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Elevator Pitch - Template & Example


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An elevator pitch template and example for products and businesses. Great for startups. Use it to create an elevator pitch for potential investors, customers and partners. Generate your own free elevator pitch at

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Elevator Pitch - Template & Example

  1. 1. Elevator Pitch Template & Example By Create your free elevator pitch at © Malcolm Lewis 2019
  2. 2. 1. Elevator Pitch Intro 2. Elevator Pitch Template 3. Elevator Pitch Example 4. Online Elevator Pitch Generator Contents Create your free elevator pitch at © Malcolm Lewis 2019
  3. 3. An elevator pitch is a succinct 30-60 second speech used to generate interest in a person, product or company. This presentation focuses on elevator pitches for products and companies. Elevator pitches may be used to introduce established products and businesses or new products and startup businesses. Product and business elevator pitches are designed to generate interest with potential investors, customers and business partners. They are typically delivered by entrepreneurs or salespeople. Having a good elevator pitch ready at all times can help you make the best of brief encounters at parties, business events, or elevators. Think of your elevator pitch as the 30–60 second version of your 5–30 minute pitch deck. With that in mind, a good elevator pitch will answer the following key questions that are also covered in a typical investor pitch deck: Elevator Pitch Intro WHO — Who are you and your customers? WHAT — What does your company do? WHY — Why should anyone care? HOW — How big is your market? How do you make money? How do you acquire customers? How much experience does your team have? How much progress have you made? How much do you need to raise? How will you use the proceeds? Create your free elevator pitch at © Malcolm Lewis 2019
  4. 4. Company is solution category. We help primary customer/user primary customer/user benefit(s). And we help secondary customer/users secondary customer/user benefit(s). Our primary competitive advantage is competitive advantage(s). We are targeting the addressable market. We make money by business model. We acquire customers customer acquisition strategy. We get a LTV to CAC multiple return on our customer acquisition cost. Our team has team advantages. To date, traction. We are seeking funding ask which we will use to use of proceeds. Elevator Pitch Template Create your free elevator pitch at © Malcolm Lewis 2019
  5. 5. Gleamr is Uber for mobile auto detailers. We help consumers get an affordable, professional auto detail wherever they are, whenever they want). And we help mobile auto detailer spend less time chasing customers and more time detailing cars. Our primary competitive advantage is a 12-18 month time-to-market lead, patent-pending technology, significant traction and an experienced team that has done this before. We are targeting the $12B US market for mobile auto details. We make money by collecting a 15% transaction fee per detail from auto detailers. We acquire customers using online marketing campaigns and referral programs. We get a 300% return on our customer acquisition cost. Our team has 50+ years of relevant industry and technology expertise, and recently built and sold a similar business. To date, we have signed up 1,600 detailers and 16,000 consumers and we’re currently making $162K a month and doubling users and revenue every month. We are seeking $7M in Series A funding which we will use to fund the next 2 years of our business plan, achieve profitability and reach $48M in ARR. Elevator Pitch Example Create your free elevator pitch at © Malcolm Lewis 2019
  6. 6. “Gleamr's smartphone app is a better way for consumers to find, compare and engage mobile auto detailers, and an easy way for detailers to find new customers without advertising.” Short Version Create your free elevator pitch at © Malcolm Lewis 2019
  7. 7. For more hints and tips, plus a free, fill-in-the-blanks online elevator pitch generator, click the link below or visit: Free Online Elevator Pitch Generator Create your free elevator pitch at © Malcolm Lewis 2019