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Types of Questions in English


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Published in: Education
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Types of Questions in English

  1. 1. TYPES OF INTERROGATIVE SENTENCESI YES-NO QUESTIONS – GENERAL QUESTIONSAre you a freshman?Does Mary have a brother?Do you like ice-cream?Did she arrive early?Can I help you?May I open the window?Have you been to London?Are they singing our national anthem?Will you marry me?II WH-QUESTIONS – SPECIAL QUESTIONSSubject questions:Who arrived early?Which girl answered the question?Whose roomis on the ground floor?What happened?What do you do on Sundays?Why did he do this?Which question did you answer first?Why are you late?Where can we buy this book?When may I open the box?Who did she meet yesterday?How does he know my name?III ALTERNATIVE QUESTIONSIs he a teacher or a student?Does the lecture begin at 8 or at 9 o’clock?IV TAG QUESTIONSYou are a freshman, aren’t you?We can’t do it, can we?You slept well, didn’t you?