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The Journey to Enterprise PaaS (Cloud Foundry Summit 2014)


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Keynote delivered by James Watters, Vice President of Product, Marketing, and Ecosystem for Cloud Foundry at the Cloud Foundry Summit 2014.

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The Journey to Enterprise PaaS (Cloud Foundry Summit 2014)

  1. 1. © 2014
  2. 2. THE JOURNEY TO ENTERPRISE PAAS James Watters VP of Product, Cloud Foundry & Pivotal CF
  3. 3. ~1000
  4. 4. Software Kept Eating the World…..
  5. 5. Software Kept Changing Industries $3.5B valuation Financial Services $3.5B valuation Travel & Hospitality $19.5B valuation Transportation $3.2B Acquisition by Google Home Automation $20B valuation Entertainment $26B valuation Tesla--Automotive
  6. 6. Traditional IT is Being Disrupted
  7. 7. This Generation of Developers Have New Values  Agile teams and rapid iteration  Continuous delivery, no planned downtime  Horizontally scalability (data and app)  Micro-Services, standardized service binding and discovery  First class Mobile support  Deep user analytics
  8. 8. Netflix Cloud Evolution: First Step IaaS
  9. 9. Netflix Cloud Evolution: Next Step PaaS
  10. 10. IaaS without PaaS capabilities becoming a dying breed In 2014... IaaS providers with no PaaS services…and no ecosystem of developers will go the way of the dodo bird The single most powerful thing you can do this year is to enable your developers with a fast and flexible PaaS. Cloud Foundry fits the bill nicely, and the ease of deployment is the same whether you're deploying a Node.js prototype or a Java project with scads of external services.
  11. 11.  Screen shot of Dev Console – pointing out simple abstraction  Demo Focus on Application and Services..
  12. 12. DEVELOPER OPERATOR Nov 15 2014: Everything Changed--Pivotal CF App Deployment: 30-90 seconds Auto-select runtimes Deploy app Select and bind middleware Scale app Cloud Deployment: 2-4 hours Establish infrastructure Provision Add capacity Control Auth, Policies, HA
  13. 13. Get Ready For the Third Platform
  14. 14. Largest Acquisition in Google History?
  15. 15. The “Nest” Disruptive Application Pattern • Change an industry by combining – Highly personalized, interactive web/mobile experience – “Disruptive” insights derived from data collection, aggregation, analytics – Changes both consumer and supplier patterns
  16. 16. Netflix Followed The Nest Disruption Pattern • How did they transform from a mail-order business? – “Speed wins in the marketplace” – “Microservices for speed and availability” – “Simple patterns automated by PaaS”
  17. 17. Core Application Patterns Are Changing
  18. 18. A Multi-Cloud 3rd Platform: Pivotal CF Multi-Cloud Declarative Service Deployment, Operations Elastic managed runtime service integrated into leading data services; all scaled and managed by CF BOSH Elastic Runtime Agile Microservices Elastic Hadoop Jenkins Service (CI) Google Redis PCF Operations Manager (CF-BOSH) VMware EC2OpenStack Rabbit MQ KV Store Mobile MBaaS
  19. 19. GE Invests $105M Into Pivotal Platform • GE Predix platform powered by Cloud Foundry and Pivotal Hadoop • 41 diverse applications from across GE divisions targeted for 2014 production deployment • Bringing the disruptive “Nest” pattern to every GE industrial division with Cloud Foundry
  20. 20. Pivotal CF: Cloud Independent Software Delivery Simple, Developer Friendly Commands and API • CF Push [Appfile] • CF Push [Docker] • CF Push [.NET] • Or IDE based control, Eclipse, STS, Intellij,etc. Operational Benefits for Every Application • Instant Dynamic Routing • Streaming Logging Agg • ID/team/RBAC/Policy • Application performance management • Auto-scaling, scheduling • Four layers of built-in Availability and health management Built-in and Ecosystem Services • MySQL HA • Redis • Rabbit MQ • HAWQ Analytics • Elastic Pivotal HD • Elastic Search • Mobile Back End • Jenkins • Cassandra Deploy, Operate Update, Scale Platform on Any IaaS
  21. 21. © 2014