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Continuous Everything in a Multi-cloud and Multi-platform Environment


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This presentation is all about Concourse, Spinnaker, Harbor and Pivotal Build Service, and how combining these tools can help you build an efficient, secure, and trusted container pipeline.

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Continuous Everything in a Multi-cloud and Multi-platform Environment

  1. 1. © Copyright 2019 Pivotal Software, Inc. All rights Reserved. Mohamed Ramdani Platform Architect Alexandre Roman Platform Architect November 2019 Continuous Everything in a multi-cloud and multi- platform environment Dev Test Days 2019
  2. 2. #Hello Mohamed Ramdani Platform Architect, Pivotal Alexandre Roman Platform Architect, Pivotal @Alexandre_Roman
  3. 3. Kubernetes is the new IaaS
  4. 4. Pivotal Container Service (PKS) or Any Kubernetes Run short-lived or long-lived workloads Pivotal Function Service Securely assemble, deploy, and update code Pivotal Build Service Consume on- or off-platform services Pivotal Services Marketplace Get observability and routing as a managed service Pivotal Ingress Router Use supported Java, Spring and Tomcat Pivotal Spring Runtime Individual Modules: solve specific developer problems
  5. 5. Operator Efficiency: Build Service k8s base (PKS) Complete lifecycle automation of k8s clusters across clouds, with support for tenancy, networking, patching & upgrades Platform Security Innovative engineering of extensive automation and go-fast-to- stay-safe approach. Pivotal Application Services (PAS) Pivotal Platform is a unified platform for running applications and services on Kubernetes. Pivotal Application Service Build Service Spring Runtime Marketplace Service Mesh VMware Openstack AWS Google AzureMulti-Cloud Function Service Build Service allows developers to push code without creating a Dockerfile. Operators standardize on Docker images for Day 2 updates and management. Uses buildpacks and images which are automatically updated.
  6. 6. Layers of a Running Container App (Your Biz Code) App dependent Libs App Runtime (Tomcat) RootFS (Container Base Layer) Virtual Machine + OS Container Orchestrator + Engine infrastructure container
  7. 7. App (Your Biz Code) App dependent Libs App Runtime (Tomcat) RootFS (Container Base Layer) Virtual Machine + OS Container Orchestrator + Engine Layers of a Container You Config & MaintainYou Write infrastructure container
  8. 8. Container Image & Build App (Your Biz Code) App dependent Libs App Runtime (Tomcat) RootFS (Container) Virtual Machine PKS + PBS PKSCustomer Container Orchestrator App (Your Biz Code) App dependent Libs App Runtime (Tomcat) RootFS (Container) Virtual Machine Hosted K8s (ex: AKS/EKS) Hosted K8sCustomer Container Orchestrator PBS
  9. 9. Pluggable, modular tools that translate source code into OCI images. ➔ Portability via the OCI standard ➔ Greater modularity ➔ Faster builds ➔ Reproducible image builds ➔ Unprivileged containers ➔ Collaboration with Heroku ➔ CNCF Sandbox project Cloud Native Buildpacks (CNB) Bring Developer Productivity to K8s
  10. 10. Pivotal Build Service: CNB + Enterprise Features Automated Image Updates ➔ Declarative configuration model ➔ New images are delivered to your registry whenever configuration falls out of sync. ➔ Consistent and up to date container images. Operator Control ➔ Restricting buildpack usage in the apps they supervise. ➔ Create build configurations for different groups of developers within the org. ➔ These configs would govern the buildpacks that any given dev is allowed to use. Image Promotion—No Rebuild Required ➔ A more intelligent approach to image updating. ➔ Developers can promote images through environments.
  11. 11. Continuous Delivery of business value with Spinnaker
  12. 12. Why Continuous Delivery? Continuous Integration? Continuous Delivery? Continuous Deployment????
  13. 13. Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software — Rule Number 1 - Agile Manifesto (2001)
  14. 14. Current State Do you celebrate your deployment in production as a birthday?
  15. 15. Guess what, the situation is getting worse
  16. 16. Future State
  17. 17. Your team has to manage many apps across many platforms across many cloud and many regions Problem #1
  18. 18. Change Change Change Change SVC 1 SVC 2 SVC 3 Provider A Zone X Provider B Zone Y Provider C Zone Z Cloud Deployments are Complex
  19. 19. Speed vs Confidence Problem #2 No stress
  20. 20. Operators have to manage services across many platforms Problem #3 I need to quickly fix this CVE...with confidence..
  21. 21. Continuous Delivery Foundation Yet another Foundation 2011 2018 20192014 15M+ users 200K servers Coming from Hudson Born as CI then CD Designed for modern apps on k8s “Jenkins X is really how everyone will use Jenkins at some point” Jenkins X Pipelines based on Tekton Kube-native CI/CD Pipeline/Tasks are CRDs You will know more soon!
  22. 22. Spinnaker 7 years story “We want to provide guardrails, not gates.” —Dianne Marsh, Netflix 2012 2019 Netflix built Asgard for managing cloud- based applications and infrastructure Netflix expanded Asgard ideas and introduced Spinnaker internally Spinnaker open sourced Spinnaker community grows Canary analysis and chaos monkey added to Spinnaker Pivotal becomes third largest contributor to Spinnaker OSS Spinnaker joins Continuous Delivery Foundation 2014
  23. 23. Spinnaker is an OSS Multi-Cloud Delivery Platform
  24. 24. Provide abstraction with Application Centric Control Plane =
  25. 25. Spinnaker Concepts
  26. 26. Multi Cloud / Foundation / Account / Region View
  27. 27. What about confidence?
  28. 28. Manual Judgment - Meet your users where they are
  29. 29. Manage / Minimize your risk...
  30. 30. ..with the proper Deployment Strategies “We want to provide smart defaults” —Dianne Marsh, Netflix
  31. 31. “If everything seems under control, you’re just not going fast enough” —Mario Andretti
  32. 32. Multiple Application Versions for Rollback
  33. 33. Demo Time
  34. 34. Build Service Prod Cluster Concourse CI Git Repository Harbor ity Spinnaker CD Monitor for code commit Ephemeral cluster Commit your code Upload to container registry Monitor for package and deploy app Dev Cluster Prod Cluster Production cluster DEMO: Continuous Deployment of a Spring Boot app to PKS Pivotal Container Service (PKS)Spring Boot Build Testing Docker Image Security Validation 1 2 Concourse and Spinnaker are deployed with Helm Charts to run in a third cluster on PKS. Build a Docker image with no Dockerfile
  35. 35. Resources Get the pipeline
  36. 36. Transforming how the world builds software © Copyright 2019 Pivotal Software, Inc. All rights Reserved.