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Pivotal Upgrade Services brings together the tools, methodologies, and expertise necessary for a predictable, low-risk upgrade that protects your customization investment

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access method applicationupgrade us

  1. 1. Platform, Access Method, and Application Upgrade Plan a successful platform, access method, and application upgrade with Pivotal Upgrade ServicesThe benefits of upgrading with Pivotal Quickly adapting to changing business demands is an organizationalUpgrade Services: imperative; adaptive enterprises must facilitate quick moves and• Accelerate implementation: Shortens reactions with flexible technology that supports their objectives. Too the overall time and cost to implement often, however, the time and cost required to upgrade technology• Reduce risk: Draw on services, stands in the way of business agility. tools, and a phased methodology for a predictable outcome For the thousands of organizations that use Pivotal CRM technology, continuously keeping up with• Manage complexity: Benefit from the latest platform and application enhancements is an important step in that process. Businesses experience gained through hundreds wanting to upgrade their existing two- or three-tier implementation can quickly benefit from higher of implementations levels of productivity with the enhanced platform capabilities and functionality delivered in the latest application suite.To learn more about Pivotal UpgradeServices, contact your Account Manager To get the most out of the technology, customers considering an upgrade should take a numberat +1 877-748-6825 or of issues into • Making a smooth transition, whether from a two- or three-tier implementation • Managing the complexity of upgrading customizations and data • Developing new customizations on a three-tier implementation • Determining the level of integration that should be targeted • Delivering the performance and flexibility business users demand • Completing the upgrade within strict deadlines or with limited resources Pivotal Upgrade Services brings together the tools, methodologies, and expertise necessary for a predictable, low-risk upgrade that protects your customization investment. We can help to identify existing customizations and replicate them in the new implementation, providing the quickest way to gain from new functionality delivered in the latest platform and applications. We dramatically reduce the upgrade effort by allowing for the incorporation of new functionality into existing customizations. Learn how Pivotal Upgrade Services can help your company successfully transition to the most up-to-date features and functionality, available in the latest Pivotal CRM family of products. Pivotal CRM | Pivotal Professional Services
  2. 2. Why Upgrade to Pivotal 5.9? The Pivotal 5.9 CRM OpportunityEmpower your sales force by giving themaccess to key Pivotal CRM functionality Moving to the latest version of the Pivotal CRM platform and applications provideson their RIM BlackBerry® and ensuring exceptionally low total cost of ownership (TCO), ensuring businesses can quicklytheir PIM-based contacts, tasks, and customize, integrate, and deploy a solution to match their current and evolvingcalendar information are always up to business needs. Whether you implement one module at a time or the entire suite,date within Pivotal CRM. Pivotal CRM can help you drive productivity and user adoption by giving mobile• Expand market reach by leveraging sales, marketers, integrators, and customizers new and enhanced ways to solve SMS support and letting users enroll their their business problems. customers and prospects directly into marketing campaigns New and Enhanced Functionality• Encourage wider CRM usage Pivotal 5.9 delivers a RIM® BlackBerry®–resident Pivotal application for sales professionals on the by taking advantage of dramatic go; enhanced multi-channel marketing for more personalized communications; more standards- usability enhancements and new based options for integrating Pivotal CRM with other enterprise technologies; and more ways to user-interface capabilities tailor the Pivotal CRM user interface to your specific business requirements.• Reduce the cost and complexity of integration with improved Mobility integration tools, including the new Pivotal Handheld Pivotal Handheld enables mobile sales personnel to access key customer Web Services generator data and sales functionality on BlackBerry® Wireless Handheld™ mobile devices, regardless of whether a wireless network connection is available.• Optimize your implementation by Give your most valuable resources the ability to update their accounts and giving customizers more control over schedules whenever and wherever required, improving productivity and the user interface and greater flexibility shortening the sales cycle. to adapt to user demands Server-Based PIM Pivotal CRM provides both Pivotal Windows Client and Pivotal Rich Client Synchronization customers with easier, more flexible PIM synchronization and improved mobility. Intellisync for Pivotal 5.9 facilitates better mapping between PIM information and custom fields in the Pivotal CRM database, and it enables automated server-to-server synchronization of the local database with the main Pivotal CRM system. Marketing SMS Support Pivotal MarketFirst users can now deliver communications via short message service (SMS) directly to customer and prospect cell phones, offering greater flexibility in delivery channels and user preferences. Pivotal–MarketFirst Pivotal CRM users can now enroll contacts in MarketFirst campaigns and Contact Integration view interactions of enrolled contacts within campaigns. This feature enables sales users to enroll their prospects directly into the most appropriate campaigns and monitor their response. Call Scripting Pivotal Call Scripting is a full suite of easy-to-use script-authoring and execution tools that significantly expands the capabilities of your Pivotal CRM system. Ensure process and messaging consistency by scripting incoming and outgoing calls for telemarketing, sales, and customer service roles, devising sophisticated branching logic to prompt various responses and courses of action. Profit from greater consistency, control, and efficiency in your prospect and customer interactions. HTML-Based Pivotal CRM users of LetterExpress now have the option to send LetterExpress communications in HTML format, offering greater flexibility in the provision of rich content. Integration Interaction Connector PICUE offers an open, vendor-agnostic, and fully documented interface for – Universal Edition building integration between Pivotal and any telephony device (e.g., ACD, (PICUE) PBX, IVR, etc.) and/or customer interaction management system (e.g., i3’s CIC,® Cisco,® IPCC, etc.) XML Integration The XML Integration Connector provides support for Unicode, BizTalk® Connector 2004, XSD schema generation, and transaction rollback. It offers improved performance and scalability and improved resubmission and logging capabilities.
  3. 3. Web Services Pivotal’s Web Services generator allows any Pivotal CRM business object toGenerator be exposed and/or consumed as a Web Service, streamlining Web Services-based integration projects.Usability & UI EnhancementsWeb Segment Customizers can now embed web pages in any form, allowing them to insert useful web resources wherever they will be most useful.Tree Control Tree Control allows the display of related elements (e.g., who reports to whom within a company; whether companies are parents, subsidiaries, branch offices, etc.) in a hierarchical “tree” format, providing at-a-glance views of the relationships within and between companies.Search Results List The results of complex custom queries can be displayed directly in theSegment Pivotal SmartPortal, increasing personalization options and user adoption.Previous/Next Record Users can now navigate between records with a single click, saving time when reviewing multiple records.Recent Items Users can quickly and easily view and select the last few forms, records, or other items they have recently accessed, adding convenience. Pivotal CRM | Pivotal Professional Services
  4. 4. Technical and Operational ConsiderationsWhat does moving to the enhanced platform capabilities and functionalitydelivered in the latest application suite mean for your infrastructure? Upgradingto the latest platform and applications involves identifying existing customizationsand bringing them over to the new implementation. It also requires identifyingthe differences between your current implementation and the new functionalitydelivered in the latest products, allowing for the incorporation of new functionalityinto existing customizations.Pivotal Upgrade Services can help prioritize and move your customizations, as well as integrateyour system inside and outside of your organization, while protecting your company’s most valuableasset—your data—and all of the customizations that give it momentum in your organization.Determining Performance DemandsWhat are your workflow demands? Upgrading the Client and/or adding a Pivotal Business Server™will not grant access to the new functionality in the latest version of Pivotal CRM applications orCMS. In order to take advantage of Pivotal CRM features, you must upgrade to:• Pivotal Rich Client 5.9• Pivotal Business Server 5.9• Pivotal CMS 5.9 (to take advantage of new features such as Pivotal Handheld and Call Scripting)• Microsoft Office 2003, and• Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS)—the foundation of Pivotal CRM’s high-performance, web-based CRM applicationsPivotal Upgrade Services will review current hardware to ensure it meets the minimumsystem requirements.Understanding the Data Model: Flexible CRM ArchitectureWhat’s the advantage of Pivotal CRM’s platform? Thanks to an adaptive, flexible infrastructure, youhave more power to “scale up” and leverage Pivotal CRM’s platform to:• Realize cost-savings through a standards-based three-tier architecture that’s easy to rapidly customize, configure, and deploy• Make customizations to workflows and continue to make modifications when business needs change• Enhance interoperability with other business systems by introducing Internet-based standardsThe latest Pivotal CRM products support a three-tier architecture that features independentlayers for presentation services, business services, and data services. This architecture enablesorganizations to save substantial time and resources by centralizing application customization,development, and maintenance at the middle tier. Pivotal CRM | Pivotal Professional Services
  5. 5. Applications Rich Client Thin Client Wireless Client Windows Client Mobile ClientPresentation Services Tier(Client Tier) Browser-based Clients Clients Web Server Pivotal MarketFirst Server Intellisync for Pivotal ConnectorsBusiness Services Tier Pivotal Interaction Connectors Pivotal Toolkit Pivotal Integration Connectors Pivotal Administrator Pivotal Pivotal Pivotal Tools Extended Business Pivotal Connectors Servers ServerData Services Tier Business Module Enterprise DataFigure 1: Pivotal 3-tier CRM ArchitectureIf you run a Windows environment, when you make the decision to upgrade to the latestPivotal platform and applications, you should consider both the skills available to assist in theimplementation and the performance demands of the new system. Because the business logiccan run on the middle tier, porting Application Server Rules (ASRs) may require a Visual Basicspecialist to fine tune the three-tier model. As well, system optimization should be revisited toreach the highest level of performance.Presentation Services TierPivotal CRM offers feature-rich, interactive transactional support in a self-installing, self-administering, self-maintaining client that has the intelligence to perform appropriate levels ofclient-side processing to increase performance and allow for variation in user-level customization.Business Services TierAt the middle tier lies the Pivotal Business Server, an XML-based, three-tier transaction-processingplatform. This tier receives input from the presentation services tier, interacts with the data servicestier to perform data-level transactions, and sends results back to the presentation tier. ThePivotal Business Server enables support for customer and partner self-service, as well as e-mailintegration, Pivotal Handheld, and research services.Data Services TierThe data services tier works the same way for both Pivotal Windows and Pivotal Rich Client,storing and retrieving data and metadata collected in the Business Module (BM) and EnterpriseCustomer Data (ED) database.Mixed-Mode EnvironmentRunning in a mixed-mode environment comes with several benefits. You can retain all of yourPivotal CRM applications currently in place, while incrementally implementing and deployingfunctionality offered by Pivotal CRM’s latest products without disrupting current business. Youalso have the option of testing our three-tier architecture without having to commit to a three-tiermigration. In this way, Pivotal Windows Client customers can use existing Pivotal Sales/Servicebusiness rules to bring Pivotal eService and ePartner online, and then use the experience gainedin creating three-tier customizations to migrate two-tier versions of Pivotal Sales and Pivotal Serviceto three-tier. Without the “big-bang” approach, you can incrementally migrate each applicationfrom two-tier to three-tier, taking it at a pace that suits your business. Pivotal CRM | Pivotal Professional Services
  6. 6. Presentation Mobile Mobile (Workflow) Wireless Rich Windows Rich Windows eService ePartner Client Client Client Client Client Application (Rules and IIS IIS Services) XML XML IIS Pivotal Pivotal Business SyncStream Server Pivotal Integration Engine Data Internet LAN RAS/VPN ERP Pivotal DataFigure 2: Mixed-Mode DeploymentNumerous access methods and architectures may coexist in this deployment. Figure 2 shows howcustomers, partners, and employees are served with a single Pivotal CRM/PRM solution throughthe n-tier architecture, providing support for rich Win32 UI, wireless, and “thin” browser-basedaccess for other users.Determining the Level of CustomizationWhich of your current customizations must be retained? The platform and applications upgrade istypically straightforward. Even if you have a heavily customized system, all of your customizationscan stay exactly the same—they easily transport into the new system.Pivotal Upgrade Services offers an efficient way to move your customizations. First, we utilizethe Pivotal CRM Toolkit, which includes the CMS Compare Utility, designed to determine thedifferences between your current and target upgrade CMS, facilitating the transfer of previouscustomizations. These files help minimize the tasks involved in the upgrade process: there’s noneed for line-by-line manual comparisons, no need to create transport files, and no need to rewritecustomized business objects.Transferring customizations is simple, but it can only take you so far. Pivotal Professional Servicescan help you to identify which customizations are dated, which ones need to be retained, andwhich should be created as you move forward. Where possible, Pivotal Upgrade Services mayreplace custom functionality with the new standard functionality in the latest versions of the product.Decisions regarding duplicate customizations need to be thoroughly analyzed and evaluated.Although customizations are easily handled and transported in the upgrade, you may want toreview your business objects and application server rules (ASRs) to ensure they provide thedesired functionality. Any new custom workflows are created using Visual Basic scripting or .NETlanguages such as C# and Microsoft Visual Basic .NET.Determining the Integration EffortHow integrated is your business now? If you’re integrated to a great degree, your upgrade maybe a little more challenging.Pivotal Business Server supports both Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) andBusiness-to-Business integration (B2Bi), providing a set of tools, an integration interface,and a configuration client. Pivotal CRM | Pivotal Professional Services
  7. 7. Pivotal CRM integration capabilities support open internet standards, middleware, and webservices, facilitating the seamless, bi-directional exchange of data and process integrationbetween Pivotal CRM and third-party applications using HTTP. It also supports XML- and SOAP-based web services, providing a complete set of integration options. Finally, it can execute OLEControl Extension (OCX) components, which means that it’s backwards compatible with existingWindows integrations.Pivotal CRM’s new products include all the integration capabilities of previous releases and more.Existing integrations based on previous versions of Pivotal CRM’s integration-product suite shouldcontinue to perform as expected after the appropriate product upgrade/migration steps havebeen completed. Pivotal CRM | Pivotal Professional Services
  8. 8. Social ConsiderationsHow easily will your organization adapt to change? You may need to factor intraining for your administrators and end users.Customizing the User InterfaceDo your employees personalize their Windows client? The Pivotal SmartPortal is the primaryinterface for users to interact with the Pivotal CRM system. Users can pick and choose informationfrom the Pivotal CRM system—information that’s important to them—thereby personalizing theirworkspace in order to work faster and smarter.Pivotal CRM delivers a documented SmartPortal plug-in API that allows customizers with VisualBasic skills to extend the out of the box SmartPortal functionality by creating “portlets.” In thisway, customizers can quickly and economically provide users with both internal and external datafeeds—everything from a current list of critical SIs to warehouse inventory checks to back-endfinancial data and in-context news feeds—creating a true corporate portal: a single point of accessto all relevant data that drives user adoption, productivity, and efficiency.Leveraging Real-Time Mobile TechnologyHave you deployed Pivotal Mobile Sales? Pivotal CRM brings major enhancements to our best-in-class Pivotal Mobile Sales solution by allowing mobile employees to work offline just as they wouldwork online (same UI; same functionality). It also delivers Microsoft Outlook integration, allowingyour mobile sales force to increase their productivity and efficiency by creating and managing theire-mail while offline. And with Pivotal Handheld, users are able to access key Pivotal CRM data ontheir RIM® BlackBerry® handheld devices.Optimizations of the synchronization algorithm have resulted in quicker sync times. As well,new administration tools increase the reliability of mobile systems, while lowering administrationcosts. Administrators benefit from more diagnostic tools, streamlined installation procedures,silent-install support, and new administrator views that allow at-a-glance mobile-client diagnosisof issues. These enhancements, including automatic synchronization of data changes in thebackground, allow you to expand your existing mobile deployments without the need for moreadministrative resources.Providing TrainingWill your end-users and administrators require any training? Pivotal Education provides a numberof training courses for customers who want to ensure their administrators and users understandhow to take advantage of the new features and functionality associated with the latest versions ofPivotal CRM products.Please refer to the Pivotal CRM Customer Portal ( for an up-to-date menuand description of current course offerings (login required). Pivotal CRM | Pivotal Professional Services
  9. 9. Upgrade Services from Pivotal Professional ServicesPivotal Professional Services can help plan and implement a successful upgrade tothe latest platform and applications. We will work with you to analyze your businessneeds—finding the most efficient way to represent needed functionality. We canwork with you to preset ROI targets from the outset. And because we know theplatform and work directly with Pivotal CRM R&D, we can best ensure your systemis operating at peak performance.Optimizing the UpgradePivotal Upgrade Services helps companies ease the move to the latest platform and applications.We bring together the tools, methodologies, and expertise necessary for a predictable, low-riskupgrade. This program can help reduce the cost and time to complete the transition, managesthe complexity of transporting customizations and data, and accelerates the ability to drivebusiness results.Pivotal Upgrade Services ensure predictable costs, backed up by fixed priced proposals thatminimize risk. Pivotal CRM consultants have years of experience providing successful upgrades tohundreds of Pivotal CRM customers in many industries, accelerating the time to full user adoptionand ensuring successful knowledge transfer.For more information about Pivotal’s Upgrade Services, North American customers can contacttheir Account Manager at +1 877-748-6825 or Internationalcustomers should send an e-mail to the EffortHow quickly can the upgrade take place? When it comes to upgrading your current Pivotal CRMimplementation, there are numerous details and options to consider. Though it depends onwhether there is a need to create new customizations, on average upgrading takes 250 hours.Once the project goal has been determined, Pivotal Upgrade Services can help you identify whichcustomizations are dated, which should be retained, and which have already been addressed bythe new features and functionality available in the latest versions of our platform and applications.You will receive a complete report of the functions to be migrated, along with an upgrade projectplan and a comprehensive statement of work for the effort.Using a Proven MethodologyWhat steps streamline the upgrade? Pivotal CRM’s Solution Development Centers help companiesreduce the cost of upgrading, including costs for any development and customization. OurSolution Development Centers provide an unrivaled combination of customization tools anddevelopment experience, as well as a dedicated project environment. Through them, you receiveour full expertise and best practices, along with the skills and tools necessary to deploy and testyour Pivotal CRM system in only four weeks.4-Step Migration ProcessStep 1: Create RTR File • Determine CMS Version • Set up three systems on the Test Server • Run the CMS Compare UtilityStep 2: Upgrade the ANM, DSM, and OSM services on master and satellite computersStep 3: Upgrade Pivotal software on LAN and mobile workstations • Uninstall r99 client and reinstall new Pivotal clientStep 4: Upgrade Pivotal CRM software on mobile workstations or send out Rich Client link • Restore the customization module • Roll out the backup system • Import transporter file • Apply customization changes • Upgrade from offline Pivotal CRM | Pivotal Professional Services
  10. 10. Determining License Requirements Does anything change from a licensing perspective? For the vast majority of customers, existing licenses can be converted in a simple, straightforward manner, without requiring the purchase of new licenses. The Pivotal Business Server license is free of charge to those customers with current maintenance and support contracts. Thinking About the Future You hear a lot of talk about business agility, but what does this really mean? Business agility requires a flexible, adaptive CRM infrastructure that allows your business to manage, control, and optimize the impact of change. Businesses planning for tomorrow have a unique window to gain a competitive advantage by extending the bounds of the enterprise—by ensuring employees in the field, local partners’ reps, and suppliers’ warehouses, anywhere in the world, can seamlessly interact to drive new business. Microsoft’s .NET platform provides the ability to adapt at the pace of business change by quickly building, deploying, and connecting secure, manageable solutions. Businesses can take advantage of Microsoft .NET’s Smart Client and web services capabilities, as well as a new programming framework that translates into greater developer productivity, greater system interoperability, and the ability to break down barriers to business between business users. Pivotal CRM is adopting the .NET technology stack. Pivotal CRM products are being designed to improve visibility of the customer across the extended enterprise by making CRM data available to all systems and users, independent of location, device, and connection. Pivotal CRM customers have begun to benefit from Microsoft’s .NET platform for developing, integrating, and deploying applications. Web services is the key to ensuring interoperability between disparate systems, both within and beyond traditional enterprise boundaries. By embedding standards-based web services within the Pivotal CRM platform, Pivotal CRM users can cost-effectively facilitate interaction between customers, partners, and the supply chain. Our next enabling platform—Pivotal 6.0—will be highly flexible, leveraging Microsoft’s Smart Client and Visual Studio IDE. It will offer built-in Web Services to integrate with front-office, back-office, and legacy applications. Pivotal 6.0 is currently expected to be made available to customers for investigation and new deployments in the first half of 2007. Pivotal Professional Services Pivotal CRM strives to help organizations achieve meaningful CRM results by delivering a collaborative and flexible set of services that are designed to meet the unique requirements of each Pivotal CRM customer. Drawing on our extensive technical and industry knowledge and proven methodologies, we give companies the speed and predictability of a CRM solution completed on time, on budget, and customized to each customers unique way of doing business. Learn more about the wide range of implementation, optimization, and upgrade services that accelerate and increase return on your Pivotal CRM investment, while reducing total cost of ownership. Contact us at 1-877-748-6825 or Customers outside of North America should send an e-mail to the Pivotal Step with Platform, Access Method, and Application UpgradeContact a Pivotal CRM representative today to learn more about how we can address your unique needs. Call +1 877-PIVOTAL (1-877-748-6825)or visit us at © CDC Software 2007. All rights reserved. The CDC Software logo and Pivotal CRM logo are registered trademarks and/or trademarks of CDC Software.