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Must-have Content Assets for #DigitalSuccess


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90% of consumers find custom content useful! 91% of B2B and 86% of B2C marketers use content marketing. Yet few succeed without going through a vicious cycle of trial and error. Well, it's time to take the guesswork out and create shareable, customised content for your brand!
Find out all aboout content marketing 2020 and must-have content assets for every budget.

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Must-have Content Assets for #DigitalSuccess

  1. 1. Track: Content Marketing Must-have Content Assets for #DigitalSuccess
  2. 2. Hi… I‟m really happy to be back with another interactive monthly webinar & welcome you all to an action-packed learning session! If this is your first time, let‟s get to know each other little bit. I head Pi Social Media, a 360 degree social media & digital marketing agency based in Singapore. More info at I love digital media, sharing insights based on user behavior & our interaction with technology! Today we‟ll play around with smart content & how to rock your content marketing strategy in 2015! You can find me on social media (of course!) @ LinkedIn: Twitter: @write2kavita Facebook: E-mail: Director
  3. 3. Content is king! Quantity over quality Old school marketing content Individual Silos Following the pack! Visual content is king! Quality all the way Engaging videos for prospects Intuitive & Integrated Finding and developing your „voice‟ In 2005 In 2015
  4. 4. Emotions Drive Content !
  5. 5. Content Asset Mix!
  6. 6. Resources & Tools Process Stories Content Development Team Choice of asset Stories with a Human Element Marcomm Team Demographics Product Stories Creative Team Develop Content Pieces Success Stories Technical Team (if required) Monitor Performance Inspirational Stories Content Creation Tools Review Stories of Relevance Social Platforms to Distribute Repurpose Trending Content Development Process
  7. 7. Existing Content you can Makeover ! Web Reviews Product Shots Raw Videos & Photos TestimonialsResearch Data
  8. 8. Other Useful Content Sources INTERNAL EXTERNAL Sales Data Industry Surveys & Research Competitor Data Journals & News Company News, Reviews & Annual Reports Social Media Fans FAQ/Demos etc. Guest Contributors
  9. 9. ● Background & Demographics ● Hobbies & Interests ● Pain Points & Motivating Factors ● Economic Status/ Role in Purchasing Decisions ● Content Topics ● Mediums & Content Consumption ● Tone, Style & Content Strategy ● Marketing Message Content mapping for your Target Audience Target Audience Content Mapping Criteria
  10. 10. Nurture Procedure via Content
  11. 11. Must have Content Asset #1: Newsletters
  12. 12. Did you know? 90% choose newsletters when asked to opt-in to receive company updates! Elements Tone Responsive template Use a persuasive headline Clean design & layout Keep it short & relevant Website & social links Say it with visuals Single call-to-action Leverage trends Create Newsletters that Convert!
  13. 13. Must have Content Asset #2: Blogs
  14. 14. Elements Tone Mobile friendly Provide insights, not just info Easy to navigate Conversational Share button Distinct „voice‟ & conviction Links to related posts, popular entries, website Text and images balanced well Blog for a Relevant Audience Did you know? Marketers who prioritized blogging are 13x more likely to enjoy positive ROI!
  15. 15. Must have Content Asset #3: Infographics
  16. 16. Elements Tone Awesome content with branding Wacky works wonders Social and website urls Informative, but not overwhelming Backed by strong research and unique viewpoints Mind the flow! Cohesive design Brevity is the soul of wit Design Viral Infographics Did you know? Infographic search volumes increased by 800% in last 2 years!
  17. 17. Elements Tone Brand & Industry specific content for trust Narrate your story - start to finish Step-by-step breakdown Don‟t sound smug Clear outcome & benefits Conclude with an analysis Relevant stats & data Step into your readers‟ shoes Did you know? B2B buyers prefer case studies (73%) & whitepapers (78%) before a purchase decision. Must have Content Asset #4: Case Studies & Whitepapers
  18. 18. Must have Content Asset #5: Testimonials
  19. 19. Elements Up-to-date & relevant Short & sweet Videos>Text Home page placement Testimonials Add Authenticity Did you know? Customer testimonials yield an 89% effectiveness rating for content marketing!
  20. 20. Elements Tone Don‟t forget the CTA Laughter is viral Native on multiple platforms Talking heads = boring Keep them short Maintain subtle brand voice YouTube SEO Think Instagram/Vine Did you know? 74% of all internet traffic in 2017 will be video! Must have Content Asset #6: Videos
  21. 21. Types Tone Native videos Keep it short & memorable Infographics No hard selling! Branded Visuals & Hashtags Humour works (mostly!) Did you know? 93% of marketers use social media for business! Must have Content Asset #7: Social Content Mix
  22. 22. Content Marketing (Advanced) Webinars User Generated Content ● Plan ahead & promote early ● Celebrate your biggest fans ● Prepare a winning slide deck ● Hang out in niche platforms & forums ● Never take research lightly ● Power to the people ● Share insights or solve a problem! ● Make it authentic ● Conduct polls, distribute recordings ● Give before you receive ● Have a Q/A session ● Give credit where it‟s due
  23. 23. Platform Centric Content Creation Facebook ● Visual Content ● Native Videos ● Native Advertising Twitter ● Event Updates ● Trending Topics ● Real-Time Snippets Instagram ● Behind-the scene Photos ● Offers, Discounts & Promotions ● Events & Happenings LinkedIn ● Professional Blogs ● Industry Updates ● Company & Career Updates
  24. 24. Top 5 Content Distribution Platforms & Tools! Platform: Best Known For: Outbrain Headline Distribution Zemanta Link Distribution StumbleUpon Social Distribution SimpleReach Story Distribution ARC Newswire Distribution
  25. 25. Possibilities for Repurposing Content Newsletter Podcast Slidedeck Video SocialBlog Survey
  26. 26. 2015 Content Marketing Challenges! 1. Documented Strategy 2. Marketing Spend 3. Variety 4. Creation 5. Frequency 6. Engagement 1. Real-Time Sharing 2. ROI 3. Consistency 4. Distribution 5. Quality 6. Integration
  27. 27. 10 Deadly Blind Spots to Avoid! ● Content Marketing is NOT link building ● “Blah” content ● Losing your voice ● Lost in translation? ● Comfort Zone syndrome ● Too early, too much, too often ● Ignoring the 3 C‟s ● Forgetting the “H” factor ● Ignoring the „marketing‟ ● One-size-fits-all
  28. 28. The 2020 Roadmap! 1. Intelligent & Intuitive Content Marketing 2. Niche Platforms & Customer Centric Approach 3. Multi Channel Integration 4. Smarter Strategy & Actionable Analytics 5. Hyper-Targeted & Real-Time 2020
  29. 29. Thanks for your interest in our webinar. To see a video of the full webinar, as well as other webinars from Pi Social Media, head on to:
  30. 30. Pi Social Media provides 360 degree digital marketing services: Search+Social+Content Marketing #shamelessplugin Speak to us at 8499 7403 to discuss more: Brands and logos are the respective copyrights of the brand owners and cannot be replicated.