productivity of traditional office tools with the customer focus of CRM. By allowing users to work in their application of choice, while• Microsoft Internet Explorer® leveraging CRM data that is made available to all applications—anywhere, anytime—companiesPivotal CRM Research Services allows users create a truly customer-centric organization.to quickly reference any data within the PivotalCRM enterprise database, including prospect, Microsoft Office® Integrationcustomer, and product data without the need Pivotal Research Services delivers a Web services-based integration with Microsoft Office®,to launch the Pivotal CRM Suite. designed to make any business document a potential gateway into the Pivotal CRM customer database. With or without a network connection, Pivotal Research Services provides one-click access to Pivotal CRM customer, prospect, and product data directly within Microsoft Word®, Microsoft Excel®, Microsoft PowerPoint®, Microsoft Outlook®, and Microsoft Internet Explorer®, delivering the right CRM information at the right time—quickly and easily. By expanding access to Pivotal CRM data to encompass common desktop applications, users can work in a single environment to reference customer information, construct ad-hoc reports, and create customer-facing communications. From initial contact to final proposal, users will never need more than one solution. The freedom to work in the office or on the road—in connected or disconnected environments—improves CRM user adoption and drives higher levels of productivity. Pivotal Research Services in Action One-click access to Pivotal CRM data from within MS Office. While working in Microsoft Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, or Internet Explorer, users can highlight any keyword and click on it to open a Research Pane, which displays relevant Pivotal CRM customer, prospect, or product data within Microsfot Office, in accordance with the security profile of the user. There’s no need to exit the Microsoft Office application or separately launch the Pivotal CRM Suite to make use of customer data. The Research Pane returns the results of a search conducted within the Pivotal CRM enterprise data, based on the keyword clicked. Users can: • Filter the results • Perform a new search • Send email to a contact • Link to related Web pages • Open the record within Pivotal CRM • Copy or insert text from search results into a document Pivotal CRM | Datasheet
  2. 2. Features Description Data Interaction Quick access to Pivotal CRM data from Microsoft Office applications, such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft Internet Explorer without the need to launch the Pivotal CRM Suite, allows users to stay focused on the task at hand. Offline Availability Users can access the local Pivotal CRM database on their laptop using Pivotal Mobile Client to reference customer, prospect and product data. Usability One-click access to Pivotal CRM data from the front-office tool of choice drives Pivotal CRM adoption by expanding the use of important CRM data. For more information, users can quickly pop the Pivotal CRM record or link to related websites. Productivity Results can be quickly filtered to locate relevant data, then copy or insert key information from the Research Pane into presentations, documents, e-mail, and spreadsheets with a single click. Fully Customizable Fields in the Research Pane can be configured to specify which appear and which are interactive.Learn more about Pivotal Research Services™To learn more about Pivotal CRM Research Services and how it can extend the value of your Pivotal CRM, call +1 877-PIVOTAL (+1 877-748-6825) orvisit us at http://www.pivotal.com.Copyright © CDC Software 2007. All rights reserved. The CDC Software logo and Pivotal CRM logo are registered trademarks and/or trademarks of CDC Software.