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The Cloud Native Journey


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The ability to deliver software is no longer a differentiator. In fact, it is a basic requirement for survival. Companies that embrace cloud native patterns of software delivery will survive; companies that don’t - will not.

In this webinar, we will:

- Look at the common patterns that distinguish cloud native companies and the architectures that they employ.

- Discover that an opinionated platform, one that stretches from the infrastructure all the way to the application framework, rather than ad-hoc automation, is an essential component to an enterprise's cloud native journey.

- Show that the combination of Pivotal Cloud Foundry and Spring is the complete cloud native platform.

Faiz Parkar
As Director of Product Marketing for Pivotal in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region, Faiz Parkar loves working at the intersection of cloud native platforms, big data/analytics and agile application development to help organisations deliver compelling data-driven software experiences for their customers. With more than 25 years experience in the IT industry, Faiz has helped organisations large and small to take advantage of technology transitions from proprietary systems to client/server, from physical infrastructure to virtual, and from virtual infrastructure to cloud. His mission now is to help organisations accelerate their digital transformation journey and reinvent themselves as the digital leaders of the future.

Published in: Technology
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The Cloud Native Journey

  1. 1. Cloud Native Journey Faiz Parkar Director, Product Marketing Pivotal EMEA @_CloudNinja
  3. 3. EXPERIENCES ARE BEING REIMAGINED See a Doctor in minutes at a time and location that suits you Get offers for stuff you like when you’re where you can buy Get meals from the best local restaurants in under 10 minutes
  4. 4. must be built, they can’t be bought. Superior digital experiences
  5. 5. 75% of application development supporting digital business will be built not bought by 2020 Source: Gartner
  6. 6. In a world of digital interactions, organizations will deliver business innovation through software: Every business will be a software business
  7. 7. Software is your core differentiator  In-sourcing software development  Shift from off the shelf to custom purpose-built  Building internal expertise in modern software development approaches “In the past 90% of car value was in hardware, we expect 50% of value will be in hardware and the other 50% divided by software and experiences” Don Butler Executive Director, Connected Vehicles
  8. 8. HOW TO BECOME A “SOFTWARE COMPANY”? Innovate Automate Record Mainframe / PC / Web IT Mode 1 Safety, Accuracy 1960 IT Mode 2 Exploratory, Rapid, Non-linear Record, Automate, Learn Cloud-Native Cloud / Mobile / IoT Innovate Iterate 2000 2016 “BIMODAL IT” (GARTNER)
  9. 9. So what do the Cloud Natives do? $6B $50B $41B $25B $33.5B
  11. 11. Continuous Delivery
  12. 12. Delivery Continuous
  13. 13. Day One Day Two and Beyond Deliver Continuously
  14. 14. Continuously Delivered Microservices Loosely coupled service oriented architecture with bounded contexts If every service has to be updated in concert, it’s not loosely coupled! If you have to know about surrounding services you don’t have a bounded context.
  15. 15. Cloud native and microservice models are moving into the Fortune 500 “Two people built an app and got it into the App Store in five weeks” “I said to my vendors, I don’t want five years ago. I want five years from now. “The adopters we speak to today, like GE, HP, Equinix, PayPal, Capital One, Goldman Sachs, Airbnb, Medallia, Square, and Xoom say that microservices are well worth the tradeoffs.”
  16. 16. Cloud Native • Microservices architecture • API-first design • Fault-tolerant and resilient design • Cloud-agnostic runtime implementation • Bundled metrics and monitoring • Proactive failure testing Cloud Resilient Cloud Friendly Cloud Ready • No permanent disk access • Self-contained application • Platform-managed ports and networking • Consumes platform-managed backing services • 12 Factor App methodology • Horizontally scalable • Leverages platform for high availability Cloud Native Maturity Model
  17. 17. Azure VMware vSphere Seneca Application Frameworks Container Schedulers Automation Tools Cloud Technology Bingo Spring Boot Seneca Ruby on Rails Dropwizard Mesos ChronosDocker Kubernetes SALT Chef Puppet Ansible Cloud adoption with non-cloud native applications, unopinionated tools and adhoc automation Amazon Web Services OpenStack Cloud Infrastructure
  18. 18. the ratio of app developers to platform developers at “web scale” companies
  20. 20. Application Framework Infrastructure Automation Platform Runtime Language framework for microservice-based architectures including components for service discovery, metrics and circuit breakers. Application container runtime with attachable backing services, automated CI/CD, routing, health management and logging. A single deployment API for provisioning for bit-for-bit, consistent, self- healing deployments across any private or public cloud. Dev Dev Ops Ops Spring Cloud Spring Boot BOSH Cloud Foundry Pivotal Cloud Foundry Pivotal Contract: 12 Factor Application Contract: BOSH Release
  24. 24. 24 IAAS PAAS Cloud Platform Evolution BEFORE Virtualization Platform Operating System Database Web Server Messaging Your Application Code Physical Servers App AFTE R Infrastructure concerns Technology silos Matrix of specialization Business focus All about the applications Line-of-sight to customers App App
  25. 25. Cloud Foundry: The Industry’s Open Cloud Standard Gold Silver Platinum T E A M
  26. 26. Container Scheduling Application Framework ServicesPlatform Runtime Routing DatabaseConfigurationService Discovery Big Data Object Storage Mobile Build CI User ProvidedLogging & Metrics Messaging Circuit Breakers12 Factor Apps RESTful Services Microservices .NETSpring Boot Node.jsRuby on Rails Operations Zero Downtime Deployments Failover & Recovery Scaling Security Patching Platform Upgrades Infrastructure OpenStack AmazonVMware
  27. 27. 27 Cloud Native DevOps Continuous Delivery ContainersMicro services
  28. 28. Flexibility without getting locked in “It’s definitely around speed to market, but it’s also about getting it right faster” “Should the bank elect to use public cloud services… we don’t have to touch the apps to do it” “Bank provisioned 2 transaction processing apps onto Cloud Foundry in half a day” George Sherman CIO Global Technology Infrastructure
  29. 29. Faster Time to Market People have taken notice of the rapid rate in which we’re able to deliver applications. With Cloud Foundry we’ve transitioned to a situation where those same people who were moving files before may be managing Cloud Foundry Ops manager in a role of being a partner instead of being a barrier. MyHealth By Humana Delivered: 2.5 months Cue by Humana Delivered: 5 weeks “ ”
  30. 30. “Think of a product on a Monday and deliver on Friday.”
  31. 31. - Richard Leurig, SVP Innovation Development Center “Moving to a Cloud Native Platform is more than a technological transformation. It’s a new way to develop products… It’s the most exciting thing we’ve done in the last 12 months.”
  32. 32. “Now with Cloud Foundry and Pivotal, operations that used to take weeks can take minutes or less.” - Francois Andry, Sr. Director of Architecture, HealthSuite Digital Platform
  33. 33. Cloud Native Platform to Transform your Enterprise BUSINESS • Align IT with business goals • Respond to changes in marketplace quickly • Capture new business opportunities DEVELOPMENT • Self-service with automated provisioning • Rapidly iterate, deploy to production faster • Framework with integrated tools OPERATIONS • Operational agility • Deploy consistent platforms with application visibility • High availability with instant scaling
  34. 34. How to get started on your Cloud Native journey
  35. 35. Let’s build something MEANINGFUL