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MongoDB-as-a-Service on Pivotal Cloud Foundry


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SpringOne Platform 2016'
Speakers: Mallika Iyer; Principal Software Engineer, Pivotal & Sam Weaver; Product Manager, MongoDB

The ability to provide your organization with multiple data services on a platform like Pivotal Cloud Foundry is very powerful, and increases the agility of the organization as a whole, when developers are able to provision data services on demand, and all of this is completely transparent to the system operators. This session will cover a very brief overview of Pivotal Cloud Foundry, and will then deep dive into running MongoDB as a managed service on this platform. The MongoDB service for Pivotal Cloud Foundry leverages the capabilities of Bosh 2.0 for on-demand-dynamic provisioning for services while maintaining an integration with MongoDB's Cloud Ops Manager, to provide the best of both - Pivotal Cloud Foundry and MongoDB.

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MongoDB-as-a-Service on Pivotal Cloud Foundry

  1. 1. Transforming How the World Builds Software Mallika Iyer Sam Weaver Principal Software Engineer Product Manager Global Ecosystem Engineering @ Pivotal MongoDb @cloudfoundryart @samuel_weaver
  2. 2. •  The next 30 minutes… •  What is MongoDb? •  What is Pivotal Cloud Foundry? •  How can I run MongoDB on Pivotal Cloud Foundry? •  Demo •  Q/A
  3. 3. What is MongoDB?
  4. 4. Relational Expressive Query Language & Secondary Indexes Strong Consistency Enterprise Management & Integrations
  5. 5. The World Has Changed Data Risk Time Cost
  6. 6. NoSQL Scalability & Performance Always On, Global Deployments FlexibilityExpressive Query Language & Secondary Indexes Strong Consistency Enterprise Management & Integrations
  7. 7. Nexus Architecture Scalability & Performance Always On, Global Deployments FlexibilityExpressive Query Language & Secondary Indexes Strong Consistency Enterprise Management & Integrations
  8. 8. 4th Most Popular, Fastest Growing RANK DBMS MODEL SCORE GROWTH (20 MO) 1. Oracle Relational DBMS 1,442 -5% 2. MySQL Relational DBMS 1,294 2% 3. Microsoft SQL Server Relational DBMS 1,131 -10% 4. MongoDB Document Store 277 172% 5. PostgreSQL Relational DBMS 273 40% 6. DB2 Relational DBMS 201 11% 7. Microsoft Access Relational DBMS 146 -26% 8. Cassandra Wide Column 107 87% 9. SQLite Relational DBMS 105 19% Source: DB-engines database popularity rankings; May 2015
  9. 9. 15,000,000+ MongoDB Downloads 400,000+ Online Education Students 40,000+ MongoDB Cloud Manager Users 35,000+ MongoDB User Group Members 1,000+ Technology and Services Partners 2,000+ Customers Across All Industries The Largest Ecosystem
  10. 10. MongoDB Compass MongoDB Connector for BI MongoDB Enterprise Server MongoDB Enterprise Advanced 24x7Support (1hourSLA) CommercialLicense (NoAGPLCopyleftRestrictions) Platform Certifications MongoDB Ops Manager Monitoring & Alerting Query Optimization Backup & Recovery Automation & Configuration Schema Visualization Data Exploration Ad-Hoc Queries Visualization Analysis Reporting Authorization Auditing Encryption (In Flight & at Rest) Authentication REST APIEmergency Patches Customer Success Program On-Demand Online Training Warranty Limitation of Liability Indemnification
  11. 11. What is Pivotal Cloud Foundry?
  12. 12. Cloud Foundry Haiku “Here is my source code Run it on the cloud for me I do not care how” -Onsi Fakhouri
  13. 13. Pivotal Cloud Foundry is… •  Based on Cloud Foundry – the leading Open Source Platform-as-a-service •  Enterprise-ready, cloud-native •  Language , framework and IaaS agnostic •  Manages VMs and containers •  Orchestrates applications and data services •  Horizontal ,vertical and auto scaling
  14. 14. Cloud Foundry Services Haiku “Here is my (legacy/non-cloud-native) data service Run it on the cloud for me I do not care how”
  15. 15. Running MongoDB on Pivotal Cloud Foundry
  16. 16. Let’s go through some definitions •  Service Broker – is the component of the service that implements the service broker API •  Service Broker API – The API that must be implemented to integrate a service with Cloud Foundry •  Cloud Controller – provides the REST API endpoints for clients to access the system, and maintains a database (CCDB) with tables for orgs, spaces, services, user roles, etc. •  Router – routes the traffic coming into Cloud Foundry to the appropriate component
  17. 17. Bosh 2.0 •  Bosh 2.0 – Cloud Foundry orchestration layer that does •  Advanced real-time dynamic provisioning and deployment of software over hundred's of VM’s •  Release engineering •  Deployment •  Lifecycle management •  Monitoring •  Failure recovery •  Software updates with zero-to-minimal downtime •  Which means – legacy, NoSQL and non-cloud native databases, like MongoDB can now run on Pivotal Cloud Foundry
  18. 18. Why On Demand Dynamic Provisioning? -  Leverages Bosh 2.0 to dynamically provision a MongoDB-Cluster on demand -  Leverages Bosh Links by making the Bosh Director* responsible for IP management *Core orchestrating component of Bosh, controlling the VM creation, deployment, other s/w and lifecycle events
  19. 19. > cf marketplace > cf create- service > cf bind- service > cf unbind- service > cf delete- service CCDB Service Broker Service Plans (single node, single- replica-set, sharded, etc...) IaaS Services APIRouter Cloud Controller Fetch Catalog Provision De-Provision Create Binding Delete Binding On Demand VM Creation… VM Deletion... The On-Demand Service Broker Workflow
  20. 20. MongoDB - On Demand Service as a Pivotal Cloud FoundryTile -  Pivotal Cloud Foundry / Bosh 2.0 to leverage on-demand dynamic service provisioning + -  MongoDb Enterprise Ops Manager for the cluster configuration and monitoring capabilities
  21. 21. MongoDB - On Demand Service as a Pivotal Cloud FoundryTile -  Provision the IAAS resources during service instance creation -  Everything packaged into a “tile” that runs on Pivotal Cloud Foundry on any IAAS
  22. 22. Demo
  23. 23. Let’s build something great