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AIESEC RULE would like to

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  1. 1. The Most Memorable InternshipOrganized by AIESEC RULE, Cambodia
  2. 2. AIESEC IN CAMBODIA  Founded in 2009  Active in 5 Local Chapters across 6 universities (IFL, NUM and UP, LUCT, PUC and RULE)  300 local members  Over 282 international interns (2009-2012)  Over 38 Cambodian students experience international internship  50 leadership experiences annually  4 national conferences annually  UBS Asia-Pacific Regional Excellence Award winner AIESEC RULE One of the biggest LC (Local Committees) of AIESEC in Cambodia, which has been established since 2009 60 local members Over 116 international interns (2009-2013) Over 15 Cambodian students experience international internship One of the best LC with iGCDP matching and realization quality LC with leading OGX result Organized by AIESEC RULE, Cambodia
  3. 3. CAMBODIA WING PROJECT Cambodia is one of the poorest countries in this world with around 80% of population are farmers and had experienced three decade of civil war. Even though today, there is no more war, Cambodia still faces many socia issues. One of them is poverty and many Cambodian children are staying with this poverty cycle. The only factor to break down this poverty cycle is people being educated. However, there are many Cambodian children today who have no chance to go to school because they are orphans or their parents can not afford them to go to school, so they have to be the breakwinner since the early age. Some of you might have heard about these children. Some of you may have seen them dance, a skill they all have and love. We’re asking for your help. If you are able, please help these children by giving them hope, and opportunities that at present they can only dream of. They have so much to offer, they just need the OBJECTIVE chance they deserve. This is why we want to provide them, and it is a Chance of study English.Generating more chances for Through these perspectives, AIESEC RULE has created aCambodian Children to learn English social project called “Cambodia Wing Project” aimed to provide the opportunities for under-privileged kids and teenagers inGenerating more happy time to those Cambodia, with the chance of English learning and exposing toophans and give them a hope other culture provided by international interns so that they can have a dream in their mind. Interns will graciously involveExposing children to different culture themselves to share their carefulness, heartfelt experiences with those miserable children.Providing emotional support to thoseunder-privileged children EXPECTED OUTPUT  Children will gain knowledge about EnglishImplementing living diversity principlesApply organizing skills to all the  Children will gain global mindset as well as different culture awareness and will be more passionate in striving for theirparticipants, both local and international excellent futureDevelop project activities in order to  Interns will improve their social responsibility, especially carefulness to children and will gain awareness on global issues create more impact Interns will have a basic understanding about Cambodian children situation and education situation, also lots of place to visit inPromoting global mindset among Cambodia Exchange Participants and local AIESEC Interns will gain some organizing skills and presentation skills byMembers participating in AIESEC event/activities especially get to know more people with divers nationalities and create such an unforgettable memories before they leave  Interns will gain skills in project development, as it will makes more impact to their future especially solves more issues in Cambodia Organized by AIESEC RULE, Cambodia
  4. 4. INTERN’S JOB DESCRIPTION •Arrive Cambodia Teaching basic English to underprivileged children •Introduction/Orientation about Cambodia in the centers 1st Week •Visit center and start working Sharing culture or other fun activities with children Take care children including sanitation and hygience •Enjoying teaching children at the center(s) Organize fund raising event •Organize fund raising for center(s) Preparing lesson plan for the class (interns might •Team up and create/develop a project get help from center) 2nd week to •Participate in AIESEC event Participate with AIESEC event/activities as co- last week •Write diary, then create a report about the organizer or guest speakers internship Work with AIESEC Incoming GCDP team to develop projects •Filling the evaluation sheet Writing a report at the end of your internship to •Farewell party with AIESEC Members or express your emotion to this internship children at the center Filling the evaluation sheet at the end of your The end of •Enjoy trip to other region of Cambodia, such as internship the internship Angkor Wat and the Beach INTERNSHIP FUN TIMES  City life at the weekend, enjoy food and sight seeing  Hang out with AIESEC Members (Shopping, Club, KTV, Riverside, Pub, etc)  Join all AIESEC’s socials, meeting, conferences, and other local events/ceremoniesINTERN’S NEEDED THINGS Teaching material, some stuff for donation Mosquito sprays, some medicines Summer clothes, Sun Cream, Hats, Masks, Sun Glasses Phone, Laptop, Camera, Note book, Diary, Map Expense for: Food, Accommodation and Transportation, etc. Other personel expenses Expense for visa prolongingWHAT AIESEC MEMBERS WILL PROVIDE Accommodation preparation Pick up interns from Airport Buddies services Introduction to internship Other instruction services about daily life in Cambodia Hanging Out Solving problems in Cambodia Organized by AIESEC RULE, Cambodia
  5. 5. VISA GUIDELINEFor all incoming Exchange Participants to Cambodia, we aresuggesting you to apply for business/ordinary visa thatyou can apply on arrival at Cambodia airport. How to apply visa on arrival at the airport:  Find visa application counter at the airport  Fill the visa application form (Notes: in the application form there’s no option for business visa,  In the form they are going to ask where you are please choose ordinary visa) staying in Cambodia, please ask your TN managers (responsible LC or MC) about the address of your  Submit a copy of your photograph (4x6 cm) or their accommodation  Ordinary/business visa will cost you USD 25  For invitation letter, the immigration counter doesn’t usually ask you to submit this, however just in case you can ask your TN manager to give this letter to you before your departure to Cambodia. ACCOMMODATION  Rent of text newsletterhouse here. US$90 per month (per person) Includes: wireless internet, kitchen, fans, living room, electricity, water, and drinking water  8 Rooms 2 or 3 people per room 8 bathrooms  Location Address: #23A and #24A, Str Lum, Sangkat Steung Meanchey, Khan Meanchey, Phnom Penh Organized by AIESEC RULE, Cambodia
  6. 6. PARTNER ORGANIZATIONA New Day Cambodia organization Center of Peace AVAILABLE TN FOR SUMMER 2013 From 01.05.2013 to 30.06.2013 (6weeks minimum) TN-In-KH-RU-2012-232 TN-In-KH-RU-2012-233 TN-In-KH-RU-2012-234 TN-In-KH-RU-2012-235 TN-In-KH-RU-2012-236 TN-In-KH-RU-2013-237 TN-In-KH-RU-2013-238 TN-In-KH-RU-2013-239 TN-In-KH-RU-2013-240 TN-In-KH-RU-2013-241 TN-In-KH-RU-2013-242 TN-In-KH-RU-2013-243 TN-In-KH-RU-2013-244 TN-In-KH-RU-2013-245 From 01.07.2013 to 30.08.2013 (6weeks minimum) TN-In-KH-RU-2012-230 TN-In-KH-RU-2013-246 TN-In-KH-RU-2013-247 TN-In-KH-RU-2013-248 TN-In-KH-RU-2013-249 TN-In-KH-RU-2013-250 TN-In-KH-RU-2013-251 TN-In-KH-RU-2013-252 TN-In-KH-RU-2013-253 TN-In-KH-RU-2013-254 TN-In-KH-RU-2013-255 TN-In-KH-RU-2013-256 TN-In-KH-RU-2013-257 TN-In-KH-RU-2013-258 TN-In-KH-RU-2013-259 From 01.09.2013 to 30.10.2013 (6weeks minimum) TN-In-KH-RU-2013-260 TN-In-KH-RU-2013-261 TN-In-KH-RU-2013-262 TN-In-KH-RU-2013-263 TN-In-KH-RU-2013-264 TN-In-KH-RU-2013-265 TN-In-KH-RU-2013-266 TN-In-KH-RU-2013-267 TN-In-KH-RU-2013-268 TN-In-KH-RU-2013-269 TN-In-KH-RU-2013-270 TN-In-KH-RU-2013-271 TN-In-KH-RU-2013-272 TN-In-KH-RU-2013-273 TN-In-KH-RU-2013-274
  7. 7. CONTACT INFORMATION Mr. PICH Pisethneat Local CommitteeVice President of Incoming Global Community Development Programme Mobile : (+855) 77 724 747 Email : Skype : pich.pisethneat Facebook : fb/pisethneathpich Website : www.aiesec-rule.orgMs. LY Yenkroy Ms. PANHA SophimeanCambodia Wing Project Manager Cambodia Wing Project CoordinatorMobile : (+855) 93 302 137 Mobile : (+855) 89 547 006Email : Email : panha.sophimean@aiesec.netSkype : ly.yenkroy Skype : panha.sophimeanFacebook : fb/osaka.catsy Facebook : fb/panha.sophimeanWebsite : Website :