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Business consultants roles to make india business leader


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Business consultants roles to make india business leader

  1. 1. Business Consultants – Roles To Make India Business leader Business Consultants || Management Consultants Roles & Contributions To Make India Business Leader As global Business Equations Are changing and world is looking towards India For All prospects. Previous To This, On global Level There was dominance of MNC’s but due to changing dynamics, opportunities are coming to Asian leaders like china India etc.This We looks as an junction & Transition Point where several Global Business dynamics may take totally U Turn.In such a situation The Roles of Strategic Business Consultants or Strategic Management Consultants Role becomes more vital & Torch Bearers For Industry. However there are several calling name for business consultants. Some May call Them Management Consultants Some May Call Them Corporate Consultants Or Some May Call Strategy Consultants.We Have to look with new glass about emerging scopes ,Roles & Responsibilities for Business Consultants Or Management Consultants. A Details Analytics is presented here that how Business Consultants / Management Consultants / Corporate Consultants may become instrumentals For 360 Degree Strategic Strengthening Of Business practices & quality, Business efficiency & Global Expansion Of Indian Business Firms. Time Has Come when Indian business community have to take initiative to expand their business not merely On Pan India Level But On Global Level. Most Of The Indian Companies are still Have Encircled & Limited vision to lead Business Only In India. India Inc Now have to flex their muscle to lead global business communities and have to expand their operation Across world.Let’s See The emerging roles of Consulting Professionals For Shaping India’s Business Vision. Who Is Business Consultant A Business Consultants Or Management Consultants is an expert personality of his strategic domain who carries the advance level understanding micro business dynamics along with innovative capabilities. A Business Consultants / Management Consultants or Corporate Consultants Are step ahead and ever ready to Provide Effective Strategic Solutions Not Only For Routine Business Challenges but also For Unseen And Never Faced Emerging Future Challenges. What Does Business Consultants Do / Can Contribute ? In emerging & Rapidly Changing Global Business Environment, Business Consultants Play Lead Role to Study, Predict Future Strategic Business Dynamics and guiding Corporates to manage challenges in Advance. Here The Role Of Business Consultants / Management Consultants / Corporate Consultants are quite different from routine employees. Where A Routine employee is mostly engaged with performing routine job in same manner, A Consultants fight as a research scientist to solve unknown business problems. How A Business Consultant Brings Changes? In Research Studies Related with Indian Corporates, The fact has been concluded that Most of Management Is deeply engaged to manage the day to day business process in same old manner where there is very less scope for innovation, new thinking .It is clear that making an edge over other business houses will not be possible without innovations, Innovative business ideas and innovative, new, more developed, modified business strategies & process. Remember when Nokia was market leader, Samsung mobile created an edge by its
  2. 2. innovation in technology, marketing & Business Strategy, Market offering, services etc. etc.It has been observed that India Inc Corporates are more engaged on Routine Business maintenance Tasks hence less focus on developmental business task.Here Business Consultants, Management Consultants Or Consulting Firms plays role of torch bearer who focus on future course of action, its strategic execution and deploying such a business strategy so their competitors becomes surprised. It Is Clear That A True Consultants Emphasis on Innovative solutions which are related with developmental activities to take an advantage over others. While normally employees get engaged in executing routine maintenance task. IN Fact a Mini Consulting Office with Corporate Office plays role of In vitro or In situ Business Dynamics Research Lab depending the Project Nature Assigned to Business Consultants Or Management Consultants.It Is Clear That A True Consultants Manages most complex business situations in effective way which increases Efficiency of Business Systems by delivery Expected Results with Minimum wastage Of Resources. Characteristics Of Effective Business Consultants / Management ConsultantsHow To Select? Identifying Effective Business Consultants Or Management Consultants in today’s Mushroom Growth Is Still A Challenge. It Is not necessary That Only Big claiming one may be effective Business Consultants. It has been observed that Big Business Consulting Firms Fails to provide effective solutions. A good business consultants always focus on invisible micro dynamics, cause and effect, process and steps involved in systems, micro info of each steps, risk involves them .i.e. a complete scientific knowledge just rather than futuristic promises.Point to remember that discussing on big market data etc. is no worth for a successful consultant’s becoz these data are available everywhere but how to utilize these data, its procedure is more important. Example The same market data is utilized by every company, but only few companies shows excellence because their understanding about business process, its executions is better than others. So Before hiring any consulting firms, don’t get impressed only with figures, data, communications & Presentation skills etc. All These outer Layering skills may be a marketing trap. It is advised while initial interaction with any consultants encourage a thought based strategic discussion and try to find out that how much layers of problems may be penetrated by consultant. Remember deeper layer penetrations means deeper understanding of your business problems and only such a business consultants may be effective for your business Challenges. Don’t Be marketing myopic while hiring a good consultant. Regular Employee Vs Consultants India Traditions thinks that having permanent employees are more important but in foreign countries there is equal emphasis of hiring consulting services in parallel of Regular employees.However Both have it’s own pros and cons .It is advised that a perfect blend of both is necessary for organic growth of Business Houses because both have it’s own usp and contributing capabilities. Most of leading Mnc are from Western Countries,Japan etc reason behind that these countries corporate culture equally nurture both employee domain and consulting domain. It has been observed that successful companies equally take services of consulting firms with services of regular employees. In India Still Only 5% Firms Encourage Consulting Services.Undoubtedly, Organizations who want to show excellence, must avail consulting services. Undoubtedly Hiring a consultants may be additional expanse but in long terms it pay widely. Full Time Vs Part Time Consulting Services Remember, Expectation from consultants is as change agent. Change in itself required dedication and continuous efforts on day to day basis. For a Total Churn Out, organizations should opt for full time consulting services while for any minor task a part time consulting may be preferred. What after When Consultants Is Hired Once A Business Consultants, Management Consultants or corporate consultants are hired after careful evaluation, Provide Freedom to analyses your business problems and taking their decisions. Cooperate during execution of strategies based on advice of hired consultant. Try to implement the process as it is advised becoz results depends on executions. Be patients for visible results. Remember for every process there are completion time, incubation period is must for maturity. No one can deliver baby before nine months. In Most cases, Process are not completed hence results are not up to mark even consulting advices were best. So we can conclude that
  3. 3. business consulting services may contribute for speedy growth of business as catalyst. In Fact Growing India Inc. needs some such catalyst to meets its demands, to bring its global vision & Mission true. In the age of technology when business environment has turned into micro complex by nature, tuning with environment is necessary not merely for survival but for business excellence too. And these goals can be achieved when a, integrated regular developmental as well well innovative approach is available with India Inc. ————————————————————————————————————— Jump To Specific Page Of Your Interest Strategic Business Consulting Strategic Business Consultancy Political Consulting Strategic Branding e- Commerce,ERP / DIGITAL MKTG. Corporate Legal Services MAKE IN INDIA Global Business Entry To Indian Market HR / Training & Development Energy Auditing Image Building Industry Verticals We Covers FMCG Industry Pharma / OTC / Herbal Consumer Durables Led Lighting Consulting CcTv Camera Industry Solar Industry Consulting ——————————————————————————- Business consultant, The Consultant, Business Consultant In India , Consultant In Delhi,Marketing Consultant, Business Consulting Services,Business Consulting Firm , Strategy Consultant,Management Consultancy,Corporate Consultant,Brand Consultancy Business Consultant In Delhi Business Consulting Services Business Consulting Firm Project Management Business process Management Business Consulting Consulting Business Small Business Consultant Business Consultants India Business Consultant Services Business consultant Company Consultant Top Consultant Top Business Consultant Management Consultant Management Consulting Management Consulting Services Management Consulting Firm Management Consultant In India Management Consultant In Delhi Management Consultant In Mumbai Management strategy Consulting Business Strategy Consultant Marketing Consultant Marketing Strategy Consultant Market Strategy Consultant Invest India India Market Entry Political Consultant Election Campaign Consultant Political Consulting Services