Paramore website analysis


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Paramore website analysis

  1. 1. The Paramore website use the large font for the title to show who the band are. This is in white and contrasts the black background to make it more noticeable to audience. The font isnt too complicated and in this case the simplicity is effective.A link to the bands video on YouTube allows the audience to have aquick, easy and safe link to the official video and they dont have to pay toupload it onto YouTube. It also means the video link is set out neatly andallows the audience to enlarge the video with little effort.
  2. 2. The link to Facebook allows the audience to share the bandsprofile to their friends; this is an easy way for the band tomarket themselves to the target audience. It shows theamount of people who already like the band to give theaudience a sense of how popular the band is. There is also a connection to the Twitter social networking site. This isn’t just showing a ‘like’ like Facebook. This allows the audience to follow what the band members have to say and are doing at the time. This creates a better connection between the band members and their fans.
  3. 3. This option and link allows the audience to seewhat the band do behind the scenes of makingtheir song. This is effective as it enables theaudience to really see what is happening and givethe fans more confidence in the band as they knowwhat is happening, therefore, creating a better aconnection between the fans and band members.
  4. 4. These tabs allow the audience to access different areas of the website easily. As although simple theyare easily spotted and easy to understand. The black contrasts the blue so although the typeset issmall its easier to read. The ‘Feedback’ tab always the website designers to have feedback on the website or allows the audience to express emotions on the band and recent happenings involving them. The tab is small but noticeable, so it doesnt get in the way yet the audience can see and comment if they feel the need.
  5. 5. The colour pallet of the website is a baby blue and a black. These are contrastingcolours and grabs the audiences attention. The use of black is a commonconvention throughout my genres websites and the faded edges around the linkadds a distorted effect, it also makes the website look artistic and professional. This option allows the fans to sign up to the website and get updates on recent activities and news of the band. This is also a common aspect through websites. The search option is easy to find and allows the audience to surf the website and find specific information they require without searching around. It’s easy and convinient.