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Qtech inthemaking

  1. 1. Using technology is vital when researching and planning.However, once I had passed that stage I continued to useseveral different media products to enhance myunderstanding of the media industry itself and my genre.
  2. 2. ADOBE PHOTOSHOPAdobe Photoshop was used during the making of my advert/poster for myartist, I found the programme highly effective; as I already had previousknowledge on how to use and work the product, as I used it during my ASMedia coursework. The programme has a simple layout out with all the neededtools kept to the side of the page; which meant that if I wished to use them,they were easily accessible.I used Photoshop to create a professional look. This product helped me removeaspects of the photo I did not wish to have. For example, The model had ‘Riot’written on his hand. As this did not go with the design, I chose to remove it.With Adobe Photoshop, this was possible by using the cloning tool. Althoughthis took a while to complete, I felt, the final product without that aspect waseffective.
  3. 3. ADOBE PREMIER PROAdobe Premier Pro was the video editing product I chose to use whencreating my ‘Alternative Rock’ music video.This was the CS3 version. Although, this was not the latest version of AdobePremier Pro it was by far the most suitable for my product. CS3 was not overcomplicated with the new features that Adobe had added, yet, had all thenecessary effects required to create the distorted look I constantly aimed for.For example, this product allowed me to change the contrast and brightnessto a constant high by setting it as a ‘pre-set effect’. All I had to do then wasdrag the effect on to the clip I had chosen.I also used the two screens to my advantage. Being able to watch both theselected footage and the edited footage enabled me to see whether thechoices I had made were as effective as I thought they were. For example,this particular aspect became handy when lip sinking my clip and the music;as I could see whether the start and the end of the selected clip were at theappropriate time.
  4. 4. WIXWix is a site that allows the public to create websites that are professional andrelate to real media products.I first used the layout that Wix had been suggested by the site itself; as it wasappropriate to my genre and had the layout I wished to follow.By using the tools and effects provided, I changed the colours and the pictures,that were originally there, into pictures of my artist and colours that related tomy genre. For example, black and red for the background and font.Without this website I would not have been unable to create a website thatresembles one that is a real media product; as buttons and links were providedautomatically to take the audience from one page to another easily. This issomething I would not have been able to create by myself. This product wasquick and convenient. I found Wix very effective and the best site for my task.