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Social Media Campaign Strategies 101


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In 2015, let social media campaigns be more about "strategy" and less about just content seeding and sometimes over-the-top media buying. Learn how agencies design campaigns with this presentation.

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Social Media Campaign Strategies 101

  1. 1. Do you have the right Campaign Strategy? Loyal Fans Social Media ROI Brand Visibility Quality Traffic Repeat Exposure Influencer Mention To Generate
  2. 2. This webinar will help you understand: I. Campaign Strategies: Before, During, After II. The nuts and bolts: timeline, channels, content, promotion, follow-through III. Walk the Talk IV. Tools and Analytics: manage, monitor, measure V. Valuable Insights and Best Practices Key Takeaways from this Session
  3. 3. Hi...thanks for joining me today and now that we are going to spend the next 45 minutes together, let’s get acquainted a bit - I head a boutique social media agency and run one of the largest digital tech events in Asia - Click Asia Summit. I simply love digital media…and it shows! My bucket list? Visit all the top tech events in the world - 5 done ..and 5 to go! You can find me on social media (of course!) @ LinkedIn: Twitter: @write2kavita Facebook: E-mail:
  4. 4. 237 Likes! 129 Comments! Creative Captions Contest Branded Incentive Heinz Ketchup Singapore
  5. 5. The 4 Tenets of a Social Media Campaign I. Well defined goal – Is it a PR campaign, a product launch campaign, a seasonal campaign or a CSR campaign? II. Relevant channels – A campaign is where the audience is. III. Interested audience – Research, research and some more research. IV. Attractive incentives – What's the most sought-after product or service you can offer as your campaign incentive and ties in with the brand.
  6. 6. Before the Campaign
  7. 7. Traackr* ● 360° view of niche influencers ● Geo-targeting, multi-lingual search ● Influencer network, relationship management ● Influencer classification: Reach, resonance, relevance ● Influencer content tracking Simply Measured* ● Audience reach breakdown ● Fan & influencer demographics ● Analysis of engaged users ● Analysis of ‘Like Sources’ ● Shareability quotient of content ● Campaign monitoring, social metrics integration Followerwonk ● Twitter follower analytics ● Comparison of new & lost followers ● Interactive charts of tweets, retweets, mentions ● Influencer search & classification ● Comparison of social graphs 1. Find your Audience and Influencers * = paid tools
  8. 8. 2. Choose the Social Channel(s) Audience volume in Singapore per platform mentioned below 3.8 MIL 2.7 MIL 2.4 MIL 1.38 MIL 1.35 MIL 1.2MIL 1.1 MIL 0.7 MIL Vine’s Singapore user statistic is currently unavailable.
  9. 9. Thanks for your interest in our webinar on Social Media Campaign Strategies 101. To see a video of the full webinar, as well as other webinars from Pi Social Media, head on to: