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Ym@6 website analysis


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Ym@6 website analysis

  1. 1. The background of the website is ofthe band members names and fingerprints . By doing this the audienceautomatically know they are on theright page as it gives a direct link toband information. The style in whichthis is done is to show rebellion, thefinger prints connote that the bandmembers have been arrestedtherefore portraying them a sdisobedient; this creates thestereotypical impression of a rockband. The stereotypical view of theband would have been used for themarketing scheme as it creates aneasy connection to the targetaudience or teenagers/young adultswho are trying to be rebelliousthemselves
  2. 2. This resembles the back of their album. By doing this it creates a repetitive theme theaudience can recognise and associate with the band. This makes it easier for the band tobe identified, so the audience are more likely to find them if they had little knowledge ofthe m before. There is clear advertisement of the band here. This is a large piece of the website as the band relies on selling albums. The large picture enables people to have quick and easy access to the bands new album.
  3. 3. A story linking to the bandraises awareness of eachindividual band member andcreates a better connectionbetween the audience andband. This is because theyfeel as if they know moreabout them than the averageperson, therefore, makingthem feel closer to the bandand more likely to keep up totrack with buyingmerchandise , albums andgoing to see gigs. So this canbe seen as a marketingscheme.
  4. 4. The different selection options allow the audience tomove around the website more. It makes the specificinformation required easier to find and read. Keepingthe audience easily updated.News- will be an option that keeps the audiencemembers regularly informed with what the band isdoing. Therefore, creating a more personal feelingbetween the band and listener.Live dates- This option would be used to advertisewhen the next gigs are on and give the latest tourdates to eager fans (which would sell their ticketsfaster).Gallery- Would be fan and professional shots of theband.Music store- Gives quick and easy access to thelistener into buying the bands album or song, as thisis easy to find the sales would increase as it’sconvenient, it skips straight to specific songs ratherthan going round other website e.g. ITunes.Sign up- Would be the option which a fan could givetheir information to and get direct information formwhat the band is doing , new songs and tour dates.Making it so the fan wouldnt have to keep checkingthe website and would get first look at tickets.Buy now- Is the option that allows the fan to directlybuy merchandise and several other products theband do to raise more awareness and sell moretickets.
  5. 5. The tags at the bottom link to social networking sites whichallow the audience to share the website and raise awareness ofthe band, so this would be done to help marketing. The smallicons also make the transition convenient and easy.