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A Tale of Two Ladies: On Generating Opportunity for Women in Tech


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SpringOne Platform 2016
Speaker: Cornelia Davis; Sr. Director of Technology, Pivotal

Cornelia Davis talks about how she came to technology, the path many other women face, and how we can be good models and encourage women to pursue computer science.

Published in: Technology
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A Tale of Two Ladies: On Generating Opportunity for Women in Tech

  1. 1. Placeholder for Video
  2. 2. Sami: “today was a moderately good day” Friend: “Except math” Sami: “yeah I know hahaha I just got a calculator finally and I'm so lost" “I am too cool for computers” “I want to be a horse trainer”
  3. 3. 10 x = 0 20 print x 30 x = x + 1 40 goto 20
  4. 4. 10% 35%
  5. 5. said they were not Initially interested 58%
  6. 6. #ILookLikeAnEngineer
  7. 7. Unconcious Bias @ Work[1] [1] [2] Disclosure: I sit on the board of GapJumpers Text analysis Hiring platform Blind Auditions[2]
  8. 8. Is this how women appear at tech conferences?
  9. 9. [1] [2] Companies with more diverse executive boards:[1] Importance of diversity policy to candidates: 53% Return on Equity EBIT 14%
  10. 10. Watch & Compensate It’s up to us! Get Involved | Model Behaviors